The Abagond Challenge

The following is based upon Abagond’s article My supposed secret desire for white women and was requested by Ankhesen Mié to deliver a response blog post.

As a black male in America, do I secretly desire white women as expected by so many people who want to know if the age old stereotype of the negro’s lust for white meat is largely true? The answer is no, at least not the way that most people would assume.

Let’s turn back the clock.

When I was little, I watched a lot of music videos. At the time, I watched all kinds consider that there were all kinds of artists and genres showing up in mainstream television. Some videos were by white female artists, including Madonna during her heyday.

I admit. I had a huge crush on Madonna back then. I thought she was beautiful, especially when she shows her belly. I thought it was sexy. I never thought much about it, not even the fact that she was white. In fact I never thought about race growing up.

I saw many different women as beautiful and charming, in the media mostly. Besides Madonna, I also had a crush on Jayne Kennedy. Even though I was too young to notice, I was smitten and turned on by her.

There were so many famous and once-famous women of multiple colors in the media – from Janet Jackson to Jessica Rabbit – that I thought were beautiful and gorgeous. When puberty came and went, I was attracted to them. I wished I could at least meet them, never thinking about how was race was an issue, particularly when it came to nonblack women.

I also saw girls and women around my way as beautiful. In high school I had a lot of secret crushes, most of them were black females. I only thought one white girl – well, two since they were twins, were alluring. They were cute and thick, especially in the hips and rear, and was cool. Back then, white girls with booty was slowly, but surely, becoming a trend. And there were some that was blessed back there.

I continued to get struck by the beauty of women around me and in the media. Though, I was tight-lipped on the issue. Today, when it comes to physical beauty, I prefer thickness and curves. I love big booties and soft bellies with cute navels. I still think all women are beautiful in their own ways, but I place black women above all. 

I used to believe that it doesn’t matter who you date as long as that person treats you with love, respect and dignity. But, we live in the United States, one of the most racist, judgmental nations on the planet. Here, image is everything. You need to judge a book by its cover as this is what society warrants. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s true. But what if the beholder is brainwashed?

In the West white women are the default of feminine beauty to where they placed way above every other kind of woman. Society expects everyone, especially black men, to lust for white women. And this is why you can expect to see some white women to be egotistic and some white men to be highly and insanely defensive and paranoid.

White men see white women as something so precious that they need their protection from their supposed biggest threat, black men. A white woman is seen as pure as the driven snow and as innocent as a newborn baby. A white woman who dates a black man is no longer pure in the eyes of white women. Instead, she becomes unworthy of the white man’s “affection”. In fact if she were to upset  a white man so badly, he may wish ‘nigger rape’ upon her just to show her who’s boss.

But white people should really get over themselves when it comes to looks. Despite popular opinion, most black men desire black women, and that seems to drive white people crazy. It tells them that they, white women particularly, are not irresistible over black women and that they find black women more fetching.

That is the heart of the revolution to fight against white racism. Black love is what is needed and there is a lot of that going around.


5 thoughts on “The Abagond Challenge

  1. You know what? You were just like all young boys growing up. At least you know the truth that we sisters are the true queens.

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