Triple Impact: Navy Chaos, Racist Reactions to Miss America & Another Cop Killing Blacks

So much shit went down this week alone, it was hard to keep up. But I feel I should weigh in on the current fucked up events that’s buzzing around the net.

I was hesitant to write a post about the tragic shooting at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard for obvious reasons.

Aaron Alexis

I went through the usual stages of marginalized threat anxiety. I hear about it. I wished and hope that the fool wasn’t black. I go through the cringe when I found out that it was indeed a black man behind a shooting at a military facility. I ask myself, “Why the hell did he have to be black?” I got angry, depressed and surmised that somewhere the white man’s god is laughing his ass off at my expense.

I’m still pissed off, but I’ll try to manage through it to make a comment.

First off, I know the right wing dickheads are pulling all the stops to turn this tragedy into a hot mess to further their own twisted, backwards agendas involving gun control and racial resentment. I know they will sell this to the fearful White America public that, yet again, a black man resorted to his primal, animal instincts of violence. This is what gets the fear-mongers at Fox News off every time.

The shooter Aaron Alexis, who murdered 12 people and was killed himself, will influence further prejudices and hatred towards blacks because you know, black people all must love violence as seen in this one mass shooting.

No one will consider Alexis as suffering from a mental illness because you know, black people don’t suffer, especially when it comes to their psychological health. He was just a typical criminal black man who lust for blood against “innocent” people. Once again, all black men are to be feared.

Sadly, this fear of the black man can be fatal whether you are a threat or not. Being a black man in this country is a risk. Recently, a young brotha became yet another grim example of this truth, and his only crime was looking for help in the suburbs.

Jonathan Ferrell

Jonathan Ferrell was an FAMU football player. He was about to turn 25 in October, was engaged to be married and had big dreams. So, according to respectability politics, Ferrell was doing what he was “supposed” to do: word hard and stay out of trouble.

Sadly, that wasn’t “good” enough. Ferrell got into an accident, but managed to survive and escape from his wrecked vehicle. He went out to look for some help and happened upon a house, banged on the door asking for some assistance. The owner got scared and called the cops. When they arrive, they didn’t see a man who needed help. They saw a black male thug looking to rob someone. And as you prolly know, Ferrell became another statistic.

Jonathan Ferrell was not a thug or gangster just like how most people see black men. He was a brotha with a bright future that was taken away by scared cop Randall Kerrick who tasered and shot the brotha multiple times only to be slapped with the charge of volunary manslaughter all because he thought a home invasion was about to go down.

Randall Kerrick

And speaking of crackers…

This year’s Miss America is Nina Davuluri, an Indian American. This is a fantastic moment since Davuluri is the second Asian American to be given the title. (The first was Angela Perez Baraquio, a Filipino American who was Miss America in 2001.)

Nina Davuluri, 2013 Miss America

Now, you would think that people everywhere would be excited for this achievement. After all, it is rare to see women of color become Miss America. But the reactions that proceeded the news is reminiscent of the time Vanessa Williams won Miss America.

Let me put it this way, a moment of celebration and admiration is determined by the color of your skin in a racist society such as America. As such not too many “people” were happy with Davuluri becoming Miss America. They were – in fact – mortified that, as some people have vented, an/a “Arab, dot-head, towel head, Muslim, terrorist ” is wearing the crown, as indicated by numerous trolls.

A few samples of the racist tweets concerning the 2013 Miss America

Somewhere the hotheaded moron population was pissed off that Miss America is not a slim white girl from good ole’ America as they want it to be. They were so mad, they went on the internet to complain in the most incorrect, asshole way possible.

Ain’t America grand?


35 thoughts on “Triple Impact: Navy Chaos, Racist Reactions to Miss America & Another Cop Killing Blacks

  1. I feel like you Brotha Wolf, in my inner most being I was hoping against hope, that the navy yard incident that the shooter was not a black man, and large as life I see a black man. I died just a little inside. The incident of the young brother who was savagely murdered by the policeman in North Carolina. Is sicknening. He was killed like an animal. The responses to the new Miss America are typical of racist chuckle heads, no surprise there. All of this is a huge clusterfuck.

      1. I was EXTREMELY shocked he was black(9.9 out of 10 they’re whites). How to can they evoke pity for a white man that’s supposedly “mentally ill” and when a black man with proven mental illness is stereotyped and is the defamed. White Privilege everyone!
        And to our fallen brother, How dare America stands proud and throws stones at other countries for injustices? Where is that gall derived? How dare whites call this “Great Country” post racial?How hard do they need to be hit for their rose colored glasses to fall off?

        Quote of my people: The wasi’chu are strange. Do not mimic their ways. Beware wasi’chu.

      2. @ AJ

        That is what I am starting to believe. I think blacks fall into a trap when they seek to act white as a marker in life. The reason I feel this way is because the moment you do wrong or the moment you fall into whites ways….you will not get the same treatment as them. When you screw up they will go to high hell to show you as the enemy.

      3. I saw several tweets that said Miss Kansas should have won because she is a ‘real American’ aka she is blond likes to hunt has big fake boobs and a slight drawl. So no surprises. As for the Navy shooter I have heard some outlets say that he heard voices and was paranoid. However I feel if they DO go with mental illness for Mr. Alexis it’s because they are only playing the CYA game.

