No Justice For Trayvon

WARNING: The following post contains copious amounts of profanity and language that WILL be offensive to some. You’ve been warned.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager walking home from a convenience store. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman with a gun, followed and confronted Trayvon against being advised not to by the police when he called them. A struggle took place, and a shooting occurred, resulting in Trayvon’s death.

Yet, despite mounds of evidence against him, being caught in lies, and six-person jury of five white women and one confused, mixed woman, Zimmerman gets to go home. The defense team was elated. The prosecution was incompetent, but seemed glad that the trial was over. Zimmerman supporters savored the triumph by showing off their racist venting. And Zimmerman was happy as a clam.

Trayvon was sentenced twice. He was sentenced to death for being black in a gated community. And he was sentenced again for supposedly causing his own gotdamn death.

I’m gonna say what’s on my heart for the rest of this post, and it won’t be pretty.

Fuck Zimmerman! Fuck Sanford, Florida! Fuck Zimmerman’s supporters and their racist growling! And fuck America and it’s justice system! That’s right, fuck them all right up their asses, through their throats and out of their mouths!

I’m not pissed off simply because of the verdict. In fact I knew it was going to go there since day one. Yet, part of me hoped that it would go the other way and prove me wrong. Well, fuck me running! I was right the whole time, and it’s a shitty feeling.

In cases like this, cases we’ve seen dozens of times before, some black folks, including myself, automatically assume the worse. In our hearts we know that the killer or killers, who are usually cops or whites, will get off with light sentences or walk away entirely.

Still, part of us have this glimmer of hope. We hope that the system would come through for the victims’ families.

Yet, reality slaps the shit out of us almost everytime. Only this time, it feels like a straight punch in the gut. The verdicts remind us that white supremacy wins every time and black lives don’t mean jack-shit in this country.

Now, before every douchebag Zimmerman-bot comes in and argues that Zimmerman is a Latino, shut the fuck up. Zimmerman had the side of white privilege on his side and thought like a typical cracker. He saw Trayvon as a black thug and took it upon himself to follow him like how lynch mobs in the South followed unsuspecting blacks to murder them for fun.

Zimmerman-bots are celebrating like it’s 1899, and are showing their joy in predictable offensive ways. Even Right-wing, scrawny, conservative dick-sucking, money hungry bitch Ann Coulter tweeted ‘Hallelujah!” after the verdict.They spring up like mushrooms ready and eager to derail all arguments using everything from black-on-black crime to statistics. Whatever they can do to justify the murder of a black child, no matter how insidious, they will do it with glee all while using that familiar transparent “I’m not racist” shield.

But let’s be real here, Zimmerman would not have many supporters if Trayvon was white and he remained the same color. Those same Zimmerman supporters would condemn him to hell and back. So, it shows that this case is indeed about race. So, racism deniers, shut the fuck up, already!

People are arguing that the justice system is flawed when it comes to the treatment of poor people of people of color. I think it is working fine in favor of those who benefit from it. The justice system is a machine designed to oppress the undesirables as hard as possible and make some big bucks from it. That’s why so many brothas and sistas are being either locked up on chump charges or killed left and right like ducks during hunting season.

Then, of course, you have those that think the justice system is fine. Usually, those people are the ones who deny that race had a big ass factor in this case. Yeah, right.

Right now, streets in cities big and small are marching for justice on behalf of Trayvon’s family. The people are mad as hell, and demand change. This could be beginning of something big, I hope. If not, I will say it again, Fuck America.

25 thoughts on “No Justice For Trayvon

  1. Thank you for just saying it. I got into a debate today with this racist heffa over facts of the case vs opinion. This white female (don’t know how she is my fb friend) turned on her own damn sister because she refused to support Zimmerman and was in support of Martin. It was after I put her in her place that I realized. Fuck these racist azzholes

  2. This trial was an act. All white jury. Also the trial was a test to see if blacks would riot so they could be killed en masse. Lastly this trial was to build hate between blacks and latinos. And just maybe a recruitment tool for latinos to join whites

    1. that is the truth, they were hoping we would riot. They even made psa about it smh. But when they riot during sporting events and such they don’t make psa talking about don’t riot. They think we can’t control ourselves, we can control ourselves,,,,,,and our dollars.

  3. Hey, Brothawolf (and everyone here) I just wanted to send great, big, enormous Hugs for each us in this forum and nation who have simply had it uP to here with this nonsense!! I have no doubt that they expected all of us POC to riot, but lo and behold no one that I know has, as a matter of fact I had some of my friends from S.F. (San Fran) protesting (Latinas included)-and my only hope at this point is for the “powers that be” in this country to take notice that we shall not take this quietly, nor riot but kick some major injustice azz this time around!! SMH

  4. ..For the record I am known for years of activism (especially about crucial matters, such as this one) support-unfortunately in lil’ part of New England there was no such thing as that happening yesterday collectively-buT I am most definitely hoping to join some local fellow supporters myself, soon.

    1. It’s surprising that they don’t talk about or at least figure out why there could be riots to begin with. They don’t consider that an injustice has been done. Instead, they see it as typical spoiled and violent black behavior.

