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“Our silence speaks volumes about you.”

Our silence isn’t consent and this is something privileged people really need to learn. Just because someone hasn’t called your arse out doesn’t mean your arse isn’t showing. Consider that our silence isn’t a sign that you haven’t done anything wrong but that you have put us in a painful, difficult position where we do not feel we can speak. Consider our silence not a sign that you’re not being an arsehole but that you – you as a person – are someone we don’t feel safe enough to call out. That you – you as a person – are someone who we don’t think will listen to us. That you are someone we have resigned ourselves to.

Off With His Head

I didn’t like what Abrams did with the Romulans in the first movie and I downright loathe what he’s done with the Klingons in the second.  Seriously, y’all…the fail…it burns.  This was The Worst portrayal of Klingons I’ve ever seen and unfortunately, I’ll never be able burn the images from my memory.

Rapper Being Held on $1 Million Bail for Making a ‘Terrorist’ Themed Song

No matter what this kid has said we’ve heard and seen images that are far more ‘politically charged’. For example shortly after 9-11, with the Patriot Act on the books and the term enemy combatant defined, we had artist like Paris do an entire album called ‘Sonic Jihad’ smashing on President George Bush and his Post-9-11 policies.. Who could forget this infamous album cover of a plane flying into the white house..That’s just for starters..

How the Obama Administration Talks To Black America

At the most basic level, there’s nothing any more wrong with aspiring to be a rapper than there is with aspiring to be a painter, or an actor, or a sculptor. Hip-hop has produced some of the most penetrating art of our time, and inspired much more. My path to this space began with me aspiring to be rapper. Hip-hop taught me to love literature. I am not alone. Perhaps you should not aspire to be a rapper because it generally does not provide a stable income. By that standard you should not aspire to be a writer, either.