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Everyone, I think I’m going to take a leave from blogging and tweeting for about a week or so. As you already know, I get depressed a lot, and this week has been extremely depressing.

Lately, the news media has been getting so under my skin that it’s gnawing at my very soul, and you know how I feel about the media and its racism. This week has been in overdrive, and even though I don’t care about the news, somehow or another, it still has a way of getting the word around.

For the past few days, it’s been very painful emotionally. (I don’t think I ever felt this bad.) So, I think it’s best to keep away from the news media, take a short break from blogging, and focus on getting better.

In the meantime, I still have articles from Lavern Merriweather. I will post another one Wednesday. I will still be around to moderate responses. So, if you feel the need to comment, please do so.

When I return, I will do a post that will be a special kind of confession that is relative to the state of human relations. It will focus on the isms and phobias that are impacting our lives daily.

I apologize if I’ve disappointed anyone.

Take care. I will return.