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King’s Dream at 50: A Report Card

Housing Desegregation: D

Markedly better than 50 years ago, but America still remains highly segregated by race. About 90% of suburban whites, for example, live in places that are less than 1% black. Racial steering is still widely practised despite being outlawed.

Discrimination: D

Despite affirmative action and so on, blacks are still about twice as likely to be out of work as whites. If you take education into account, the rate is 1.53 to 1.73 times higher. Blacks have to stay in school about two years longer to make the same money as a white person.

Why do liberals take Alec Baldwin seriously?

Why is it that Baldwin, perpetually in the conversation around New York City municipal races (if inserted there by himself or family members), is able to entirely transcend a violent, misogynist, gay-baiting reputation, when other stars can’t manage it? And why is it that liberals — those folks who theoretically ought to be most concerned with combating hurtful language — are most enthralled by the star?

Don’t be glad Ariel Castro is dead

On Tuesday evening, Ariel Castro – the man who in July was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years in prison in connection with the abductions and rapes of three Cleveland women – was found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell. The circumstances of Castro’s death raise a number of questions – though the 53 year-old was not on suicide watch, he was in protective custody. Ohio corrections spokeswoman JoEllen Smith told reporters Tuesday that Castro had been “in a cell by himself,” with guards required to check in on him “every 30 minutes at staggered intervals.” Smith says, “A thorough review of this incident is under way.”

The Washington Redskins’ Stubborn Racism

A lot will have changed about professional football when the NFL kicks off its new season this week. There will be harsher penalties to help curb some of the game’s most severe injuries, a newly minted settlement to help aging and injured players dealing with brain damage after years of playing football, and, if Sports Illustrated is to be believed, a new breed of running quarterback that will usher the game into unchartered new territory. But one thing that will remain unchanged: Washington, D.C.’s, football team is still called the “Redskins.”

“GhettoTracker.com”: Technology, Race, and Place

The “very real and serious” function of the site can only be understood within the context of the (imagined) white family who would be threatened by a “ghetto.” Yet, the site’s supposed “ghettos” aren’t identified based on actual crime statistics, or any data, but rather they are determined by the site’s users and delineated by their prejudices. Yet, when people responded negatively to the site, the creator was reportedly “surprised.”