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His Skin was His Only Sin

The prosecution never wanted this murder trial in the first place and from what I can tell, it shows. They are not even trying to do their jobs. They are not prepping their witnesses..They are not objecting to shit that they should object to and they are letting the defense just tear them apart.

I don’t like it..but I am not surprised.

‘Fruitvale Station’ Is More Than a Movie, It’s a Landmark

Fruitvale Station became a landmark in the community almost immediately after Mehserle gunned Grant down there. Situated in the middle of a bustling Latino immigrant neighborhood, Fruitvale is a popular starting point for protests and marches for a range of issues. But it will forever be tied to Grant’s death. “Anyone in our community can point to other locations where somebody was killed or brutalized by the police,” says Dereca Blackmon, an organizer and co-founder of the Coalition Against Police Executions, which was formed after Grant’s death. “What Fruitvale actually memorializes is, ‘Here is where a cop was actually caught and held accountable.’ “

The only good thing to come out of North Carolina’s abortion crusade

With no public notice and three minutes to spare before the bill went up for debate on Wednesday morning, lawmakers inserted a series of sweeping antiabortion provisions into a motorcycle safety measure. The provisions of the bill are awful, would greatly restrict access and have faced criticism from state health regulators and the governor, as Salon has previously noted.

But lawmaker’s latest attempt to roll back reproductive rights has yielded one wonderful thing: #vaginamotorcycle.

Donny’s Mom Needs a Bone Marrow Match

Nina, mother to 2-year-old Donny, is fighting Stage IV B-cell lymphoma, an aggressive form of blood cancer. Doctors say her only hope of survival is in a 1-in-20,000 chance of finding a bone marrow match within a month. While she’s been dealing with her illness, she’s also been trying to shield Donny from finding out she’s sick. But most importantly, she’s counting the littlest milestones and just wants to live to see him grow up.