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by Lavern Merriweather

NOTE: This was written prior to the verdict.

With the trial of accused murderer George Zimmerman ongoing, I thought what I would finally add my two cents to the situation. Part of the reason why I haven’t written anything is because it has been difficult reading as well as hearing details about this case. Not surprisingly, most of the comments from white people on the blogs have been negative and accusatory. They want to paint Trayvon as a career criminal who was up to no good, despite the fact no one else that night shared that mindset. I don’t recall any other residents in that neighborhood rushing to phone the police that a suspicious looking young black male was roaming the area. There doesn’t appear to be anyone, besides the shooter, who felt that Trayvon was somewhere he didn’t belong, a common attitude among those in authority or, as in this case, civilians.

Zimmerman was only in a neighborhood watch group. He wasn’t a police officer or a private security guard, not that it would make his behavior any more acceptable. Still, this asshole wasn’t even an actual authority figure. He was an overzealous, overbearing, paranoid, racist thug with a Wyatt Earp complex who had – on many occasions – annoyed the real police department with stupid calls that completely wasted their time. Yet, he still has many white people defending his actions by coming up with all these conspiracies theories about Trayvon saying he was ‘casing’ houses or jumping fences.

Funny, but Zimmerman himself has even remotely mentioned anything that would support them. He didn’t utter a peep about Trayvon actually doing anything wrong. All that asshole said was that he seemed suspicious. Well, if suspicion is all one needs, then I suggest we racially profile every white male in America, lest we miss another Bufforrd Furrow, Charles McCoy, Jared Lee Loughner, George Hennard, Russell Weston, James Holmes, Richard Pinero or Adam Lanza.

Fascinating that with the very long list of names of white males who have caused mass shootings they still aren’t seen as a collective threat. Instead, it’s the black teen boy in a hoodie you don’t recognize that everyone has to watch out for. It makes perfect sense to the Zimmerman defenders that he would physically challenge this young boy knowing full well he would get his ass kicked because as you know, black males are naturally super strong. That seems to be their mindset. Though, I don’t know of anyone who would pick a fight with someone supposedly that much bigger than themselves. The thing is it doesn’t make absolutely no fucking sense, just like it makes no sense that you can start a conflict to begin with then claim self-defense afterwards.

B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T! You can’t start a fight then while you are losing, use fatal force, and then cry that you were defending yourself. Um YOU STARTED THE FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE DUMBASS! That’s what we call, where I come from, letting your mouth write a check your ass couldn’t cash.

For those who say, “Well Trayvon shouldn’t have lost his cool.” Okay, why don’t we have you spend every waking moment of your life being seen as a criminal even when you aren’t doing shit wrong. Let’s have you followed day and night by cops, security, grandmas what have you. Let’s have all eyes on you when there are valuables around, including white girls’ woo-hoos. Let’s have you trailed in your car, on your bike, riding a scooter and skateboard. Let’s not let you have one minute of peace or freedom from those in charge who think you are just born a bad guy. Then, let’s see if you won’t ever, at any time in your life, flip out on some little fat fuck who thinks he is the Marshall of the block.

There is no doubt in my mind that if this were some young white male walking through the neighborhood Zimmerman would have kept driving and not given a fuck, the same way even if a white male had been shot. The media wouldn’t be bringing up his past history, nor would any of the Zimmerman apologists when that doesn’t have shit to do with the price of a steak dinner in New York. That’s like me saying that I saw a young white male walking around, and I thought he was prowling for drugs. So, I shot him to protect the neighborhood. Then, have others yack incessantly about his three DUI’s years before when it bears no relevance whatsoever to the incident, especially when I had absolutely no prior knowledge to what he did before I met him.

How the FUCK are you going to justify someone’s past bad behavior with a recent killing when the shooter had no idea that had even happened!

These people also complain that he’s not one of them even while they rush to defend him. I don’t see them rushing to do the same with another Hispanic male named Raul Rodriguez. Rodriguez also used the ‘stand your ground’ defense saying that he was just protecting himself from a rude neighbor. Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor across the street during the man’s birthday party for his 8 year-old daughter. He said that the man would not turn his music down, and some of the guests were being too loud. Rodriguez went to confront the unruly party-goers and fearing that an altercation was about to occur, shot the man. I don’t know if Mr. Rodriguez was justified or not. I do know, however, it was probably a very horrific experience to lose your father on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, just as horrific as what Trayvon’s parents are feeling after hearing their son had died for nothing. And then, have to hear the media and members of the blog world think their son was guilty by default alone.

For those who cry why black people aren’t just as outraged about black on black violence, listen up! The thing is a lot of times many black folks DO speak out about those murders but Negroes hurting each other doesn’t sell papers or magazines, nor goes it get big ratings, even with the media that black people themselves are responsible for. They would rather mock black celebrities and make malicious, petty, childish comments because they are jealous of Tiger or Beyonce, which is why I don’t get the country’s most celebrated mammy Oprah Winfrey speaking out about Trayvon, seeing how she has spent over two decades demonizing black males to appease her audience of lily white, suburban, soccer moms.

Ignoring black males brutalized by other black males is tragic. Maybe it’s because we are so much more used to having someone who is not black hurting a black person. Many times, the dominant culture agree with their behavior because they think so little of those lives anyway.