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CNN Anchor Don Lemon got himself into some hot water when he said that Bill O’Reilly’s criticism of the black community “doesn’t go far enough” before he began his own finger-wagging.

You see, O’Reilly, a Fox News pundit and all-around white male racist, went on a rant about how black community is practically fucked up. He cited the “disintegration of the African American family, the drug situation,” and the gangsta culture, all things most white American think they know about the African American community which populates around 40 million blacks.

It doesn’t stop there. Don Lemon, a black male himself, backed O’Reilly’s scripted white-lecturing with a few points of his own:

Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.

So naturally, Lemon got blasted on social media cites like Twitter. Yet, he stuck by his guns. My only prediction from this is that there will be white-minded individuals who will cite Lemon on his remarks and expect 40 million black people to listen to him.

This “white-lecturing” has its historical roots.

For years, even during those unmentionable times in which if you do mention them, white people will have a nervous breakdown (SLAVERY! There I said it!), whites saw it as their burden to “educate” blacks in their European/American ways due to their racist credence that blacks are naturally inferior to them in every possible way. Whites see them as uncivilized and juvenile, children that need to be lectured on how to behave like a (white) human being. And if they step outside of the plan, they need to be disciplined – severely.

Some blacks have taken up the task and continue with the white-lecturing. From Booker T. Washington to Bill Cosby, some blacks actually believe that blacks are their own problem, not white racism in any capacity.

Don Lemon said that what was said needed to be said. The problem is that not only what was said has been said over a thousand times by white folks and whitewashed people of color, it stinks of American scapegoating and genuine white hypocrisy.

First off, it implies that only black people have issues with family structure, drugs and – of course – crime and even gangsta culture. Yet, anyone with half a mind sees that white America is no paradise itself. There are a lot of poor white people that exist. I know there are drugs in white communities, more so than we are led to believe. Plus, am I not the only one who thinks that most crime – violent crime included – is caused by whites seeing as how they are still the majority of the population. And seeing as how Al Capone (and the mafia overall), Bonnie and Clyde, Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Scott Peterson and the “Barefoot Bandit” have been fantasized, idolized and turned into pop culture icons by mostly white people and the white-owned media, I don’t think anyone has any room to talk about other people needing to stop worshiping that culture.

So, if white communities have theses issues? Why don’t they give themselves a good talking to? Why were they silent whenever a school shooting rings out by a lone, crazed white male? Why didn’t they say a word whenever a terrorist act is committed by white males? Why wasn’t a stern lecturing given to the crooked bankers and CEOs that plunged the world into a recession. Come to think of it, why weren’t they thrown in prison?

The answers to those and other like-minded questions can only mean one thing. In threory the image of the superior white race must be maintained no matter what. That image includes being highly sufficient and excel in morality, intelligence and judgment. So, that means white people having a crime problem is out, having family problems is rare, having money problems is absurd, and having overall messed up values is considered…racist.

I’ve never heard criticism regarding the family structure of whites. It’s rare to see a report on white men with multiple kids by many women, but a black dude with several children by several women is newsworthy? That implies that white males have a much better handle on their sex drive than black males, a faith that has its roots planted during slavery. But, there are, and have been, promiscuous white men with so many children, they would populate a small nation.

I’ve also yet to find many articles on domestic violence in white communities. After so many media reports concerning domestic violence in black communities, especially regarding black male celebrities, I was curious as to its rate in white couples of families. To date, I’ve only seen one article exclusively on domestic violence in white communities while seeing dozens of articles concerning black celebs and black communities. Why?

You see, white America must also maintain the image of the inferior black race to counter. So, these white-lectures must be done in order to keep the balance tilted in favor or whites even though in the end, it will only hurt whites in the end.

To pretend or fool yourself into believing that whites have their shit together is to ignore the impacts of pathologies going on in white communities that target whites. That is why a lot of whites, after a major violent crime has occurred, act and admit that they are shocked that it happened, in their own neighborhood. What’s more troubling is that in some cases, the warning signs are there. Yet, they are still ignored until after the tragedy breaks out.

Let’s not get this twisted (as it will likely become by illiterate half-witted trolls). This is to say that Bill O’Reilly, Don Lemon and anyone else who thinks these issues are “black problems” are not as genuine in their goodness as they would like to believe. To talk to black people about what’s wrong with them without acknowledging other factors, including white racism, is racist in itself.

It also sends the wrong signal that black people don’t do anything to confront their issues and problems. The usual argument is that we do nothing but sit on our asses and blame the white man. In a way it says that we – in some way – love to complain.

Again, this is all part of the illusion. There are black people actively working hard in communities with crime, poverty and other “black” problems. Hell, some black communities don’t have problems nearly as bad within the collective white imagination. *Gasp!”

So America, drop this facade of being good while you point a finger at us as if we’re what’s wrong with you. Stop blaming us for not being a utopia when you’re no slice of heaven.  Why not do something about your issues before you develop your arrogance and hypocrisy and start scapegoating. And yes white America, you do have issues.