Vern’s Venting: Re: White Man’s Fears

by Lavern Merriweather

After recently watching the documentary about the five boys from New York who were falsely imprisoned for a rape in 1990 called The Central Park Five, I was struck by several things. First of all, I noticed how really shitty the justice system, public and media treated those young boys. The media was to be expected, and so was the so-called outrage from the blatantly racist, feminist movement regime. But the main thing that caught my attention was this ‘call to arms’ attitude from most of the white people in the media.

Any time you have a high profile crime in the news where the alleged perpetrator is black and the alleged victim is white, there is a rush not only to judgment but the mentality that we have to protect ourselves at all costs from these heathen Negroes. It’s a feeling that was on full display when Boston businessman Charles Stuart murdered his wife and unborn child in 1988 and used the old standard “a black man did it” to cover it up.

White people everywhere in major cities being led by the piped pipers of the racist fear mongering media cried out “We must put an end to these savages!” Many also whine about how civilization was either going to hell in a hand-basket or was coming to an Armageddon-like ending. Funny how that mindset was conveniently absent during the countless slaughter of black people in this country through the vile brutal practice of lynching. No, it’s only present when white people feel that their very lives are being threatened.

That attitude is also nowhere to be found any time there is a high profile case of white-on-white violence.

For you youngins who don’t remember around the same time of the Central Park Jogger case, there was also another rape case that captured national headlines. Across the bridge in New Jersey, a mentally retarded girl named Leslie Farmer claimed that she was raped by several boys from her neighborhood. Not only did the media’s language and stance change, but many of them used it as an opportunity to play ‘blame the victim’. Most were saying that Ms. Farmer had to be confused and that the prosecution was playing on her childlike mental state to target some ‘good boys’ from well off families. I never once in that whole time saw any of the angry white female brigade marching for justice for Leslie and decrying that they wouldn’t stop until justice was served.

No one was calling Ms. Farmer brave for standing up to her attackers like they did with the woman in the Central Park case. You’d have honestly thought that woman was Mother Theresa Jr. the way the media assholes were carrying on. But she wasn’t. She was just a poor hapless lady who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was also white, young, thin, “attractive” and in a very high income bracket. That meant that the lynch mob ideology was in full force. Somebody had to pay for what happened to this precious young soul, even if it wasn’t the right males, who cares? Those kids were no good thugs from crappy areas and were probably headed for a life of crime anyway.

I swear, the only thing stopping a lot of white people from forming a posse ready to string some Negro males up was the fact that it was 1990 not 1924. Lynching isn’t allowed anymore, except courtesy of the white dominated American media. They all but had those boys processed as guilty before a court date was even selected.

There was even talk of the death penalty granted. This woman was brutally beaten and violated. but when have you ever heard of the death penalty being used when nobody was actually murdered? I guess that was the old-guard racists last attempt at getting a lynching. After all, let these lowly Negroes know unequivocally that they can’t dare touch a white woman without facing the ultimate punishment.

Of course, there was no talk – even remotely – of that for the accused in New Jersey, and like Mr. Al Sharpton so eloquently pointed out on the Phil Donahue show, nobody ever referred to them as a ‘wolf pack’ or made any animal analogies with them at all. Just like you didn’t see mass hysteria when a white male from an upscale school upstate named Robert Chambers was accused of raping and killing his former girlfriend Jennifer Levin. There was no call for him to face the electric chair.

So, we should give someone death for a rape but not a rape and murder? That makes absolutely no sense to me, but I’m sure in the small mind little world of the racists and hate mongers, it made perfect sense. You can’t sell papers, get ratings or write a best seller, if you have people of the same race assaulting each other. But throw a different race into the equation and suddenly the whole damn world is supposed to stop.

In reality the only thing that truly needs to stop is the bullshit and the way some black people continue to never fight against it. Certainly not while they are yacking for the 8,000 time about Lil Wayne and how hip-hop is the scourge of humanity while young black males are screwed over every day by the system. Those, such as in the case of Trayvon Martin, walked around with targets on their backs because as we all know he just had to be up to no good.

Such prejudices makes it that much easier for a travesty like the Central Park Five to happen and young black lives to be expendable with zero repercussions or anyone being held accountable like Linda Fairstein, Elizabeth Lederer and even the mayor of the city at the time Ed Koch.

I wonder if any of those same media lowlifes praising those incompetent liars as heroes would be singing the same song now. My guess is that they wouldn’t, but they wouldn’t offer up any apologies or ever admit that they were wrong either.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Re: White Man’s Fears

  1. I watched this on PBS the night it aired and I remembered the case very well. It was all over the news and I have to agree with you regarding the “Let’s get ’em” mentality of the whites–even in the media.

    These young men were treated with bias and when it was discovered that they were not even guilty of the crime; where was the justice for them? Their lives and image were forever destroyed.

    Yet, white folks love to play the victim these days.

    One of the most arrogant things I heard recently was actually stated by CNN reporter Chris Cuomo regarding his presumption in an interview with Nancy Grace. Cris stated to Nancy that if the situation were reversed, and the victim had been an upscale white kid and the perpetrator were white; no one would be interested in this case. Nancy agreed.

    Uh–how many ways can you say: DUMB?

    I just shook my head at just how clueless white folks are. They are incapable of understanding their own behavior.

    If the scenario was as Chris described; the Black man would have been locked up with a quickness–no Stand Your Ground consideration would have even been allowed.

    White people just don’t get it. It’s their perception and our reality.

  2. When you look at Europeans history you see that white men did a lot of horrible things to white women and it was just accepted, to them its okay. When a white man does anything horrible to a white woman, the media doesn’t call him names, they immediately rush to his side to explain away why he did what he did. White women are expendable to white men, yet let it be a man of another race then its save the white women and all this garbage. They want time to rewind to when they could do what they want, but its not. Idc for any Black organization that is being paid to shut up and sit down in 2013, all of them can drown. I will personally try my best to make an easier world for my kids and the kids I know. Our children will/must be protected by any means necessary.

    1. I notice that every time a white woman accuses a famous white male of rape she is always criticized for a being a manipulative gold-digger out for a payday.

  3. Great post, Lavern! You really raised some good points about yet misjustice that eludes young brothers, in this case sex abuse and it I remember watching that story on the Central Park 5-all the while seething with disgust at how they wrongfully wrecked (not to mention traumatized) these Innocent young men! This country has no shame when it comes to issues like this (for the most part), and it’s going to be very interesting to see what develops in it within the next few years..SMH

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