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by Lavern Merriweather

For the past week, the entire country has been gripped by the harrowing and incredible story of three grown woman who were kidnapped when they were just teen girls by a man named Ariel Castro. Now, finding himself at the center of the story is a man by the name of Charles Ramsey, a neighbor of Castro who lived close by and heard the screams of one of his victims Gloria DeJesus. Mr. Ramsay states that when the young woman cried out to him, he approached the home then proceeded to kick the door in providing a way for Ms. DeJesus to get free, and thus, call the police. That Ended the nightmarish ten year ordeal she suffered along with Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry who was impregnated by Castro and gave birth to a baby girl.

Now, ordinarily any time a person in this country commits such a heroic act as Mr. Ramsay, they are lauded and are given special treatment. However Mr. Ramsay is black and therefore not considered by the high minded Negro crowd to be sophisticated enough. Many of them, along with many white male assholes in the media, have seen fit to either chastise Mr. Ramsay since he seems in their mind “too ghetto” or rehash a long ago past incident of domestic violence. Obviously, a lot of white males – especially ones in the media – are such complacently racist bitches that even when a black male does the right thing they will still find an excuse to denigrate him.

One of the investigators in the case even went so far as to remark decidedly that the victim who bore Castro a child is the true hero of the story. He might as well have said there is no way in hell I’m giving any credit to that lowly little colored boy. That has become a popular consensus with white people in the media; we hold our racism so dear that even a black man who bravely put himself in harm’s way to save three strangers won’t change our minds.

Let’s remember here that Mr. Ramsay aided this young woman without any full understanding of the situation or how much danger he could have potentially put himself in. There could have easily been another person like Castro himself in that house with a weapon to harm Mr. Ramsay. When he entered, still he went in totally blind. That to me is the true mark of a hero, not that I’m knocking police or firefighters who rush to rescue others from trouble, but helping someone when you have no idea what could await you is going above and beyond the call.

Not so, according to the racists of the American media which would pretty much describe all of those pricks. And don’t get me started on the black women’s blogs who have seen fit to use this as another opportunity to whine – yet again – that a black man can’t wait to be the knight in shining armor for a white female. So what was he supposed to have done, screw these bitches because they ain’t black? They are on their own as far as we’re concerned?

That goes triple for the high minded crowd like fellow blogger Jay Anderson aka Average Bro. Apparently, Mr. Fancy Ass feels that if you are a black person who doesn’t have absolute correct command of the English language, seven college degrees and a big house in the suburbs, then you aren’t fit to exist on this planet. Never mind that he actually got off his ass unlike many other black people, or just people period, and put himself in harm’s way to assist another. And I don’t think it’s cool if he did do what he was accused of in 2003, but frankly, what the FUCK does that have to do with the price of a cup of hot chocolate in Alaska? Nothing, except that it gives a chance for the bigots and the bougies to completely ignore the heroic contributions of a African American male because he doesn’t fit their narrative of a real hero.

You see, in America heroes are supposed to look like Matt Damon, Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper, not a dark-skinned Y chromosome goofball with a cap backwards that wears semi baggy pants and speaks mostly in slang. The high minded hating and racists’ bunch are also very oblivious to the fact that Mr. Ramsay has been extremely humble throughout this whole ordeal. He refused any of the reward money and even stated that he isn’t the only one who is a hero in all of this. I’m assuming by that, he means the young girls who were held prisoner for so long.

Don’t sell yourself so short sir.

Mr. Ramsay deserves praise at this point, not condemnation. If people are so fucking eager to direct their energy to a loser that would NEVER qualify as a hero by anyone’s standards, then look no further than worthless dumbass and fool Jamie Rohrs. For those of you not in the know, Rohrs is the lowlife little coward who left his girlfriend, her daughter and his infant son alone at the Colorado movie theater during the shooting rampage of scumbag James Holmes. Granted, I appreciate that Rohrs has been getting a tremendous amount of criticism on the message boards and in the press and rightfully so. But, there are some people who actually have the utter nerve to try and defend this putz. Please, how the fuck are you going to ‘lose’ an infant that was asleep in your arms? He didn’t lose anything that night but his manhood and the right to even call himself a man or a father. Rohrs has since admitted that he put his son on the ground to be potentially trampled to death because he feared the baby’s crying would attract the gunman to his direction. And who says there are no good dads left in the world? Probably anyone who has met this piece of shit. Not only did he leave his family comprised of children who couldn’t protect themselves, but he didn’t return until his girlfriend called him, hopefully to chew his sorry ass out.

Now, for those trying to make excuses for this fuckwad, don’t bother. Don’t even. Getting out of a chaotic, deadly situation while ignoring your own family’ safety is one thing but to grab his keys and start his car then book it is a new kind of pathetic. While there were actual real men in attendance saving the lives of loved ones, this asswipe was busy playing George Constanza from “Seinfeld”, or as Jerry put it, old ladies and kids are expendable because you needed to save only your own pussy ass skin. Sounds about right.

What sucks for me is that the black teen male named Jarrell Brooks who did help Rohrs’ family is not getting any attention at all, especially when you take into account that he took a bullet in the leg for his efforts. Some folks on the message boards have mentioned Mr. Brooks but the media of course has remained silent. We are only visible to them apparently when they can talk shit about us, certainly not to speak of in glowing terms, even when getting shot in the leg or busting down a door not knowing what could possibly be on the other side of it.

Not to mention making the ultimate sacrifice like guard Stephen T. Jones did when an elderly Nazi supporter shot up a Holocaust museum in Virginia. Mr. Jones valiantly put himself in the path of the shooter and died while others were able to get away unharmed. His was the only life lost that day. So naturally the racist-as-all-get-out media felt it wasn’t the least bit necessary to spend one minute on him or his story.

How much cash money you want to bet that if the races were reversed it would be a vastly different tale? Hell yeah, it would! Those bitches would have told us what was his favorite color, what kind of car he drove, and what year he graduated high school had he been white. But since he wasn’t, so like Mr. Ramsay and young Mr. Brooks, he gets short shrift in the pursuit of the latest salacious headline, or some Negro celebrity they can vilify every waking moment.

You will notice that I used the term Mr. for all the heroes and not for the zeroes. That’s because they don’t deserve it they don’t qualify as human beings let alone men. However to Mr. Ramsay, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Jones take a bow because you have earned it. You all more than qualify as a hero in my book. Bravo!