Editorial: Juror B37, Holy Smokes

by Michael Tomasky

Did you see or hear that interview with her on CNN? Seems very clear that she makes no effort to be informed about the world at all, and that she carries around a set of racial assumptions, let us say, and is utterly and totally unconscious about them. She thinks Zimmerman’s–get this–“heart was in the right place.” She thinks this would have gone down the same way no matter what color anybody was. Including, as she put it, “Spanish.” Spanish?

What’s more incredible than her proud ignorance is that the prosecution didn’t strike her in the first place, as Dahlia Lithwick wrote in Slate. She kept bragging–bragging–that she doesn’t pay any attention to the world. That she worries about her life and that’s it. That she doesn’t trust the media, which no one does, but she doesn’t even read a thing, not one thing. That “you never get all the information.” That last point should have been the clincher. Lithwick:

Gail Brashers-Krug, a former federal prosecutor and law professor, is currently a criminal defense attorney in Iowa. She also jumped back when B37 said, ”You never get all the information.“ “That’s exactly what a defense attorney loves to hear,” says Brashers-Krug. “That’s reasonable doubt, right there. If I were a prosecutor, that would make me extremely nervous about her.” She adds that B37’s devotion to animals might raise flags for her as well. “The animal thing is weird. She doesn’t know how many animals she has, and she mentions her animals far, far more than her two daughters. She strikes me as eccentric and unpredictable. I never, ever want eccentric, unpredictable people on a jury.”

You can watch her entire voir dire here. Eighteen people were interviewed. Each side gets six strikes. So maybe there were people who from the state’s point of view were even worse. Well, they had to be pretty bad.

She’s apparently not completely hopeless. Someone talked some sense to her, and she seems to have had enough sense to cancel the grubby book deal she made over Trayvon Martin’s grave just the day before. The best thing that can happen to this woman is that some local interfaith working group reaches out to her and tries to awaken in her a small flicker of curiosity about the world beyond the parrots and dogs and lizards to which she pledged her devotion and persuade her that people, even different kinds of people, have something to offer the world too.


17 thoughts on “Editorial: Juror B37, Holy Smokes

  1. “She thinks Zimmerman’s–get this–”heart was in the right place.” She thinks this would have gone down the same way no matter what color anybody was. Including, as she put it, “Spanish.” Spanish?”
    Not the sharpest to in the shed,is she?lol

  2. I have been saying that something about GZ s trial and I don’t mean the obvious of knowing about his acquittal. I could be absolutely wrong but I just feel that this case was set up for GZ to win.

    Juror B37 was about fame and money.Heehee..I just find it funny how she said that she doesn’t pay much of anything yet she tries to convince viewers that she and the other followed the law of this case?and her assurance of Trayvon “attacking”GZ? .Why should people in a woman who is oblivious to the world? Another thing that troublesome about this woman was her bring on the jury in the first place? Her husband is an attorney(though I don’t what kind he is) I thought that they’re not supposed to be on the jury panel. Maybe some states have different requirements

    Frankly, she’s a very callous woman who should have never been on that panel in the first place. Though none of those women made the right call with GZ ,I will play the devils advocate with the rest of the jurors saying that B37 doesn’t represent them. Can’t blame them .I wouldnt own up to someone that dimwitted myself.

    1. But what’s funny is that, at first, 3 of the jurors believed GZ was not guilty, 2 of them wanted to find him guilty via manslaughter, and one belived guilty via 2nd-degree murder. After 16+ hours of deliberation and a question about manslaughter, they found him not guilty. I want to know what EXACTLY made 3 of the women change their minds to a not guilty verdict because we are not being told the full story.

  3. I am glad that book deal got canned. Kudos, to the sister who used her twitter account to shut that shit down.

  4. Angela B. Corey is an American attorney currently serving as the State Attorney in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, she was the one behind picking an all white female jurory Hmm!

    And she is the one behind haveing Marissa Alexander do a 20-Year Sentence.

    so do see somthing here with this white devil woman??

  5. Yes, and we’re clearly starting to see something more going on here, then what meets the eye’s, alot of “evil dirty deal’s” are going on behind close door’s on how get our ppl to act out and start a race war’s, (which the Jewish devil’s want anyways)

    I also think it’s about bring in Martial Law. so they need this to happend:

    “Economic Collapse, then Chaos, which then justifies Martial Law/gun confiscation”?

    Which lead’s to NWO!!

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