Meet Andrew Moskowitz (SECOND UPDATE)

Andrew Moskowitz

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothas and sistas, meet Andrew Moskowitz. He lives in Decatur, Georgia and is a hiring manager for a company (thought to have been The Cotton Mill, until it was discounted as mistaken information). As you can see, he’s a dog person.

He is also a closeted racist who revealed himself in a comment he made in the New York Times Facebook post regarding his “selective” hiring practices.

That’s right, folks. If you have a black-sounding name, and you want to apply for a job at the company Moskowitz is working for, you will not get it. You see, to him, it takes too much work trying to spell and pronounce it. It makes other workers tense, and the person with that name obviously has an attitude because, you know, they’re black and they’re names sound funny.

So, if you’re a black person with a name like Daquan, Shaniqua, Malik or Latifah, your ass is plum outta luck, if you want to work for a company that Moskowitz is employed to as long as he is in charge of hiring. You may not even be black, but if you’re name sounds suspiciously “black”, you’re screwed.

Moskowitz’s comment has been the talk of Tumblr. There is currently a push to get his name and his racism out to the public.

As yet another blow to the post-racial society lie is delivered, I thought about all the times white people would love to criticize black people of not taking responsibility to get out there and work. The stereotype is that black people are typically lazy, always looking for a handout through welfare, sponging off the government.

Of course, the majority of black folks are out there working. Many are working multiple jobs a day just to make ends. And it’s no secret they are paid less than white people for the same jobs.

There are plenty of brothas and sistas who want jobs. They are perfectly willing to work. But, it’s people like Moskowitz that is putting the lid on their hopes to make some dough. And Moskowitz is not unique.

Studies have shown that applicants with white-sounding names are 50 percent more likely to get called for an interview than those with black-sounding names. Applicants with white-sounding names need to send about ten resumes for one callback as opposed to applicants with black-sounding names that need to send at least 15 for the name result.

Like the Shakespearian quote suggests, “What’s in a name…?” Unfortunately in America, it matters if you want a job in most companies.

Some people will argue that if black people will stop giving their children “ghetto” names, maybe they would be hired. But that doesn’t solve anything when you show up for an interview, and the hiring manager takes one look at your black ass and automatically have doubts whether your competent or not. Your name can be Trevor, Susan, Ebenezer or Amber. If you’re black, and the hiring manager is racist, your chance of getting the position is decreased substantially.

Moskowitz most likely already rejected prospects because their names and(or) their skin color did not suit his idea of what a qualified person should look like. There are many more like him in this nation. They will reject a brotha or sister who is doing what white people nag black people to do even though there are plenty of them out doing the damn thing. And after work, they drive home and they spot those people out in the street hustling any way they can just to put food in their stomachs. A good person would normally admit their mistake and try to fix it, but a racist will see that as confirmation as to why they’re not hired.

*UPDATE* There have been claims that Moskowitz is not employed with The Cotton Mill. However, there are rumors that there were calls made to Moskowitz at The Cotton Mill in which the person on the other line states that he is not in. Yet, no matter what company he works for, he clearly shows racial bias.

*SECOND UPDATE* It has been confirmed that the company does not have an employee named Andrew Moskowitz, and the connection between him and the company is mislead thanks to Twitter. More on this fiasco is reported at the Daily Dot.

It’s clear that Moskowitz has caused a lot of confusion from that one comment alone, along with the false connection that tied him to a company he’s not a part of. However, the subject of the blog is still unchanged. Moskowitz’s comment represents the issue of racism in employment and hiring.

Let’s also learn that in order to fight racism, the right information must be obtained before critical mistakes are made. Brotha Wolf would like to apologize to The Cotton Mills company for contributing to the confusion.

48 thoughts on “Meet Andrew Moskowitz (SECOND UPDATE)

  1. The Monroe Cotton Mill has posted on their Facebook page that they do not have a hiring manager nor do they have an employee by this name. I’d like to see him called out as much as anyone, but it seems like this place is being unjustly harassed. I’ve seen many pages identify this as his place of employment, but not a single one that has mentioned how anyone knows this.

