Videos: Operation Catsuit

Other parts of the project are located in the links below:

Operation Catsuit Video #2: Milk Studios, NYC

Operation Catsuit Video #3: Chelsea Art Gallery Openings, NYC

Operation Catsuit Video #4 LES Part 1


14 thoughts on “Videos: Operation Catsuit

  1. The way people were taking pictures without her permission gave me a Sarah Baartman vibe. It’s crazy that if women wear certain things or have a certain figure we are no longer women but objects. This woman is bold and strong to wear something like that and deal with the reactions, I wouldn’t have made it out the house. its crazy how people felt they had the right to take her picture and take pictures of her backside at that, then try to play it off. then the guy in the 4th vid just came up and took multiple pictures of her while she was sitting down he was bold as hell. Where the white feminist to say oh no its wrong and objectifying women and slut shaming *crickets*. I would love to see reactions to her wearing other outfits like a dress and a tshirt and jeans. Then people can stop saying oh its just the outfit, I think yes the outfit had some to do with it especially the bright colors, but its her figure more than anything that got people acting crazy. It’s interesting how the whites and Asians were taking pictures of her while the black people didn’t react or the black men were acting hella thirsty rofl, then that one guy gave out his number wow. It was creepy as hell when those men were saying i’m a photographer come by for a private session and those old creepy men ugh. I mean dam I wouldn’t wear something like that but I wouldn’t take pictures of someone that did I may do a double take but that’s it.

    1. It was as if she was an exhibit herself. A black woman with a big booty is a beautiful sight, and I admit that I was checking her out myself, but it’s offensive to take pictures of her without her knowing as if she was some rare animal.

      1. yep, but cheer up one day they will be the rare animals rofl. The weird thing to me was the women taking pics of her, you’d think they’d be more understanding and not objectify a fellow woman, but as we see with everything black women are not included in their womanhood. That’s ok because we have something better sisterhood lol. She is a beautiful woman, I’m just mad that anytime a black woman dresses nicely and has a nice body everybody still acts like its slavery and are entitled to our bodies, from touching our hair without permission ,to having pics taken, to being slapped on the butt. All because of what? curiosity, ignorance, lack of empathy, lack of a body I think its all the above and then some. message to people from black women: we are not ur petting zoo, we are not ur mammy, we are not ur jezebel ,we are not an exhibit, we are women, we have feelings, we deserve respect.

  2. I guess some people have issues with the curves of black womens bodies. This is kind of creepy to me they are taking pictures of her.

    1. I notice they act this way toward’s a woman’s backside. especially if she is Black. But they also stare when a woman has very large breasts as well. Check out how some people react to the Latina with super large breasts, although this woman has issues. It is from My Strange Addiction.

      1. I agree. They seem to really be fascinated with her backside. In my opinion she’s utter perfection! Good lord! What body! Sorry had to get that The reality is I think white women know in their hearts that black women are physically superior in every way. When a black woman eats right,takes care of herself,stays in shape—NO woman on the planet can touch her. That’s why the media tries it’s best to make black women feel ashamed of their butts,breasts,skin color and hair texture. But sistas are waking up to this deception. They are the true queens of this planet. Go ahead and stare all you want! You”re just jealous of what you can never be! Let them hate!lol,

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