Police Brutality in June

George Zimmerman’s trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin is starting. Even though Zimmerman isn’t a cop but a wanna-be vigilante, since then, police brutality continued and more black and brown people, including the youth, were treated or killed like animals by police at an alarming rate. The month of June has just started and according to Alter Net, there have been several examples of violent police behavior reported so far in the month of June.

1. Tremaine McMillian, a 14 year-old black male with a puppy, was tackled and choked by police. The excuse was that McMillian gave the police a “dehumanizing stare”. So much for our stoic expression, eh fellas?

2. Undercover cops bust a special-needs kid for pot even though he asked the kid to buy him some pot in the first place after he refused to sell him some prescription medication. I guess the police are just as desperate as the schools to throw more youngsters in prison huh?

3. Police beat a man to death with batons. The incident is caught on camera, but was then confiscated. Looks like we can’t spy on Big Brother, but they can spy on us and whoop our asses if they want to.

4. Police in Texas invaded the home of Jose G. Perez and his wide Maria Guadalupe Perez to search for drugs. When they couldn’t find any, they threatened the elderly couple to find someone who sold them, or else. But the police was not to bust whoever sold drugs but to take a cut for themselves. McGruff the Crime Dog won’t be happy to hear about this.

5. Again in Texas, an officer used a taser on 34 year-old Jarmaine Darden, an 350-pound, asthmatic black male, in a drug raid. The shocks from the taser eventually killed him, but I guess he shouldn’t have been hiding drugs in the first place, right? Oh wait! The police found NO DRUGS! The raid turned up nothing and the father of two perished.

6. Megan Graham of Washington state called 911 for help. Why? To get help FROM the police who was punching her in the face repeatedly. Yet, she could still face charges of felony assault on an officer even though she was the one being assaulted. Serve and protect, my ass.

7. Cary Ball Jr. was a St. Louis honor student. Despite this grand title, he was shot by police 25 times. Ball was a felon who – I guess – wanted to turn his life around. Yet, he was carrying a gun as conflicting reports suggest that there was one at the scene. Police reports say that he pointed a semi-automatic weapon at them, but witnesses say that he threw the gun on the ground before he surrendered and was shot multiple times.

8. Police tased foreclosed homeowners protesting criminal bankers. The criminal bankers continued to get away scot free. Eric Holder said that the banks were “too big to prosecute”. In response I ask Mr. Holder – the same Mr. Holder that made a speech that this is a nation of cowards – who are the real cowards in this case?

9. A diabetic high school girl falls asleep in class. You would think she would be punished by standing in the corner or detention. What she got instead was a beat-down and a trip to jail – another victim of the dreaded school-to-prison pipeline.

10. Philly police beat a woman named Angelique Gerald-Porter holding a toddler after a friend videotapes them. The woman including Salimah Milton who caught the incident on camera were both arrested. Gerald-Porter and her son, who was two at the time, were treated for injuries. The incident took place in May of 2011. However, the lawsuit was filed recently. As it turns out the cop Ian Nance has had several complaints citing physical abuse. None of the complaints have been sustained.

11. A California deputy Art Parra Jr. tasers and shoots George I. Ramirez to death after the victim’s family called 911 for help with his depression in April of 2012. It was noted that Ramirez did not provoke nor resisted arrest before he was needlessly murdered.

12. Baltimore police beat up a woman, Makia Smith, for filming them beating up another person. The police claimed that she was the aggressor. (Big surprise that they would say that.) The complaint stated that the police came to her, threatening and taunting her. One of them, Officer Nathan Church, made the comment, “You want to film something, bitch! Film this!” before he charged towards her.

Let me remind you that all of this is reported in the month of June, and it’s not been two weeks yet! These are 12 reasons out of hundreds why the police are not our “friends.” With friends like these, who needs gangs?


5 thoughts on “Police Brutality in June

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this important (and disturbing) post, Brothawolf! It is no wonder that I get the heck outta the damned ‘States as much and often as I can! SMH

    1. I’ve learned a couple of these incidents took place last year (at least). Still, the overall theme behind all of them are that black and brown people were victims.

  2. Sad but true, except for Mean (who I believe is white) all the rest are black and brown-I’m so glad to have found your blog, so that I can stay informed about these kinds of issues!

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