The truth should be just that – the truth.

Anti-racism angers the shit out of white people. They believe that all it does it blame white people for the problems of blacks and other people of color (POC). Nowadays, you hear slogans from whites that lack any profundity, let alone common sense such as, “The truth is racist” or “To be anti-racist is to be anti-right.” Am I the only one who feels that these two statements are dumb as hell?

If there’s one thing white-minded people love to do when entering any discussion on racism is to accuse those who are against racism of being ‘leftists’. Anti-racism is considered a liberal movement and thus, should be condemned

This has all the hints of the Red Scare of the early and mid 1900’s. Whites believed that the possibility of far left movements would invite communism. The Civil Rights Movement helped to vitalize the fear of losing white supremacy. White racists worry that granting civil rights to blacks and other POC would be detrimental to whites as it would surely and critically harm a white supremacist system.

As mentioned earlier, anti-racism is seen – mostly by those on the right – as anti-white. Any discussion where white racism is center stage is accused of being leftist or liberal. The assumption is that this is a form of ‘reverse racism’ against whites, “blaming whitey” as the saying goes. Somehow or another this is considered much worse than any form of actual racism against POC, which some do not believe it exists.

However, they contend that racism – even though it supposedly doesn’t exist – against POC is always defended and excused by the usual “high black crime rate” arguments and the ‘numbers’ that follow this claim every time along with the dressing down of the black community out of the notion that they are the ones with self-inflicted problems. And yet, many do not feel that is racist.

So, let’s think about this for a minute. If anti-racism is considered leftist, does it stand to reason that pro-racism is considered conservative. Unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way. Those on the right do not believe that there is racism on their side, but a lot of them accuse the left of being as bad as any hate group.

So, they conclude that their position on the black community is objective. Black people only have themselves to blame for “insert social problem here”. White people have never, ever done anything to contribute to the self-destructive troubles which always seen as pandemic across the black community. And all they “love” to do is blame whites and do nothing.

But what if anti-racism isn’t a liberal thing? What if what anti-racists are doing are not aligned with any political affiliation? What if what POC say in regards to racism that doesn’t coddle to the feelings of white minds is just them expressing themselves because they are tired of the BS?

POC, including blacks, have experienced racism from both sides of the political spectrum. We’ve experienced both liberal and conservative racism. And this may shock you, but not all blacks are affiliated with either side.

When POC explain how they are the victims of racism, it is not some covert operation on behalf of the left, especially when the left has their share of racism in its ranks. And let’s not kid ourselves, the right is loaded with racism as well.

So, when a POC writes an article about racism from their point of view with knowledge, research and emotion involved, it is not for the sake of liberalism or conservatism when both sides are largely ruled by white racism.

14 thoughts on “The truth should be just that – the truth.

  1. Nowadays, you hear slogans from whites that lack any profundity, let alone common sense such as, “The truth is racist”

    Every time I read this line, all I can say is…”Huh?”

  2. Simple, if they can continue to brainwash those who actually want equality, they can continue to do what they have always done, pretend to be the good guys. They want their ill gotten privileges from racism without being called out on it.

  3. The truth IS racist.
    The left IS far more guilty of anti-racism than the right.
    Anti-racism DOES blame whites for everybody else’s problems.

    You remember these slogans because they ring true.

    The right’s version of anti-racism is a simple equal legal rights + don’t-be-a-dick.

    The left is constantly expanding their definition to include all kinds of guilt. To apply double standards like only whites can be racist because they have “all teh powerz”. To assume every racial disparity is caused by racism. To pass insensitivity, xenophobia, racial preferences, racial self-interests off as racist (unless it comes from minorities). Could go on all day. The lefty doesn’t even see the problems in what I just said.

    But they’re right. The left’s version of anti-racism is more morally encompassing. It covers everything from private worldviews, subconscious thought, and all kinds of hurt feels.

    It’s also a ridiculously unrealistic standard. In order to achieve this utopia, people would have to drop any meaningful sense of identity and pride. No, not “herp derp lookit my cultural fewds” pride. Actual pride. The kind that comes with consequences if you insult or injure their group. The kind that competes with other groups for supremacy.

    The right’s inadequate version of colorblind+politeness anti-racism is the realistic choice, the same way capitalism is the realistic choice over communism. Because the former allows for selfish human interests.

    In fact, even as minority, I’m surprised whites have bent this far. If there was this much whining in my native country, you would cease living in that country very quickly.

  4. I like this post. Anti racism isn’t anti White but White people think anti racism is anti White because we speak out against White supremacy. Most White people whether they realize it or not benefit from the White supremacy system that was put in place to benefit them and disadvantage Blacks and other minorities. They don’t want to talk about race or racism because it damages their false sense of self and ego.

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