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What “World” History Has Taught Me

Other parts of the world make “contributions” from time to time, like gunpowder or slave labour or land. That is all you need to know about them. Even the history of the people who would become the English does not start till they cross into the Roman Empire, into the Spotlight.

The White Rules For Thinking About Black People

Blacks are emotional thinkers. Well, except when they say bad things about each other. Then in that case they are being utterly objective and profound in their observations.  The same goes for when they agree with white people. Otherwise they are blinded by race loyalty and hatred of whites. Or at least lack the education and intelligence to know what the hell they are talking.

Meet Zimmerman Murder Trial Juror B-37 (AKA, The Parrot Lady)

Six jurors have been picked to decide George Zimmerman’s fate in a Seminole County, Florida court. All six are women; at least four are mothers. Five are white and one is a woman of color (somehow, in a case that’s central to the way we think about racial justice, no one seems to be exactly sure whether she is black or Latina). Four alternate jurors have also been chosen, and can step in if needs be.

New Film on Homophobia in the Black Church Makes NYC Debut

When voters in Maryland narrowly upheld the state’s law allowing same-sex marriage last November, the move was considered a historic win for the country’s gay rights movement. But the journey toward that victory wasn’t easy. In her new film “The New Black”, filmmaker Yoruba Richen details the hard-fought battle as it played out in Maryland’s black communities. At the heart of the film is the tension within black faith communities over same-sex marriage and gay rights, and the often fraught saying that gay rights are the new civil rights issue of our time — a comparison that rankles many civil rights veterans in the black community.

Leave It To Twitter to Brilliantly Mock Paula Deen’s Racism

Just to be clear: Yes, Paula Deen used the n-word, made racist and sexist jokes, and dreamt about having black slaves at her Southern dinner parties. But she doesn’t tolerate hate, according to her handlers. 

Deen’s PR team is in crisis mode after the details of Deen’s comments were made public after the cooking star gave a deposition in a million dollar lawsuit that’s being filed by former employees. Her rep issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight say that Deen may have said and done racist things, but she’s not a racist: “Contrary to media reports, Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable. She is looking forward to her day in court.”