Video: Taylor Chapman Dunkin Donuts (Racist) Rant

WARNING: The following video contains a barrage of curse words with a pinch of a racist epithet by a white woman named Taylor Chapman who taped her rantings over her receipt to post it on Facebook and Youtube.


18 thoughts on “Video: Taylor Chapman Dunkin Donuts (Racist) Rant

  1. She is a nasty piece of work for sure. She is stupid because she being verbally abusive to people handling her food. It think I heard her mention something about harking a luggie (yuck) She just the height of ignorance and stupidity. It’s stupid people like her that give white people a bad name.

  2. I guess she thought that this wouldn’t get the attention that it did. I’m glad that her clip got exposed. I just hate when people like her just abuse their authority because of where someone works and in this case…the color of their skin. I heard that a man is trying to raise funds for their schooling. I hope that his fundraising will be a success.

  3. What a nasty bitch!!!

    We all probably live within a mile of someone just like this. If you asked her, I’m sure she’d say she was a patriotic free thinking American.

  4. ..Definitely a possibility of a skank of this lowest type being in my area (seeing that I now currently reside on the East Coast), and all I have to say is that this scuzzbag should be glad she didn’t run into some people that I’ve known that would’ve checked her and (possibly) wrecked her so flippin’ quick (especially when I lived on the West Coast) for this nonsense that she is so visciously spouting towards these hard working people (who aren’t even getting paid much to being with)! Wow, the stupidity and sense of entitlement of “wannabe princesses” like this one here apparently knows no bounds!

  5. Yeah, that’s true because her “magical-sympathy-inducing” tears would bring out a the “Captain-Save-A-Ho#s” from every imaginable direction! However, she should thank her lucky stars for being where she is though-because states like Cali don’t get titled with the “Crazy-Crown” for nothing. Bus drivers, rude customers, government officials, even some celebrities have been served by its’ wild citizens on many occasions!

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