Temporary Hiatus

Everyone, I think I’m going to take a leave from blogging and tweeting for about a week or so. As you already know, I get depressed a lot, and this week has been extremely depressing.

Lately, the news media has been getting so under my skin that it’s gnawing at my very soul, and you know how I feel about the media and its racism. This week has been in overdrive, and even though I don’t care about the news, somehow or another, it still has a way of getting the word around.

For the past few days, it’s been very painful emotionally. (I don’t think I ever felt this bad.) So, I think it’s best to keep away from the news media, take a short break from blogging, and focus on getting better.

In the meantime, I still have articles from Lavern Merriweather. I will post another one Wednesday. I will still be around to moderate responses. So, if you feel the need to comment, please do so.

When I return, I will do a post that will be a special kind of confession that is relative to the state of human relations. It will focus on the isms and phobias that are impacting our lives daily.

I apologize if I’ve disappointed anyone.

Take care. I will return.


19 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

      1. Get better dear! To all those racist fucktards out there bringing Brotha down, I say; FUCK OFF, and make it snappy! Those cunts aren’t worth it, and cunts they are! Comic fodder the lot!

  1. Take care Brotha Wolf, hope all goes well with you. Keep safe, and stay strong. Don’t let the ignorami & self-blinded get you down. Cheers =]

  2. Take care Brotha Wolf, keep safe and stay strong. Ignore those ignorami & the self-blinded. You’ve already opened the eyes of so many. With regards =]

  3. No u are not disappointing anyone, I think a lot of us are getting down, we gotta recharge, nothing wrong with that. hope u feel better. looking forward to ur post on Wednesday I love the pic of the wolf, looks so peaceful.

  4. I truly hope all is well. You listened to me vent and I did not think to ask how you feel or if you are ok. I am sorry for that. Again I hope all is well.

  5. Get better, Brotha Wolf! I believe we all need a break from time to time. You’re not alone in this fight! Not too long ago, I tried to go without a break regarding these matters and I ended up being sick for two weeks because I was stressed out the whole time! We’re all only human, right? We all need time to reground and recharge.

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