Notable Links: 9-26/13

Elderly Chinese Couple Takes On San Francisco’s Tech-Driven Gentrifiers The Lees worked in the city for decades, raised their family in their apartment and still care for a disabled daughter in their home. When developer Matthew Miller offered buyouts to the other tenants, the Lees tried to move as well. But as seniors on fixed […]

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Vern’s Venting: ABB

by Lavern Merriweather For the past several days, New York Yankees star player Alex Rodriguez has had some splaining to do with the powers-that-be of baseball. After it was discovered that he used a banned substance, the Commissioner of the Sports decided to suspend him until 2014, or whenever the hell he feels like. So, […]

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Notable Links: 9-20/13 (New Format)

Nina Davuluri Is America’s Future Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to hold the title of Miss America and it should be something for all Americans to celebrate. Her story, after all, is one of the more optimistic news about immigration in recent times. Alas, it’s a victory marred by waves of racist backlash in […]

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Vern’s Venting: White in America

by Lavern Merriweather Thirty years ago, the late comedic genius Peter Sellers had a big hit with a movie called “Being There”. In that movie he plays a Forrest Gump like simpleton who comes from a rich, sheltered background who somehow manages to fool prominent members of high society after they invite him into their […]

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