Notable Links: 5-31/13

‘Pobody’s Prefect,’ Says Daily Caller About Whoopsy-Daisy N-Word Tweet

Oh, Daily Caller! You wanted so badly to be “down,” and you accidentally called RNC chair Reince Priebus a nigger.

But in a cool conservative anti-PC hipstery way we guess? First they said Reince was rapping, and was HNIC (that’s “head negro type person in charge”), and then they deleted it real quick-like. So surely an apology and immediate execution of the already-dead Social Media Editor was in order, right?

Racism and Religious Zionist Youth Movements: Own Up

When Jews cry foul on popular Islamist racism against them, like Morsi’s now-infamous comment about Jews being “the descendants of apes and pigs,” Islamists shrug. Arab politicians and presidents may duck and weave, attempting to explain their slips as they seek financial support from the West, but at the end of the day, Islamists don’t bother to deny their genuine belief that Jews are less than human. And so the question must be asked: Do our religious youth movements not express similar ideas? Do religious Zionist leaders truly believe racism against Arabs is “a serious mistake” to be corrected? And supposing they do—will they really fight for it, thoroughly and relentlessly? It’s tough to imagine. Their worldview is victim-like: it’s the “liberals” and the “progressive Jews” (i.e. the snitchers and the informers), on top of the Arabs, that provoke these Orthodox youths who are then pushed to retaliate and then, of course, are documented and shamed. Nowhere in this narrative is there a moment or a mention of open self-examination.

Rev. Al Sharpton interviews George Zimmerman’s attorney on MSNBC

Sharpton asked Mark O’Mara about information released by the defense about Martin last week, about voice experts who have said the screams for help on the 911 calls on the night of the February 2012 shooting were not Zimmerman’s voice, and whether Sanford, Florida police erred in not initially arresting Zimmerman.

And the “Little Shit Town Award” Goes To…

I mean…lemme get this straight.  You’re a pizza delivery guy in a little shit town whose two claims to fame are murder and racism.  You’ve clearly internalized a lot of that, so much that you’ve lost your job – in this economy – and created a national scandal which will likely haunt you as you apply for new jobs…and all because you got tipped more than you deserved and just didn’t how to say, “Thank you”, and call it a day.

My Boyfriend & His Twin Brother Were Brutally & Innocently Attacked By 10-11 Men in Manhattan & NYPD Closes Case Immediately Without Investigation

My dear UBB family I am reaching out to all of you and asking for your help. Long story short, my boyfriend of over 4 years was brutally attacked this past Memorial Day weekend in the lower eastside of Manhattan at 3-3:30 AM. He is a Bartender and works in the area and was on his way home with his twin brother, as two young black men, not inebriated, clearly were targeted when a group of 10 to 11 men were blocking the sidewalk and would not let them pass. The assailants were Italian/Western European and of Indian descent. The assailants were congregated outside of a lounge called Sutra and a local neighborhood ‘First & First Finest Deli’ convenience store. As my boyfriend and his twin were walking by 3 out of the 10 or 11 blocked their passage. As his brother calmly stated “We do not want to fight we are just on our way home” they immediately begin to assault his brother. My boyfriend then proceeded to step in to help his brother and was blindsided from behind by 7 to 8 men. Vastly out numbered,  these “men” then proceeded to grab my boyfriend’s arms and legs, hold him down and brutally begin kicking him in the head onto the concrete.

9 thoughts on “Notable Links: 5-31/13

  1. I swear Sanford Florida is just one big steaming bowl of diahrrhea. First the Trayvon Martin muder and all the racist assholes there and now this pizza foolishness. But the CEO is probably a racist too. I am shaking my head.

  2. Regarding Cipriana the blogger from urban bush babies, that is just brutal. NYPD are just miscreants. They are not doing their jobs. I hope they catch all those cowardly bastards and they are prosecuted all the way to prison. I hope someone holds the NYPD to task for dragging their asses on this case. This is just shameful.

  3. Brotha Wolf, Did you see the footage of the attack of blogger Cipriana’s boyfriend and his brother by that mob of cowardly miscreant’s? It’s on Urban Bush Babies blog. I couldn’t believe it. People are starting to act like animals. There is no excuse for that kind of insanity.

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