  5. Great post BW! I definitely understand you anger. I know a lot of people are pissed at this verdict. I think a few things should be addressed though.
    1. Trayvon was not engaged in any crime (i.e. attempting to break into someone’s home) when he was accosted by Zimmerman. He was simply walking while black, wearing a hoody (in the rain, at night) with a cell phone, a bag of candy, and a soda. How does that make him suspicious or threatening?

    2. Zimmerman automatically assumed that Trayvon was up to no good. Why? There had been previous break-ins, in the community, by one or more black guys. This was Zimmerman’s Suspicious Individual formula.

    Black Guy + in predominantly white community + nighttime + wearing hoody = Potential Criminal

    This is called racial profiling.

    Zimmerman was the aggressor, not Trayvon.

    3. Trayvon’s background was completely irrelevant on the night in question. It had no bearing on Zimmerman’s actions because Zimmerman didn’t know anything about Trayvon except that he was black, wearing a hoody, in a predominantly white community…

    4. Zimmerman never identified himself, to Trayvon, as a member of the Neighborhood Block Watch.

    5. Zimmerman is not a cop.

    6. Trayvon had every right to defend himself against a perceived threat in a ‘Stand Your Ground’ state. Some of us find some whites to be very threatening. I guess this never occurs to whites.

    What is not being stated by many is that whites are allowed to defend themselves (with impunity) against a real or perceived threat but blacks aren’t.

    – Marissa Alexander, a black woman, received 20 years in prison for defending herself (firing a warning shot) against an abusive husband. The husband was unharmed because she did not point the gun at him. This happened in the ‘Stand Your Ground’ state of Florida.

    – John White, black, who shot an enraged white teen (part of a rabid white mob) on his property (in New York), was convicted of manslaughter for defending his home and family from a rabid white mob.

    – John Horn, white, shot and killed two black men (in Texas) for robbing his neighbor’s house. This man admitted that he was out to kill these black men who were not on his property and were not engaged in a violent act. Horn received zero jail time.
    The obvious pattern is being ignored by people.

  6. What’s up with you all? Come on now! (1) Those white women knew Zimm’s did it (2) Those white women and the one confused one, know what was in Zimm’s heart and mind when he did it and why he did it. And last but certainly not least (Hell I could hear them way up here). (3)With glee in there hearts and smiles on their faces they were SHOUTING something abt “remember OJ”

    No, my question is rather. What will it take? What proof do want or need? How many more lynching and murders by the police? How many miscarriages of true justice? How much Jim Crow, redlining and the like on and off the job will it take? How many more hundreds of years will pass before you wake up and realize your behind enemy lines?

    It is only through recognition that change and improvement are possible, less you be stuck in stupid.

    STOP KILLING EACH OTHER we don’t need to do that. We got Zimm’s to do that and white women to set him free! STOP DISSING ONE ANOTHER we got white people to that and ameriKKKa to sanction it. In fact, each of us know in our hearts what we each need to stop, lets to it.

    Lets rebuild each other, ameriKKKa aint gonna to that. Let’s rebuild our communities ourselves Zimm’s ain’t gonna help. In fact, each of us know in our hearts what we each need to start doing, lets do it!

    Say does anyone remember 911? I thought this was suppose to be a NEW ameriKKKa lol after that. Yeah right! I didn’t believe it then and most certainly don’t now. LMAO well there’s your NEW/SAME OLD _ _ _ _ americkka. No they just wanted the gullible among us to join their armies. Why not we try to do everything like them except LEARN.

    Refer back to paragraph 2

  7. That fat bastard may have sidestepped the hangman, but he can’t sidestep life. Somewhere, someone will see him and remember, “hey that’s that fat ass that killed that boy” and justice will be served.

  8. I was on the commuter train going to work,this Uncle Ruckus kerchief head slave, going on and on about how Zimmerman was doing what he was supposed to do because he was working with the police as a neighborhood watchman, and It was Trayvon’s fault for being in his coffin. I have never ever wanted to hit someone with my backpack in his face. I just kept thinking to myself. “You are the kind of mofo that would throw other Black people under the damn bus.” He was like that Samuel Jackson character in Django. He kept referring to Zimmerman as “Mr. Zimmerman did the right thing. “That boy was using mixed martial arts”. And it went on and on,until we got to the end of the line. I was hoping someone would tell him “To shut the fuck up”. Some slaves still want to stay on the plantation with master.

  9. And that asshole on the commuter train this morning said how he got cursedout by people yesterday. If I had a thought bubble like in the comic strips, my thought bubble was saying, “Motherfucker you need to be cursed out and hit in your mouth”. He was just like those kerchief heads rallying for Paula Deen. I just don’t understand some of our people.

    1. wow mary that is crazy. I just hope it isn’t an uncle ruckus kind of man on the jury for Darius simmons the child killed while bringing in the trash by his old white male neighbor who thought the 13yr old stole his guns.smh. they have one black man on the jury the other black ppl they dismissed because they thought they weren’t race neutral, whatever that means.

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