The Wolf, the Rippa & This Week’s Notable Links

I’ve posted a few articles as a guest of Mr. Rippa, the man behind The Intersection of Madness & Reality. Click on the link to view the archives.

And now, on to some of this week’s articles to check out.

How to tell if a white person is a recovering racist

In America there are only racists and recovering racists. It is like alcoholism. There is no point at which you are rid of it completely – racist thinking is too much a part of American culture. No one completely escapes it, not even people of colour.

Tommy Sotomayor

He says that black women tear down their men, like how Robin Givens is still bad-mouthing Mike Tyson 20 years later. White women do not do that, not even when their men screw up. Look at Tiger Woods’s wife.

Black women hold on to their anger and have this hateful look on their face half the time. They throw more black men in prison than even white men do. They do that mainly over assault charges and missed child support payments – something he has experienced first-hand, having been arrested at least three times and thrown in prison once.

Paula Deen, An American Story

As Americans gather to celebrate our founding principles, the Deen controversy gives us the opportunity to examine our founding contradictions. Declaring that you’re open to all even as you allow racial and economic injustice to thrive doesn’t work. Had she had a better sense of her national history, Deen might have managed to avoid the current disaster.

Deen’s plantation wishes and mint julep dreams burst back into public consciousness on June 19. That’s when the transcript of her out-of-court testimony in a racial and sexual harassment discrimination lawsuit against the former Food Network star was released by the National Enquirer. During the course of questioning, Deen admitted to using the N-word on several occasions.

Reading Rainbow Host LeVar Burton’s New Lesson: How Not To Get Shot by the Cops

“This is a practice I engage in every time I am stopped by law enforcement,” Burton said. “And I’ve taught this to my son who is now 33 as part of my duty as a father to ensure that he knows the kind of world in which he’s growing up. I take my hat off, I take my sunglasses off, I put them on passenger’s side. I roll down my window, I take my hands, I stick them outside the window and on the door of the driver’s side because I want that officer to be as relaxed as he can be.”


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