Notable Links: 7-19/13

What did race have to do with the George Zimmerman case?

What did race have to do with the George Zimmerman case in America? George Zimmerman, a half-white, half-Latino man who gets a bloody nose and a few scratches on his head, shoots dead Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, 17-year-old black boy, calls it self-defence and is found “not guilty” of both murder and manslaughter by a nearly all-white court. How could that possibly be racist? I mean, it is not like Zimmerman used the N-word. It was a fair trial! Besides, the president is black!

At What Age does a Black Male Become a Threat?

Right now when people see him they see a cute, well-dressed little boy with a winning smile and engaging personality, his blackness is a matter of minimal significance. Unfortunately, I know at some point that will change. At some point – I’m not sure at what age – people will look at him and the first thing they’ll see will be his color and everything else about him – his smile, his openness, his intelligence, his desire to engage – will be filtered by their view about his color, whether they find his very existence menacing and they will act accordingly. This fact is not new to me, it’s something I’ve thought about ever since his birth but the events of this weekend have elevated that occasional thought into a real worry.

Will Hollywood Tell Nelson Mandela’s Story Without a White Co-Pilot?

It’s Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday. While the ailing anti-Apartheid hero remains hospitalized in South Africa, the subject of his legacy — and how exactly to portray it on film — has been up for discussion.


17 thoughts on “Notable Links: 7-19/13

  1. Race has everything to do with the Trayvon case. There is no clear cut age that black children especially boys become targets and threats. Look at how quick schools call police on black children behaiving like children. Have a tantraum go to jail. I think for boy when they are over 5ft 5in or when they turn 13 at the on set of puberity.

    Will hollyweird let nelson do what???? If you have to ask you already know the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if, it is given the nina simone treatment.

    1. Good responses.

      I see black boys constantly treated like criminals when I grew up and when I worked at the school. I tried my hardest not to do the same because that could set a set him up on a road down to trouble.

      1. I see black boys being called men when there is punishment being handed out. It is that black boys can never make a mistake, be rebleious, confused, or have any of the proper freedoms and privilages that should be rights to grow up discover self and learn. You never get everything right if, you do you are not learning. Black boys and young men are hampered in their freedom for growth. So, are young black girls and young ladies.

        However, I see more dire consequences for our young boys and young men right now than I do for our girls. If, I had a son I would do everything to make sure he had a chance to just be, but I would worry for him all of my life cause no matter how great or wonderful he was someone would always be there meaning him harm.

      2. Brothawolf it is hard because you have to alert them that there is an unfair target put upon you at birth and as soon as you reach any simblance of manhood there is a bounty on your head. I have younger brothers and cousins and I try not to hem them in, but warn them and make sure they always have a plan a way to contact and reach them fast, a distress code, a way to track them, and explaining what to do if, picked up by the police. We shouldn’t have to do this, but there should also be justice in america too. Then, once a boy becomes a man they do everything in this society to turn a black man into a boy. Everything from misseducation, financial starving, to never having a real say in the life of those he cares about through constant harassment and intentional unemployment. Oh, let him come up with a business plan and they will do everything in their power to kill that too.

  2. As I said on Abagond’s blog. This was a perfect recipe for a miscarriage of justice. Take one half white/.racist wannabe cop, add a innocent unarmed black teenager walking home in the dark,with only a bag of candy and a soft drink. Fat racist wannabe cop,chases innocent black teenager after being told not to chase unarmed Black teenager. Throw in an altercation between unarmed black teenager. A bullshit law is put in place,for racist assholes to use to their advantage to murder Black/Brown people. Racist lawyers and racist air headed jurors and an unfair verdict are a perfect recipe for a miscarriage of justice.

  3. I saw a clip of Charles Barkley defending Zimmerman, he is such a sell out kerchief head. I knew there was a reason him and Tiger Woods were friends. Both of those oreos. SMH.

  4. And another thing, Even a blind man can see through this. Yep, Stevie Wonder said he was boycotting Florida.

  5. It’s all about the comfort of white America. All male black teens and men are always threatened. I remember when I first started working at my current place of employment, how this one white coworker, espressed that her then 12 year old son wanted what a popular some FUBU brand clothing. She remarked that she would by this for him, because she thought it was gang related. If it wasn’t some like the Hilfiger brand that was popular during that time, whites are uncomfortable with things they find ethnic. All young black men are Trayvon Martin in my opinion.

  6. *I meant to say all young black men are seen as threating to a large segment of white Americans. What’s adorable and cute today,turns menacing and scary in a couple of years to them.

  7. The about comments were full of typos, I wanted to say, that a coworker expressed, her 12year old son wanted some FUBU clothing that was popular at the time. In her ignorance she said she would not buy the urban clothing because she thought it was gang related. This is ignorance to me. It is all about negative stereotyping, that ignorant people like the coworker and people like George Zimmerman, profile and judge black people.

  8. I was reading on hip-hop wired, George Zimmerman ‘s father said that the black community was extremely racist. That George is a minority himself. That diversity was encouraged in their home. George mentored and tutored black youth,and he even had a black prom date, who was quite attractive. All of that doesn’t mean that he was not a racist.

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