As you can see, I’m redecorating the old den. However, it may take me a long time to get to where you can read the old archives without having to lean closer to the monitor. I wish there was a way to change the color of the font on all blog posts at once, but I guess not. So, I have to color change more than 500 posts while giving you new ones to check out. It’s a disadvantage of being a lone wolf, indeed.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the new design as it would be easier on a lot of you reading the articles. For now, this blog is under construction, but is still open to the public. Later.


8 thoughts on “Redecorating

    1. Yeah, but a few folks had problems reading the text. I don’t blame them as sometimes the text box gets on my nerves, especially when it comes to copying and pasting.

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