      1. Apparently, according to their FB page, the number is answered by an answering service that always says the person is not in, but doesn’t necessarily keep up with who does/doesn’t work there. Just a standard message. I know the internet can track this person down, they’ve worked with less to go on before.

      1. Isn’t it strange how in the “post-racial” era people are more bold with their racism. They don’t even hide it anymore. This is what I feared if Obama was elected. many whites feel that because he’s President things are now “equal”. These people are

  2. Wherever Andrew Moskowitz works, he’s undoubtedly a world-class piece of racist shit. But this article from The Daily Dot offers some interesting insight, after some digging.

    There seems to be confusion about where he’s committing these racist hiring practices, and I’m prepped to believe that some wires were crossed and that he may *not* work at the Monroe Cotton Mill. Either way, folks (and hopefully his actual place of employment) *know* what he’s been up to now that his face and comments have gone viral, albeit it at the expense of two businesses getting mired in this mess.

      1. I didn’t even know it indicated it in the picture. Plus, I don’t have facebook, and I know they don’t allow outsiders to view member’s pages. Plus, that picture is new to me. I know it’s facebook, but I never seen a window like that.

  3. Any white person who thinks we’re in a “post-racial world” is delusional at best. I’m white and I can see the racism. They aren’t even hiding it any more.

    We have a local newsanchor named Sheniqua. I felt a bit happy that she’s a grown, competent and professional woman–as I was a young woman when kids were being given names like Sheniqua or Latonya or Laniece, or M’boya, Malik or Jamal. I liked the names then. Still do. I was thinking maybe we’re getting somewhere when more people are being hired with ethnic names of whatever ethnicity, and are out and about not being pressured into changing them.

    But evidently the old xenophobia is even cropping up with names. At least the POTUS wasn’t pressured into changing his. I remember someone asking him once when he was first campaigning, “What kind of name is Hussein?” and he answered, “The name of someone who can’t get elected president!” Glad that proved to be wrong.

    *sigh* Hope we find out who this person really is. Racism needs to be exposed and pointed out. Sunshine disinfects.

  4. Yes, this guy is a useless excuse for a human being – if he exists. It looks like someone is trolling the company. Their website has a pop up message before loading:

    “In the past 5 hours the Monroe Cotton Mills information inquiry email account has received multiple emails about an Andrew Moskowitz and some inappropriate comments this person made on a Facebook post.


    I have received many inquiries from individuals over the internet over the past 5 hours asking me to fire Andrew Moskowitz. This person does NOT WORK FOR OUR PROPERTY.

    The Monroe Cotton Mills is a repurposed historic cotton mill located in downtown Monroe, Georgia that has been turned into a multi-tenant, mixed-use commercial property. We love being part of our local community here in Monroe and we do not engage in discussions about racism. All we do here at the Monroe Cotton Mills is work to continue to restore and repurpose a beautiful old cotton mill that is central to the history of our town, Monroe.

    I hope this will clear up any confusion.

    Thank you,

    Paul Rosenthal”

    1. Yes, this guy is a useless excuse for a human being – if he exists. It looks like someone is trolling the company. Their website has a pop up message before loading…

      That could also be a good possibility, and if he is, he is hurting the reputation of a company he never worked for. If so, his ass needs to be terminated from whatver job he works for, if he has one.

  5. So typical of a White AmeriKKKlan. I am not shocked. Most White AmeriKKKlans think like this. This is why we need to build our own businesses in our own communities and hire our own people so that our people can have more jobs to support themselves and family members. I am currently unemployed and I hope to get a job somewhere at a local grocery store. I hope my name isn’t too Black sounding but then again, I would have my chances of being hired because of being a Black woman in a racist country

  6. It appears this man doesn’t work for that cotton mill whatever, but he’s out there. If he really is a hiring manager he needs to be fired. I wonder if he would discriminate against other races of ppl with hard to pronounce names or is he just saying black ppl. It must be racist week first the racists attack Nina Davuluri and now this clown. smh.
    I see he loves dogs… lol I notice most of the racists love dogs.

