They’re All Like That

The following is based upon the Tumblr post, “in response to the “nigga” meme.

If there is so much as the tiniest hint of discussing white racism in any way by nonwhites, you will inevitably be confronted by whites telling you why you’re the one who’s wrong and racist in a sad attempt to argue against your point while proving it at the same time. Crime statistics are ‘cited’ or manipulated to prove an incorrect point. Articles and news reports are thrown in your face to prove your race’s recumbent drive for violence. And it is all served with a possible side dish of the tasteless “I’m not racist” crap as if it is to expunge their douchery.

Most of the time, the point they want to get across is that people of color (POC) racism is just as bad or worse than white racism, hands down. Any report of black-on-white crime salutes the notion of a hate crime. Any white person not accepted to the college or career position automatically assumed to be the result of affirmative action. To many whites out there, it’s hard being a white person. The POC are taking over.

Racism is based on the notion that nonwhites are the same. They are monoliths with no individuality. Thus, they are all to be treated the same way, very poorly.

Try and say how white people are all alike. Say how they’re all racist. They all have a problem with POC. They all have privileges. In no time you will get checked by whites. You will get called a racist.

To top it off, you don’t have to call whites anything to get them to dislike your people. But someone will do something that will live up to the white man’s expectations like an armed robbery, a bombing or even work. That one person sets off the alarm to tells the white male that that individual is typical, a representative for his or her whole group. And if that white male has power, something will be done, and you will likely not like it.

Let’s look at it this way. What would happen if you believed that all whites are like that? Nothing. But if you say it to a white Christian, person. The worse that would happen are hurt feelings. They would feel offended, pissed off and sad. For the most part, that’s it!

Now, what would happen if white people thought that all blacks are stupid thugs and criminals, all Latinos are invading this country illegally and stealing American jobs, all Native Americans are unruly savages, all Asians are weak, also stealing American jobs and threaten America’s prosperity and all Muslims and Arabs are terrorists? Here are some summaries of what has happened thus far:

Native Americans were, and still are considered, savages. In the past they were enslaved, assaulted, raped (which still occurs today) and even massacred. In time the remaining tribes were forced off their land into government sanctioned reservations with little or nothing. Today, their plight is largely ignored and even reverted into a self-induced problem, “Their poverty is their own fault.” Sadly, the assault on their lands continue due to government, corporate and individual racism, and the assault on their identity continues in popular media and sports avenues. 

African Americans has had the distinction of being slaves to serve white people. Then they were criminalized, mythologized as less-intelligent brutes, and are not worthy of any respect. It still continues in the 21st Century. Black people are seen as a broken monolith of laziness, violence and stupidity in American society. One or a few blacks are representatives of the entire 40 million population. The black community – as it’s called – is under the watchful eye of white America. One wrong move by one individual African American could send repercussions throughout the black community, and it has happened many times already. There are millions of blacks in prison today, millions are under or unemployed, many of us are killed yearly, and society doesn’t give a damn.

Latin Americans are always suspected as being in this nation illegally or being a part of a drug dealing cartel or street gang. Even if they have a job, they are still accused as criminals, stealing jobs from hard-working Americans as they are seen as collectively lazy. But the main issue today is whether they belong in this nation or not. If they are in this country “illegally” or is suspected as such, then they must be deported. The less Latinos in this nation, the better. 

Asians have been depicted as “sneaky” in American society. Today, they are regarded as mostly weak and vulnerable. Asians are bullied because of those images. Some have even been murdered or have committed suicide. They are stereotyped as being highly intelligent, but lacking any guts. And even intelligence is seen as a bad thing in American society, if you’re not white. As such, people will try to use Asians or run them over.

After any attack on American soil that involves bombs, explosives or extreme violence of any kind is assumed to be enacted by Muslim or Arab terrorists, even if it turns out to be a white guy in some cases. Measures are taken to keep watch over Muslim and Arab communities in America. Those communities become suspect. Anyone that appears “suspicious” is detained, questioned (severely), waterboarded and even deported. The most extreme possible retaliation could involve a war with suspect Arab/Muslim nations.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of examples of white racism against POC. Too many of them are victims of white racism whether it is interpersonal or institutional. It is because those with the power in society, largely white males, see POC as groups of 2-dimentional paper cut-outs with no soul or humanity.

Yet, none of that matters. It doesn’t compare to the feelings of white people.


3 thoughts on “They’re All Like That

  1. Truth. There are none so blind as to those who will not see, it rings throughout this piece Brotha Wolf.

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