Notable Links: 9-20/13 (New Format)

Nina Davuluri Is America’s Future

Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to hold the title of Miss America and it should be something for all Americans to celebrate. Her story, after all, is one of the more optimistic news about immigration in recent times. Alas, it’s a victory marred by waves of racist backlash in social media. Davuluri is called a “terrorist,” and derogatory references to convenient stores – “Miss 7-11” — and Muslims are mentioned. But the biggest complain? Miss America should be more “American.”

Perhaps what the haters resent is that immigration and diversity have irrevocably changed who is an American these days. The U.S. demographic is shifting toward a reality where non-white groups are emerging as majorities, undermining what we traditionally held as majority vs. minority, mainstream vs. ethnic. By 2050, demographers tell us, whites will be under 50 percent while minorities will reach 54 percent, an astonishing shift

Drake, Game Donate $20,000 to Woman Who Lost Family

Neighbors said after the fire that Angel’s only transportation was her bicycle and that she was often seen riding with her children behind in a bike trailer for kids. “I weighed it against my life,” he said. “I can only imagine how difficult it is now.” The Game recently started a charity called The Robin Hood Project to help people in need. Representatives for the rappers have been in contact with a bank in northwest Ohio that is handling donations and expect to complete the transaction within the next two days, said Keith Hodkinson, the family spokesman.

Watch Conservative Media’s Favorite Benghazi Myth Fall Apart

Retired Admiral Mike Mullen and former Ambassador Thomas Pickering today debunked the conservative media myth that the Obama administration failed to deploy adequate military resources to Benghazi, Libya, in response to the September 11, 2012, attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission. Mullen told members of Congress that the “military did everything they possibly could that night.” Pickering agreed, testifying that the military is not always “positioned to come in short notice to deal with those issues.”

Mullen and Pickering led the State Department Accountability Review Board (ARB), which issued an independent report in December about the attacks. Both men are testifying today at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing led by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, who, along with members of the conservative media, have attempted to politicize the attacks to criticize the Obama administration.

5 thoughts on “Notable Links: 9-20/13 (New Format)

  1. Well written article. The racist attacks on the beautiful Indian woman who won Miss America was by racist, deranged White people who are scared of losing power since their population is decreasing worldwide. They are afraid of all people of color growing more prosperous than them because it hurts their false sense of ego and false sense of self.

    Honestly I think the world would be a much better place if they died off!

  2. You can see how ignorant they are. Just by their stupid comments. They are just idiots. Because she is a woman of color,the fools had to let everyone see how ignorant they are. The lovely Ms. Davuluri,has handled this with poise and grace. Good luck to her as the new reigning Miss America.

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