Notable Links: 8-23/13

A dream unrealized for African-Americans in Chicago

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, at which he gave the speech, commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. A century after that proclamation, “the Negro still is not free,” King told the crowd. “The life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.”


The story bigots hate: Antoinette Tuff’s courage

In this story, the only thing that stopped a bad guy with a gun was a good woman with a heart. Or to entirely rewrite Wayne LaPierre’s dumb Manichaean NRA propaganda: The only thing that stopped an emotionally damaged, despairing and unloved young man with 500 rounds of ammunition was a compassionate woman sharing her own story of damage and despair, and telling him she loved him.

Oh, and then there’s this: As we try to recover from the unnecessarily polarized aftermath of the Trayvon Martin killing and George Zimmerman’s acquittal, it’s worth noting that Tuff is a black woman who helped save a young white man from harm at the hands of police. Of course the race-baiters at Fox News, who were so agitated about the crimes of young black men a few weeks ago, have hardly rushed to emphasize that a young white man opened fire at a predominantly black school – let alone that he was helped to save his own life by an African-American woman (for example, check out how they approach these facts here).

White Is the New White

Orange Is the New Black defenders repeatedly tell me that Kerman is invested in prison reform. She very well might be. But the problem here lies in the fact that her investment in the issue has been repaid through a very different kind of investment in her by book publishers and budding media empires like Netflix. I don’t necessarily doubt that Kerman wants to see a change in the criminal justice system—just like I don’t doubt that she’s made a cottage industry for herself doing so. This started about a decade ago, when Kerman began selling “Free Piper” T-shirts through Paypal. As a bestselling author who’s sold the rights to stories of women that aren’t even hers, she’s profited from the criminalization of black and brown women who are disproportionately targeted for prison cages.

An Open Letter: How I Failed Chelsea Manning

I should have paid much better attention to you and your trial. I could lie and tell you that I didn’t have time, but it’s simply not true. I failed you because I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the many charges levied against you. I failed you because of the way the unbelievable power of the US government was used against you. I failed you because it was easy to ignore you, and leave you in the backseat of my mind. I chose to read about you only from time to time, at my own convenience. I chose to talk about you with friends and colleagues only occasionally, but would stop talking about you when they quickly lost interest. And for all of that, and more, I’m sorry.


10 thoughts on “Notable Links: 8-23/13

  1. Brotha Wolf,

    I knew all along that young why-te man would listen to Antoinette Tuff. As Black People, We are the Original Hue-mans. Why-tes evolved from the albinos of the Original Hue-mans. As much as I love this story, this means EVEN MORE trouble for Black Men everywhere!!!!!

    You get where I am coming from with this, Brotha. We need to look out for each other as Brothas. We are in a pool of trouble. People are tired of hiding emotions for others…..

    Never forget, they stomped on Our Babies in the 1700s and 1800s because Our Babies were the color Our oppressors want to be.

    I love Antoinette as A Sista and a Mother. She needs to watch out. They are different from Us. They want what they want when they want it! They are much more aggressive about it! If she turns down an invite, then We all know what can happen.

    Stay Safe.

  2. Of course they’re not going to talk about the suspect or gloat about Mrs.Tuff. They dont believe in reporting actual news about White folk committing (or attempting) mass murder against POCs.They have to be all White for that to happen. Mrs.Tuff also did a great deed in convincing the suspect to surrender and help the kids.That hurted their feelings because she didn’t look or come off as the stereotypical Black woman they so much wished for her to be.

    Thankfully nobody got hurt or killed but I will guarantee if that guy would have been successful in killing/hurting those people in that school,two of the following would have took place with Fox news either they would: not speak about it or two rejoice that some Black people got killed and praised the killer for doing it. That is what kind of diabolical channel Fox is.

      1. yep, and they would go do background checks on everybody that got killed, and say oh this person had a record, this person has a weird name we’ll skip over them, oh this kid was put in time out must be a thug in training. The only way they would’ve reported on this was if this woman acted like sweetie brown, Charles ramsey, Antoine Dodson,etc, then they would autotune it and put it on iTunes.

  3. Brotha Wolf,

    I’m not sure how bigots feel about Antoinette Tuff. Nothing comes up when I search for her name on Stormfront through Google. I’m sure they are secretly loving this story. The open mutated albinos get to praise her on tv like they wish they could do for most Sistas. It’s a shame, they never realize they have no respect for her at all. They will not let her love herself by loving Her Brotha.

    2013 is a transitional year like 1989 was. These must be end times. We are starting to see more and more of Our Sistas everywhere instead of ww. The 2010’s will be the decade of Scandal and shows like that (Sleepy Hollow). Why-tes want Black love gone completely!!! That is Our new threat for the rest of this decade. Yt men want the Afrikan woman to like them without yt men having to do anything to them first. They want Our Sistas to naturally be bed wrenches instead of having to do their usual rape and kill routine. By giving Sistas more spotlight, why-te men everywhere are secretly getting what they have always wanted. Expect these times to be very rough on Us Brothas. The Zimmerman verdict says a lot about this decade. Amerikkka is losing at the same time (the economy is in a downward spiral). Why-te men cannot wait until Obama is out of office. They are really going to come down on Us then. It’s sad, We cannot tell them anything. We all know that Obama is a president. We know every president is when it comes to Us.

    It is still open season on Us, and Us alone. When you think about it, it always has been. It will be only be worse in this decade until more Sistas start to wake up. Come to think about it, some of them are in danger by choosing to stay single. They do not want to hear it, everytime. As you know,We live in an everyday race war. Yes, We can expect them to want to take a Brotha out as payback for what happened to Chris Lane. I hope Our unconcious Sistas do not ultimately turn their back on Us to be the head of everything. They should know there is a price that comes with all of the fame. Why-te men are always playing Chess (even in their head). In the meantime, I am turning to Jah. That is all We can do.

    1. So so true. I agree. They push interracial dating and relationships in the public to brainwash Black youth to date outside of their race. Interracial relationships is White love. Whites don’t want to see us loving each other because it is a threat to them and the system of White supremacy.

  4. Of course, they would listen to Ms. Tuff. She saved the life of a White male and now they want to make it look like she is a hero for doing so. But at the end of the day, she is nothing more than a n***** to them.

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