  2. So much for the azz holes who keep claiming America is not racist or racism is not a big problem. Nice to have left and right proof.

  3. I am not shocked by all of this. AmeriKKKlan is a very racist and will continue to be so. I was shocked that that shooter was Black because it is usually a White guy who goes around shooting and killing people. Now those rightwing racists and Faux News casters would have a laugh to prove their racist theory that Black men are more dangerous than everyone else.

    And it is sad what happened to Jonathan Ferrell. Another Trayvon Martin like situation. This country will never see pass color or race.

    And the 2014 Miss Beauty Paegant situation….what a shame, this woman is beautiful! They can’t look pass her ethnicity and race because of these racists. SMH

    What a racist country!

  4. This recent shooting is very unsettling. Every time I turn around there’s some type of mass shooting somewhere. And talk of gun control soon follows. It’s almost like it’s a script of some sort. You be the judge. But I do find it strange that first reports said there was a second shooter—then they changed it and said he was the “lone shooter”
    How many times have we heard that? I get this funny feeling this is all just a distraction. Hmmm….is anyone talking about Syria anymore?
    My heart goes out to the family of Jonathan Ferrell. He joins the list of Trayvon Martin,Sean Bell,Rekia Boyd,Oscar Grant etc.. This madness has to end. Black life is meaningless in this country.
    Congrats to the new Miss America! She’s a very beautiful woman of Indian descent. Racist comments??? Would you expect otherwise?lol This is the normal for this country. The comments about her being a terrorist are hysterical. It shows their level of ignorance. Indians are not from the Middle But I guess anyone with brown skin is the same right? Isn’t that why they call Arabs sand n*ggers? These buck-toothed inbred hillbillies are a joke! Don’t sweat it brother. You can’t take these fools seriously.

  5. Isn’t it a shame that this country is so racist that whenever something happens, positive or negative regarding POC, I expect to see racist comments on the internet?

  6. brothawolf I feel ya, anytime something goes down i’m just crossing my fingers and saying in my mind plz don’t be black, plz don’t be black. I don’t watch the news I just look at websites, I didn’t click on it but if he was mentally ill we know they will not care and will not have the same feelings they have for the whites who claim mental illness. I also agree with Kushiteprince all these shooting or attempted shootings by mentally ill people is kinda being used to take our attention from other things.
    Jonathan Ferrell it seems his crime was being black while seeking help, then they wonder why a lot of black folks don’t like talking to or dealing with the police. smh
    I didn’t watch the miss America pageant not into that stuff but I was not surprised the racists came out on the internet. Saying she is not American or shouldn’t miss America be American, pure ignorance I tell ya. She was born here so she is American, they acted the same way when the latino male was singing the national anthem. I guess the only true americans to them are whites, I guess they forgot all about the native americans and blacks were here before their as.

    1. In America it’s all about color. It doesn’t want to admit it, but that’s what it comes down to. It may be simplistic and stupid, but it’s extremely powerful and damaging.

      1. yep color is everything, if she was a blonde haired woman that was born here and whose parents were from somewhere else they would not have been going on about she is not American. I don’t really care if someone is American or not. it seems here u are judged most based on what u look like (especially race) not where u are born or what culture u have. john McCain was born in panama yet I didn’t hear anyone demanding to see his birth certificate or saying he wasn’t American. Any person of color that is born here and may speak their native language gets told they are not American. I guess since whites all assimilated into being white and abandoned their culture for the sake of whiteness they expect everybody else to do the same. But we can’t as we don’t have white skin so even if poc did try to assimilate it would still be a no go.

    1. One of my old students told me about colorism in India. It’s not surprising considering the history of British colonization, but it’s still painful to know that this issue is not isolated in one area of the world.

      1. it sure is, I used to think it was just something us western blacks had to deal with, but I see now asians,latinos, and africans deal with it as well. its is sad that ppl are too busy trying to be like the minorities of the world instead of loving their skin in all its different shades of black and brown.

  7. It was a bad week, sure enough.

    Mr Alexis was clearly not well. There was plenty of anecdotal background emerging to indicate that. I think it would take a certain kind of determined idiot to assign a racial motive to what he did. I know some people have said that he complained in the past about discrimination, but how many POC haven’t experienced that? It doesn’t follow that his actions were driven by race issues. More likely an episode of his illness.

    It was good to read that Ms Davuluri said that she wasn’t going to let the racist idiots (my word, not hers) ruin things for her. I’m not a fan of pageants personally (stunning though the participants may be), but the stuff that was said about her was just nuts. What was that 9/11 shit about? Mental.

    As for the gun-happy cop, I can see no possible excuse for putting 10 bullets into an unarmed man. The cop is either a hair-trigger jittery coward who shoots at his own shadow or a psycho. My money is on psycho. Of course, excuses will be made and he will walk.

  8. The brother was mentally ill. He was trying to get help. Many veterans are homeless and many have severe mental health issues. I feel this man fell through through the cracks and didn’t get the help he so desperately need.

  9. My fucking skin crawls on a daily bases. It crawls at the thought of having to leave my house and face an increasingly hostile world. My skin crawls because I know my life means spit. My skin crawls because it knows it’ll get me in trouble, and it crawls for self preservation. It’s trying to crawl off of me.

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