Vern’s Venting: Paula Deen Vs. Alec Baldwin

by Lavern Merriweather

Lately on the message boards I have been reading a number of comments from people, whom I assume are white, that Paula Deen is being treated unfairly, that she made a racist comment 30 years ago and that Alec Baldwin is getting a slap on the wrist. Now, I have a problem with those commenters for a number of reasons. They seem to have missed her little ‘slavery party’ idea for a wedding she was catering. And that was less than 30 years ago, and the lady suing her stated that she has heard the n-word from Paula and her husband which also was not 30 years ago. But what really gets me are those who say she was angry and that she had a right to be pissed because the man she called the n-word had held her at gunpoint.

Well, I call bullshit. Please just because you are robbed doesn’t give you license to be a racist asshole. If that’s the case then I should have every skinny, lanky, white male with sandy, blond close cropped hair arrested because he might be another Timothy McVeigh or a gawky awkward creepy looking young white male with beady eyes taken down because he might be another Adam Lanza. But I don’t do that because they have the privilege of white male violence and the privilege of being an individual, whereas the man who robbed Paula is typical of ‘those people’.

It’s always typical for us even if we aren’t the only people who are violent, and disturbingly so at that. Yeah, shooting a child by accident in a drive-by is way wrong, but how is it any worse than targeting children with a gun on purpose. Yet, we are supposed to feel bad for Paula because she had the misfortune of having a bad experience with a criminal who happened to be black!

I wonder if his race would have mattered to her had he been white, which he could have just as easily been.

It does – however – matter when you are a popular white male movie and TV star who has won awards and, for a while, was an object of desire to countless women. To compare what Alec and what Paula said is complete crap and the same old same old act of deflecting. As liberal as a lot of white folks in the media and public pretend to be, the fact is that they hate to ever vilify one of their own or call his ass out even when he has done or said something despicable in their eyes.

The only reason white people are playing this Oppression Olympics bullshit is because they don’t want to attack Alec. So, they dance around as much as they can by making parallels with what Alec said versus what Paula said. Two situations that couldn’t be more different. Yet, white people want to compare to keep from actually taking Mr. Baldwin to task like he deserves. If white people hate double standards so much then you shouldn’t keep creating so damn many!

Alec is getting treated differently because YOU are allowing him to be. The same way you do with every white male celebrity who steps out of pocket, because you had a crush on them when you were 15 or they were your best friend in high school, or they gave an Oscar winning performance in that movie. Well, that is your fault for glorifying these people, then getting upset because you find out that they have feet of clay after all.

Even then, many times white people will stay tight lipped while rushing to vilify a black male. Isaiah Washington is still in the doghouse for his comment to former co-star T.R. Knight. Tracy Morgan had to make a hurried apology for his homophobic comedic stint, and CNN anchor Roland Martin is getting flack for a comment that was taken completely out of context. So, white people need to shut the fuck off with this whining about double standards.

Any time I read those comments, I tell those people that instead of complaining, maybe they should be a lot more careful who they worship from now on. You are the ones who put the Alec Baldwins of the world on those pedestals and are still reluctant to pull him down. Well, that is your fault for holding up the idea of whiteness even as you claim to abhor bigotry and prejudice, which at this point we all know is a total crock. You love your whiteness more than you hate discrimination. And no amount of boogieing around the issue with lame ass comparisons is going to change that.

These same whiners could attack Alec without ever bringing up Paula, who frankly really has nothing to do with Baldwin anyway. His gay slur is not the same as a racial slur and any mindset that it somehow is, is hypocritical and wrong. The same white people Alec offended have been quiet about him because they like him.

Regardless of how much I appreciate a talented white person, I would never – for one second – tolerate hateful words like so many others do, including black folks. Many of the blogs run by black women that targeted Morgan and Washington aren’t nearly as quick to criticize Mr. Baldwin or any white man for that matter because of his hateful bile towards gays. You don’t like what Alec said? Then, call his ass to the carpet.

Stop blowing smoke up everyone’s ass with your half-assed bashing of a white male. If you are too full of shit to do that, then obviously you are the ones who need to put an end to the very double standards you claim to be so damn pissed off about.


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