Notable Links: 06-28/13

Crackers, please… On Wednesday prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel, who was on her cellphone with Martin while he was being pursued by Zimmerman, actually testified that Martin told her he was being followed by “a creepy ass cracker.” But it wasn’t until Thursday that it blew up the right wing of the Internet – when Jeantel […]

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A Showdown in Texas (Update)

The eyes of the world were on Austin, Texas last night. It was an issue of great importance to many people, and conservative politicians were poised to push their agenda no matter what. Texas lawmakers issued bill SB-5 which essentially puts more restrictions on the rights of female reproduction. It would grant unnecessary burdens on […]

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R.I.P. Bobby (Blue) Bland

From LA Observed Blues and R&B legend Bobby “Blue” Bland died Sunday night at his home in Memphis, according to his family. Bland is a member of both the Blues Hall of Fame andthe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 1997 he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Notable Links: 6-21/13

What “World” History Has Taught Me Other parts of the world make “contributions” from time to time, like gunpowder or slave labour or land. That is all you need to know about them. Even the history of the people who would become the English does not start till they cross into the Roman Empire, into […]

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Soap Muffins

The Brotha Wolf den is also a place where those starting their businesses or careers can promote themselves or their products. At the top of the homepage is a link (PROMOTE YOURSELF) where you can send a request. Here we have an advertisement from fellow blogger TruthBeTold (Diary of a Negress) who sent me these […]

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As you can see, I’m redecorating the old den. However, it may take me a long time to get to where you can read the old archives without having to lean closer to the monitor. I wish there was a way to change the color of the font on all blog posts at once, but […]

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