Vern’s Venting: Red, White, Blue & Black

Lil Wayne’s flag strut angered a lot of “patriotic” Americans.

by Lavern Merriweather

Popular rapper Lil Wayne has found himself in hot water recently for his latest video where he steps on the American flag. Plus, he utters lyrics about how ‘soulless’ and ‘Godless’ this nation is, prompting some in the media and on the web to criticize. There were a number of comments about how Mr. Wayne was being disrespectful and it got me to thinking, I wonder really just how patriotic should black people in this country be?

I have to confess that after the tragedy of Sept. 11, I was very conflicted. I wasn’t the least bit confused about how horrific and devastating the incident was. However, it was very hard to get too angry when one take’s into account the violence, brutality and anguish this country has inflicted on other countries. Most of them are poor and populated by people of color.

America had been at odds for the longest with the land of Russia. Yet, I have never once heard of an invasion by our soldiers against them. There have also been bombing attacks by those from the IRA, an extremist group from Ireland. Still, I have as well failed to read about any American led conflicts on the shores of Europe, not since World War II when American citizens, who were also Japanese, were held prisoner in internment camps. Something that didn’t happen to the Americans who shared German lineage.

Don’t get it twisted. This nation very rarely views those who share the dominant culture’s skin color as villains. This applies to many here in the good old US of A. For the longest time, black people in America have been treated more like trespassers and intruders than actual residents. And that was never more evident than the right-wing nut media who led the so-called outrage against then Democrat nominee and our current president Barack Obama, mainly because of his affiliation with Jeremiah Wright, a pastor at his former church in Chicago.

Even to this day ass-clown whiners such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have continued to beat the long dead horse of the Wright controversy. Insisting that somehow Mr. Wright and his supposed negative attitude still has a tremendous amount of influence on Obama. So, whitey better watch his damn back or else!

Interesting how those who celebrate and give national holidays to some of the cruelest, sickest most vile and depraved white male dictators lose their shit if even the idea that some of their freedoms will be lost all while they have no problem whatsoever with denying that same right to a young black male rapper because he speaks truths they can’t handle or says something they don’t agree with.

Yeah right. Speech is so fucking ‘free’ in America unless the white powers-that-be don’t approve. Talk about not practicing what you preach but that is par for the course of many white people here. Do as I say not as I do. Then, have the gall to label it as a freedom. Funny, but I thought freedom was supposed to be for everyone. That’s precisely why it’s called a freedom in the first damn place.

There is plenty of racist shit that white people who are athletes, celebrities, movie stars, authors, politicians and public figures have said that was defended by the freedom crowd while they tell the insignificant (insert racial slur here) to get over it. Well, guess again, asshole. I can’t get over the fact that many times after any of those words were uttered an act of violence almost always followed. It’s one thing to say that you hate that Korean family who just moved in next door, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to throw a brick threw their window.

As a number of black people – maybe some reading my post – can attest, racism is very rarely confined to just words, thoughts or feelings. It’s many times acted upon on. So, maybe that’s why Mr. Wayne saw nothing wrong with trampling on a symbol of such hypocrisy.

I don’t say any of this to make it seem that I hate America. I don’t at all. What I hate is people who say one thing, but do another, people whose arrogance is so ridiculously out of control that they expect nobody to notice how blatantly full of shit they are by setting an example they themselves refuse to adhere to. When you make the rules you need to follow them more than anyone. Otherwise, what is the point, especially when you keep trying to change them to suit your own hate and stupidity.

Although the death of Osama Bin Laden happened on Mr. Obama’s watch, I was still extremely uncomfortable with the chants of USA by a lot of white people. There is a very ‘ugly American’ trait that far too many people in this country embrace proudly. These are the exact same people who scream bloody murder when they see dancing in the streets from brown or dark skinned folks in other countries whenever they commit an act of barbarism against Americans. Some people call it karma, but I call it biblical prophecy. What you sow, you shall also reap.

Don’t start crying like a little bitch because some humans from a different part of the globe that you think are worthless just handed you your ass and were happy about it. Not to say I’m sorry Bin Laden is dead now, but when you revel in thuggish behavior, you can’t expect your enemies to not feel joy when you are the target. Now, the flag itself has never hurt or killed anyone and I don’t believe Mr. Wayne was attacking anything but what that colored cloth represents, which if I remember correctly, the very ones criticizing him have said in the past that was perfectly his right to do so.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Red, White, Blue & Black

  1. I find it funny that the same white people loving him when he was telling all the young black kids to amount to nothing and how dark-skin black girls are ugly are the same ones suddenly upset when he actually says something smart. I don’t even like Lil Wayne, don’t listen to him, heck never cared for him to begin with. However, if you are black you are supposed to do what they say, duh.

  2. While I don’t agree with a lot of disgusting quotes that have spewed from Lil Wayne’s mouth, I do believe that he is entitled as much the next citizen to express how he feels about the flag-especially since hypocrites on the opposite side of the “color spectrum” get to do the exact same thing as acj13 mentioned earlier. Can’t have it both ways, right?

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