Vern’s Venting: No Excuse For Negroes

by Lavern Merriweather

For some inexplicable reason, I found myself watching that pathetic “The View” rip-off on CBS called “The Talk”, helmed by Les Moonves wife Julie Chen. They were discussing a feud that the late Whitney’s Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was having with her upstairs neighbor. One of the other hosts Aisha Tyler then read a nasty note Bobbi had written to the lady. She then began to berate Whitney’s daughter by saying that the lady had just had a baby and they needed their quiet time. Tyler also referred to her as a ‘brat’ while bitching about her own issues with loud neighbors.
Bobbi Kristina Brown
Keep in mind, this girl is only 16 years old and, in many ways, probably still a child. Bobbi certainly isn’t as old as one of the castmates for the other show Ms. Chen hosts called “Big Brother”.
A girl by the name of Aaryn Gries, or as I like to call her “Aryan Nation Grillface”, has behaved as such a bigoted, racist cunt that the show’s producers have been forced to put up a disclaimer before the beginning of the program. She and two other women on the show, Gina Marie and Caitlin, have become such out of control racist bitches that they have turned this past season into a virtual Neo-Nazi rally.
Aaryn Gries
When asked about the controversy and the hateful words – some targeting Asians, Ms. Chen took the usual punk ass way out of it by making excuses for that fool. Julie wiggled her way out of having to actually criticize a white woman by saying, “Well she’s ‘young.” So was Hitler at some point, dumb shit. So, what the fuck is your point?
The point is that Julie Chen and others are too gutless to attack a white female. So, they make excuses while at the same time trashing a minor who is black. Gries is 23 while Bobbi Kristina is 16. Yet, it’s the white adult who has an excuse made for her. And the black girl gets reduced, of course, to be nothing more than a spoiled whiny jerk that has no consideration for other people’s feelings.
I won’t even go there with the mindset of ‘like mother, like daughter’, because I have too much respect for the late Ms. Houston and because I am fully 100 percent aware that the main reason her child is getting treated differently than this white slutbag asshole is that we are always at fault for our bad behavior. There are no excuses for us.
See, we have to be held forever accountable, don’t you know. While white people, even those who do and have done the most heinous shit on planet Earth, get everything thrown in but the kitchen sink to justify their atrocities. It’s what I, Brotha and several other black folks in the blog world called a condition known as the privilege of white male violence.
When white males such as Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Bufford Furrow, Russell Weston, Charles McCoy, George Hennard and the prick that shot up a McDonalds in California go on a shooting rampage and kill a bunch of people it’s because they have a mental sickness, they need ‘help’ not jail time because they are mentally unstable. Really assholes? All those men have a mental deficiency? I think it’s YOUR stupid ass that has a fucking deficiency if you believe for one second I would buy that complete bullshit!
James Holmes
They are no more mentally ill than the black males who do the same thing or something similar like Christopher Dorner, John Muhammed or the infamous New York subway shooter Colin Ferguson who, by the way, I have never heard any white person argue away their despicable actions by claiming that any of them were mentally ill. Instead, they say that they should be locked up with the key thrown away or punished to the fullest extent of the law, a far cry from what is uttered when it’s white males who cause chaos and murder.
Colin Ferguson
They use the same rhetoric for each and every last one of them despite the fact that Hennard’s former roommate was on Maury Povich talking about how he had a deep seated hatred for other races, that he would bitch daily about how much he hated blacks, Jews, Arabs, Asians and Hispanics while using the most disgusting racial slurs. Still, to a lot of white male hypocrite bitches in the media, he is never going to be seen as a violent, dangerous, destructive menace to society. No, they reserve that title for young black males only, regardless if they are gangbangers, criminals or not.
It’s why a fat ugly overzealous little shit can get away with shooting a young unarmed black teen boy and have many whites defend him because the teen was suspicious because he wore a hoodie. I wonder what the white males who are out shooting and killing people were wearing when they went on their deadly rampages.
The bottom line is that it doesn’t even matter because they will never be seen as anything other than a white guy walking done the street or as a white guy going into a restaurant to order a cheeseburger, though he later goes on to murder a bunch of people. And that’s the pathology in America.
White males are not seen as threats because they aren’t ‘the real bad guys.’ Even when they do everything humanly possible to contradict that point, they still aren’t evil, because they have some disease or as Julie Chen seems to think, because they are young.
I don’t buy for one hot minute that these thugs and lowlifes aren’t absolutely aware of what they are doing. What the hell am I saying?? Of COURSE those pricks are aware! They know damn well what they are doing! You can’t tell me that James Holmes wasn’t expecting even in a small way that most of the theatre patrons there that night would assume he was part of some promotion by the producers, which is exactly why many of the people in the audience didn’t realize, until it was too late, that his presence wasn’t part of the movie, that it was real, that he was actually shooting people with real bullets and they were dying.
Apparently for Holmes, his skin color is also an advantage he can use for many in this country will not judge him as harshly had he been of another race. He will never be seen as a criminal element, and he will get a shitload of excuses to explain away any guilt, something that has been going on for far too long in this world and needs to fucking stop as of yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: No Excuse For Negroes

  1. So true. It is a double standard here in AmeriKKKlan. Whites get away with things more than Black people because of their White skin and White privilege. This whole country is built on the lie of White supremacy and racism

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