Defending Kanye or The Childlike Minority Stereotype

Kanye West

Poor Kanye West. The brotha can’t get any respect. Love him or hate him, he is the rapper some people love to hate, and most of that hate comes from the popular perception of his confidence being seen as cockiness and an inflated ego complex seen through the mainstream lens.

Recently, West has done an interview with the BBC. He lays as many topics down as possible leaving no stone unturned. His most prominent points are his topics of racism, classism, creativity, the mainstream media, materialism and – of course – his album entitled Yeezus is considered by many as a musical magnum opus, aside from the misogyny.

Fans have praised West for being open and honest about matters the mainstream media refuses to analyze. They see his interview as an example of his unappreciated intelligence. Others, however, see it as his usual outlandish behavior, often using the words immature, infantile and childlike.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel, a  late-night talk show host, who saw West’s interview as such, and made a parody video using children to portray West and the BBC interviewer. But it didn’t end there. Kimmel also saw fit to make further fun of the rappers comments, saying that he doesn’t “follow a lot of what Kanye has to say.”

Jimmy Kimmel

West didn’t take too kindly of Kimmel’s vid, as you probably have already guessed through celebrity news and gossip. He engaged in a Twitter tirade against Kimmel cursing him out in caps. Here are a few of those tweets:





Damn! To say that Sarah Silverman is funnier than you is the diss of the century, but he may be right about that. Did this scare Kimmel? Apparently not, as he responded by saying that now he’s in a rap feud. Whatever.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people shook their heads with West’s tweets. They believed that his venting was exactly what Kimmel was talking about. Many of them defended Kimmel, considering his video as just harmless comedy and that West was obviously butt-hurt and whining like a little baby.

Do I agree with West’s handling of being dissed? Let me put it this way, it’s better he did this than actually straight punching Kimmel in the jaw. What I don’t agree is how people perceived his anger as him being a brat.

I took offense to that, because it sounded like they’re implying that black men (and black women) can not react and respond, especially when it includes curse words, when they’re being or feeling disrespected. The history of black people in this nation is overflowing with disrespect in order to maintain white supremacy. The hatred spawns the stereotype that black people are childlike who can not handle themselves and that they need the guidance of white people to show them the error of their ways.

Kimmel’s video and attitude was in direct correlation to that belief. However, this is not done for white paternalistic reasons, but rather to entertain white audiences for white amusement. White entertainment calls for the humiliation and exploitation of minorities, further strengthening stereotypes for profit’s sake.

Many whites see Kanye West as an aggressive young buck stereotype mostly through tabloid news, especially regarding his paparazzi encounters. The majority of them have low expectations toward him in the personality department. Many of them still haven’t gotten over him upstaging their beloved songstress Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV music awards for five seconds. And Kimmel saw his interview as an example that he’s still pompous and juvenile at the age of 36.

Is Kanye West egotistical? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe his confidence is viewed as overconfidence. Perhaps, he is sort of the Muhammad Ali of hip hop. Yet, black celebrities are seen with scrutiny through the lens of the mainstream media.

Case in point, West got into another confrontation with the paparazzi who invaded and trespassed his home hours after the press jumped on his feud with Kimmel. This news went viral in a matter of minutes, partly thanks to TMZ, and although some defended West for getting upset, others…not so much.

It’s hard being black in America, and it doesn’t get much easier if you’ve become rich and famous. The news will pounce on you if you slip into the puddle of negative stereotypes. Some will argue that if West would behave, he would be more loved. But even if he did behave, people will still find elements that he is still a young buck who needs to grow up in a society that continues to see black men as immature black boys.


13 thoughts on “Defending Kanye or The Childlike Minority Stereotype

  1. Yes it is hard being Black in racist, White dominated AmeriKKKlan since the lamestream media and White AmeriKKKlan views us as inferior. The whole system was built on White supremacy to make Black people feel humiliated and marginalized. I know this because as a Black woman, I always have to deal with stereotypes and racism everyday. It is a struggle for us.

    And who cares what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift. She is ugly and has no talent. I think he was right when he said that Beyoncé had the best video of all time.

