Vern’s Venting: Silent & Absent

by Lavern Merriweather

Is it just me, because I can’t be the only that notices how quiet certain groups, who consider themselves fighting for social justice, are when it comes to white males, particularly ones that are popular, successful and well liked such as movie and TV star Alec Baldwin.

Several days ago, Mr. Baldwin, angry about what he claims was an unfair tabloid story about his new wife Elaria, went batshit on twitter. Mr. Baldwin called the man who wrote the story a stupid, toxic Brit queen. Then, ever the classy soul, Baldwin threatened the man with bodily harm and told him that if he put a foot up the man’s ass, he would probably like it too much. And who says there are no role models in Hollywood these days?

Alec Baldwin

However, as much as I want to use this post as an opportunity to rip a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed, celebrity male creep a new one, my real argument is with the very people that I mentioned earlier. Many LGBT organizations that have never missed a chance to immediately attack a black male for speaking out of turn have been extremely tight lipped about Alec the same way they kept their pithy mouths shut while white male rapper Eminem made millions and cultivated a decade long career by spewing the most hateful vile rhetoric against homosexuals.

And he’s not the only one.

Three months ago while at a friend’s club in Miami, woman-beating asshole Charlie Sheen got up on stage and uttered a terrible gay slur.

Then, you have washed up one time Hollywood heavyweight Mel Gibson in an old interview sharing his late father’s view on the gay lifestyle.

Mel Gibson

Now, as despicable as those two pricks are, they should also be completely entitled to their opinion. However, they are also very famous and beloved public figures whose ideals carry a lot of leeway with those who are very impressionable to their way of thinking. Like it or not, they are role models and what they say has a tremendous amount of influence with the people who glorify them which is why it really fries my eggs how the same so-called liberal folks who would crucify a black male in a heartbeat take their sweet fucking time when it comes to burning a white male celebrity at the stake.

Some even have had the nerve to make excuses for Baldwin by saying “Well, that’s part of his personality, it’s the type of behavior we have come to expect from him.” And to that I say, “SO THE FUCK WHAT!?” Just because a person has an obnoxious personality and lives to be the world’s biggest douchebag doesn’t mean the rest of us should tolerate it especially when you would never allow that same behavior from someone who doesn’t share your skin color. I could love to take a piss wherever and whenever I like, but that doesn’t mean I should just go around peeing all over the damn place and expect no consequence. That is, unless I were a white male movie or TV megastar while the ones who are supposed to be keeping me in check seem to care more about their racism than standing up for what’s right.

This may upset the ‘I heart gay people’ crowd, but let’s cut the shit here. White gay people are still white and just as reluctant as other white folks who hold whiteness in high esteem to admit that maybe some of those who resemble us aren’t as great as we want to believe. In fact some of them are downright assholes. Brotha always like to say that whiteness is a hell of a drug obviously admitting that whiteness isn’t perfect.

Even though white males have the luxury of being seen as an individual, celebrities are another matter. White male celebrities are meant to represent all that is great about being a white male like having good looks, height, an amazing body, money, a mansion, a beautiful wife, success, and the unquestioned loyalty and adoration from a loving public. The ones you see on your screen don’t grow like that on trees. They are picked and chosen carefully and God forbid one slips through the cracks of glory to show their hidden ugly underbelly no matter how truthful that person shows the powers that be to be.

I can certainly sympathize with Mr. Baldwin for going off on this reporter because he was telling tales out of school that turned out to not even be true. But ridiculing someone for their sexual orientation to prove that you are the man is low class, stupid and makes you look like a bigger jerk than the guy you were pissed off at to begin with. And if it’s not silence over an insulting slur, then it’s the acceptance of some shitty lame ass apology that rarely – if ever – comes from the person who said it having any crisis of conscience.

Has-been rocker Axl Rose, lead singer of the now defunct Guns&Roses, one time in a song called “One in A Million” decided to pull a two-for-one by insulting black AND gay people saying that n-words and f-words better move out of his way. When that snotty little shit was finally confronted about his disgraceful lyrics by then MTV anchor Kurt Loder, all he had to do was give a worthless explanation of why he used those words and all was magically forgiven.

Axl Rose

Spare me. If you are not going to be consistent or even make an attempt as consistency regardless of how feeble, then what the fuck is the point?

As I have stated before, freedom of speech for a selective few does not qualify as a freedom, not hardly. So, I say to the gay groups and organizations out there, if your love affair with your precious white male stars is more important to you than actually getting off your rear and fighting the good fight, then you have basically announced where you stand and that you deserve whatever the fuck you get.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Silent & Absent

  1. This list isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to misogyny, homo-antagonism and even domestic violence from notable white males, you hear crickets from social justice groups like GLAAD. White male rage is a *thing*, but it’s always framed by some supposed condition or purported legitimate reason why they act out. They apologize, donate some money, all is forgiven, and it disappears just as quickly as the hate surfaced.

    People love dissecting the narrative of the intolerant, gay-bashing violent black man and/or community though. Remember how Hollywood used Isaiah Washington as a scapegoat, fired him from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and practically blacklisted him for a row that was completely blown out of proportion?

    1. Come to think of it, you never hear about any reports regarding the rate of domestic violence in white communities. The case is always about nonwhites and their “pathological” behavior.

      I thought it was extreme that they would fire Isaiah Washington for his homophobic remarks. Sure, it was wrong, but damn. Fire him because of that and yet, stay quiet when white males engage in that behavior speaks volumes how we see mistakes.

      Like a former classmate said, it’s never wrong unless black people do it.

      1. I find it VERY interesting that Tina Fey and NBC rushed to criticize Tracy Morgan for what he said about his son but have stayed quiet about Alec.

    2. I always say that until white people start addressing the racism in the gay community then they have nothing to say about the homophobia in the black community.

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