Notable Links: 8-9/13


Liberty-and-justice frame – Used by whites to overthrow the British. It is expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address. Freedom, equality and justice for all – regardless of race. Most Americans hold this frame, but use it in different ways. Blacks, Native Americans and anti-racist whites take it seriously. Most whites only give it lip service: they will say that society should not give advantages to one race over another, but will not give up white privilege or support policies like busing, affirmative action, reparations or treaty rights. This is the main frame used by anti-racist whites, like abolitionists and civil rights reformers.

17-Year Old James Martin Graduates from College w/ 3.9 GPA

While Martin is clearly a super-talented young man, his mother, who home-schooled him as a child, admits that her son was not always so studious. “His early years, he tended to be a little lazy,” said Joan Martin. “He daydreamed a lot and then, about 12 or 13, he started getting really serious.”

HBO Developing Issa Rae’s ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Comedy

It’s turning out to be a great year for Issa Rae. After years of building a loyal fanbase on YouTube with her hit Web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”, Rae was tapped by ABC’s Shonda Grimes to work on a comedy series called “I Hate L.A. Dudes.” Then it was announced that Rae would play the role of Nina Simone in an upcoming Lorraine Hansbarry biopic. And now there’s news that Larry Wilmore and Rae will co-write a comedy series loosely based on Rae’s popular YouTube series. She will also star in the project.

George Duck, Legendary Jazz Keyboardist, Dies

“Duke expresses his love for his late wife on the tender, piano-driven ballad ‘Missing You,’ a romantic vocal duet with Rachelle Ferrell,” Gans wrote. “The album ends by turning the cowboy ballad ‘Happy Trails’ — Dale Evans’ closing theme to ‘The Roy Rogers Show’ — into a soulful, heartfelt farewell to his wife, made even more poignant by the sudden death of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson shortly after he recorded the fadeout guitar solo.”


11 thoughts on “Notable Links: 8-9/13

  1. RIP to George Duke, I like the Dukie Stick, He was a true artist. I like Issa Raye’s “Awkward Black Girl for a minuet, then it kind of fell of for me. But kudos to her for doing something creative and original. I hope she has much success.

  2. I read about this on Abagond’s blog. It is a very interesting post. It explains a lot about why there is such disparity in American society. I want to read Joe Feagin’s book on this subject. Since, I have been subscribed to your blog and others like yours and Abagond’s my interest in racial and gender issues in society are of special interest to me. You have been a great teacher to me.

  3. James Martin, had his mother to invest in him. It’s unfortunate there are not more parents investing in their children’s future. I hope more Black mother’s and father’s and grandparents and guardians invest in the future of black youth in America.

  4. that is wonder for James Martin. u know we won’t see this in the main news because they hate talking about successful black men like these.

    Man all these kids homeschooled that are black and graduating college young. Black parents need to take note of this, and try to homeschool their kids if they can.

    awkward black girl was funny for the first season or two after that I stopped watching. I hope the mainstream don’t mess it up though and whitewash it.

      1. oh yeah I hope so too, abagond did a post about why awkward black girl would be ruined if it were to go on tv, how they wouldn’t want white jay to be called white jay but just jay. And they’d probably get a light skinned woman to play jay. And they’d probably get rid of jay’s rapping lol and may change her goofy wanna be black white boss into someone else. They’d probably get a dark skinned woman to play that mean girl that is always messin with jay. u know they gotta have the light skinned person play the good role and the dark skinned person play the bad guy.

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