      1. I know right. She dates so many different guys and she writes songs about them. You call that a role model for your children? Hell no! She can’t sing nor is she pretty. She is only famous because she was this White girl that everyone felt sorry for because Kanye was rude to her. However I believe what Kanye West was right: Beyoncé did have one of the best videos of all time.

      2. Yes, demonize someone who’s only contribution to anything in your blog is the fact that she win an award. Haha, this is such an awesome site! Let the hate flow through you!

    1. You’d have thought he punched her in the face and stole it from her. I agree what he did was a dick move but DAYUUUUM! This assholes want to harp on it forever and treat her like she was once again a poor helpless ‘Missy Anne’ in the face of one of those horrible darkies.

    2. Unfortunately, yt supremacist care. Yt boys have been looking for Kanye to go downhill from the very start of his career. That event was probably staged, though. It was a lynching, regardless. Now, people of all colors are pointing to Kanye and calling him a bully. They had Obama call him a jackass, which was also a lynching to Obama. After Obama called Kanye out, many why-te supremacist Mothers claimed that Obama is ignorant for having to use that language.

      We need to stop being slaves to money. The Black Man should never run to a why-te male for a dollar. Yt men will always have something up their sleeve for Black Men. It does not appear to be that way for Sistas and “why-te” girls. Ww are just rude to Black Women. Sometimes, ww give Black Women an attitude when BW ask for their help.

      Until our people do something, we are still on the plantation. Female employers hire more of us. Male employers like hiring Sistas mainly. If Brothas work for yt men, we can expect nothing but horseplay. They put us through so much so that we quit.
      Yt boys want us to live in the ghettos anyway. They made our leaders into gangsters and then turned around to say that we, as Black Men, have always acted like boys. It’s ridiculous, they flood our neighborhoods with so much to make their neighborhoods look “safe”. Their neighborhoods are so over the top. White picket fences. They are pathetic. They think they we think they actually love themselves. They gave themselves away during slavery. I don’t know anyone who buys that yt men are happy being married to yt women. They are miserable together. They deserve to be miserable for all of their evil doing. Babylon (Amerikkka) is falling at this minute. Unfortunately, our people still reside here. Jah gives us strength. We will be alright.

    3. Unfortunately, yt supremacist care, Adeen. Yt men always hated Kanye from jump because he was a Black Man. They were always waiting around for Kanye to fall. That event was probably staged. I’m sure Kanye thought nothing of it because it seemed harmless. Then, people of all colors claimed that Kanye was a bully. Some of them saw him as a grown man looking down on a young lady. In other words, a lynching to Kanye’s career took place. Shortly after that, Obama called Kanye a “jackass”. That made Obama look bad in so many ways. Obama was probably put up to by those who are really in charge of this nation. Wp together began calling Obama an ignorant person for cursing. Obama started to look more and more dishonorable to our Concious people because he was attacking a Brotha and not the real enemy.

      Our people need to stop being slaves to money. We do not need the big houses that yts own. We should not want to live around them. It’s pathetic how they must have white picket fences and Amerikkklan flags in their neighborhoods. They have to do all of that to swear off their affection to us.
      To anyone looking from the outside in, it’s obvious that they do not love themselves at all. No other race has to do all of that to show pride for themselves. Even then, because of their mutated aggression levels and sex drives, they cannot trust themselves around each other. How many stories have there been of a yt male teenager murdering an elderly yt woman because she was noisy.

      Yet, they call the neighborhoods set up for us “unsafe”. They made our former leaders (bloods and crips) into gangsters. They never want to take credit for their actions. Amerikkka is slowly collapsing. Jah will show them what they have done. They will pay.

  2. Why wouldn’t I be here? I told you, I love it. I get a kick out of hate writings. I suppose the best way to learn tolerance is to bathe in the hatred of ignorant people. That’s why I love it here!

    I can’t say I share your dislike of white people. Your generalizations are caricatures. And caricatures are fun! But just like those fellas at Best Gore or Stormfront, I enjoy the read. Your site is much the same, but with a lot less visitors. It has a much more “homey” feel. Very quaint and comfortable. I like you.

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