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I was born in a little, one-horse town in the redneck red state of South Carolina. I was raised here all my live. I went to college in a city not far from here, earned my degree and came home.

I remember a few times online that I had responses from low-life racist trolls who took offense with my white criticism. I started to learn that white people can not take criticism well at all. I’ve realized that they are so outraged that they make assumptions and put words in your mouth. It’s like if you say that the white racist mindset is responsible for the processed, whitewashed content you find in Hollywood movies, the troll would respond with something like “Why do you hate white people?!?”

Some people then engage in a little back-and-forth with the troll. You correct them and all you hear from them is more babbling from white victimization to Darfur. However, there is a chance that in several words or less, the troll with his/her back up against the wall will tell you to “GO BACK TO AFRICA!”

This is just one scenario where that command is used as one of the last resorts to protect whiteness, at least before using the N-word and making threats. When whiteness is threatened, it becomes heartless and mindless. So, it’s no surprise how telling a black American to “go back to Africa” is stupid and abrasive.

Most black people in America today or in the last few centuries (give or take a few decades) did not come from Africa. Sure, our ancestry traces back to the continent. Yet, I think I speak for myself and most blacks in the United States that we were born and raised here, not Africa.

However, let’s say that the Transatlantic Slave Trade is still active, or has started very recently. Africans are still being taken from their land and stripped of their culture rendering most of them subordinate. Others have chosen to be defiant against whites. And so, white people tell them to go back to Africa.

The point here is that Africans had no choice. Africans didn’t come to America to build the nation for lazy ass white people on our own free will. We were forced. We either submit to the oppression or die a horrible death.

Blacks were whipped, force to work under inhumane conditions and punished severely if they so much as think about complaining. They were beaten, whipped, raped and lynched if they dared to assert and gain access to their stolen humanity. Those horrific acts happened even if they were just minding their own business.

Telling blacks to “go back to Africa” in an acrimonious tone because you hate white criticism reveals so much about you. It shows that you still see blacks as inferior to you. It shows you are not stable to handle criticism, especially if it is not about you directly. It shows you are immature in regards to facts outside your comfort zone. And it shows how bereaved you are morally and logically.

It’s amazing how only a few words can reveal the real you to others.