  7. What kind of fuckery is this? But, you know what Wolf? There are a lot of mofos that agree with this. Moskowitz, that’s sounds like a Jewish name, of all people he should know what it feels like to be marginalized. Somethis is very fishy about this. Something doesn’t add up. He is a racist piece of shit.

  8. @BrothaWolf

    Hey BrothaWolf, I have posted on your blog before however, I now have a different screen-name. I have a question for you and every other mentally conscious black person out there in the blogging world?

    Because a black man is President(mind you Obama has to move heaven and earth to get one bil passed!), we “claim” that we live in a post racial society.I know that the presidency has more prestige than other political offices but in terms of blacks holding important public office as the benchmark for post-racial stuff, well America has had many chances to become “post-racial”. For example,

    1973-Tom Bradley becomes the first black mayor of Los Angeles

    1983-Harold Washington becomes the first black mayor of Chicago

    1989-David Dinkins becomes the first black mayor of my hometown of New York

    These are the three largest cities in America. So even through the prestige of presidency is obviously not there, if you are the mayor of any of these cities, you will be known to some degree.

    Later throughout the years, there has been Condi Rice, Colin Powell in public office.

    I REALLY think that as black people, we REALLY need to assess our situation in America. If we need individual “token” Negroes that cater to white supremacy to prove that we are post-racial, then I really believe black people are a blind, dumb and doomed group of people. Integration-The blind leading the blind?

    You dont have to agree BrothaWolf but I had to get this thought out there!

      1. Convincing certain Blacks is probably the hardest thing to do. Diary of a Negress decided to shut down her site due to the fact that she felt that many Blakcs were not heeding her warnings and trying to get their act together.

  9. @BrothaWolf

    Thanks for seeing my point. I just feel that black people, on a collective level, are very ignorant and stupid about the Babylon system of white supremacy

    Think about this BrothaWolf- Five different groups of people (us as people of African ancestry, the Native Americans, the Aboriginal Australians, the Maori in New Zealand and the natives of Hawaii) from five different places on this Earth all have the same exact problems(e.g. discrimination, poverty, low employment, poor health, high rate of death,etc.) since the rise of European colonialism. And yet as black people, we want to integrate? Black people need get out of this naive moralistic “We Are The World” BS

    Just for the record, BrothaWolf, if you think interracial unions help cure racism. Think of this

    Black Actress with her White Husband(1952 Jet magazine cover)-
    Black Women with their White Husbands/Families(sons & daughters)-
    German Women looking for Black Men(Some had children with black men,probably when African-American soldiers went to Germany in World War II)-
    That was the 1950s, the world was supposed to become “colorblind”. Two things I gotta say about black people BrothaWolf
    -Those who dont know history are indeed doomed to repeat it
    -100% morality combined with 0% reality=100% stupidity
    Just a thought from another brotha!

  10. Report Andrew Moskowitz to the GA Attorney General’s office. I’m sure they’ll investigate the matter. Contact the Labor Board. Submit a copy of the screen shot of his Facebook comment and let it be known that he has since deleted his comments.

    Records can be subpoenaed from the cotton mill in question that he was believed to work for.

    The irony of the ethnic named person, because Moskowitz isn’t of American origin, complaining about a name he deems “ethnic.” Someone needs to teach him integrity and the value of keeping his ignorance to himself the PROPER way.

      1. Obviously he doesn’t realize that certain European names were deemed “not white enough” to hire people. I have heard of Jewish people, Italians, Germans, etc. changing their names to more English-sounding names to be accepted.

  11. It’s been found that there is no evidence of this guy’s existence. The Washington Times, which originally posted this story, admits that this man may not have ever existed and it is just someone trolling. Turns out that there is not (and never was) a man by that name who worked at the Cotton Mills company. In fact, it seems the name of the company is the reason why it was it was picked, so sound just a little more offensive–a hiring manager at a cotton company making racist comments….

    In other words, this is one of those internet fakes created to cause a ruckus and perpetuate racial hatred in the name of one guy having fun.

  12. you’d do well to tell people at the top of this post that you’ve updated it because of your gun-jumping errors, rather than letting them read incorrect information and form opinions over the companies (not) involved before letting them know that you fu<ked up right at the bottom.

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