Soap Muffins

The Brotha Wolf den is also a place where those starting their businesses or careers can promote themselves or their products. At the top of the homepage is a link (PROMOTE YOURSELF) where you can send a request.

Here we have an advertisement from fellow blogger TruthBeTold (Diary of a Negress) who sent me these images and a link to her company’s website. The name of the products is Soap Muffins, each organically produced with decorative appeal. These are a few samples and I’m positive you will enjoy them.

Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

Castile Soap
Chocolate Soap
Tomato Soap


Introducing a new organic soap company for the health conscious consumer: SoapMuffin. SoapMuffin makes their products with real farm-grown ingredients like tomatoes, basil, peppermint and other natural fruit and vegetable juices. No harmful additives or “fillers” are included in this organic soap company.

The offer body nutters, hair pomades and even African jewelry from their partner company Khepera Adornments. Come check them out at today!


2 thoughts on “Soap Muffins

  1. I like the castile soap and the cocoa butter soap. I like the hair yogart. For my next purchase I will get the beauty bar and Death by Chocolate. I like showering with them they leave me fresh and clean in the morning. And they are gentle to my sensitive skin.

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