Guest Post: Crabs In a Barrel

by Lavern Merriweather

Over 20 years, ago there was a very big brouhaha when Clarence Thomas was picked by then president George H. Bush to be a new justice on the Supreme Court to fill in for the outgoing now late Thurgood Marshall. There were already many on the left, and in the media who didn’t like that choice. So, it was quite a Godsend for them when a woman by the name of Anita Hill stepped forward and accused the soon-to-be judge of sexual harassment. So, they took that ball and ran with it like possessed psychos overly eager to find any excuse to rip Mr. Thomas a new one, and they seemed to have found it in spades. But what still gets me to this day it’s not just the reaction of white people on the left. It’s also how many black people were acting, particularly black women.

A lot of black folks reveled at the chance to join white people in vilifying a black male. Not to say that race was the only reason for their criticism, but I do feel personally that it was the main one. And since so many other blacks didn’t like Mr. Thomas either, they saw nothing wrong with jumping on the white led media bandwagon even after most of the white feminists leading the attack have proven to be downright blatantly hypocritical as well as just flat out racist.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s NOT a coincidence that the man they later defended was white. Although, some of those on the left said that the only reason the right wing media went after former president Bill Clinton after his accusations was merely playing tit for tat. Maybe, to those of us who know better, it was calling out a very racist liberal elite. You can’t tell me that Mr. Thomas’ race was never a factor to the predominantly white feminists on their supposed crusade to make sexual harassment in the workplace a national issue, especially when have gone out of their way to ignore that same behavior when it’s alleged in white males.

They were very silent when blowhard and king of fake noise rhetoric Bill O’Reilly had a harassment lawsuit filed by a female ex-producer or when former governor of California Ah-nuld was free and loose with his groping hands for the past three decades. It was the same thing I saw with one-time pizza place owner and former candidate for office Herman Cain. Black people were in a big, fucking hurry to denounce him for being the world’s biggest pervert without ever once taking a step back and questioning why white folks were so quiet about white males accused of the same thing, and why they – themselves – never say a bad word against white males either. The worst offenders were some black women.

The same females who whine about ‘Becky’ not giving a shit about women of color seemed to have actually bought the notion that this ONE time white woman were showing anything not equaling condescension. One woman even had the nerve to tell me on another website that just because their motives were less than altruistic, it didn’t really changed anything. That is a complete and utter crock of shit.

First of all, white feminists carrying Anita Hill around on their shoulders motives weren’t the least bit altruistic. I have said it before and I will say it again. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about Ms. Hill. She was nothing to them but a pawn. If you can’t trust the messenger then you damn sure can’t trust their message, nor can you take them seriously if they are so outright selective in who they persecute.

Like a certain TV producer by the name of Linda Bloodworth Thomason, one of the main voices calling for Clarence Thomas to be hung by his jockstrap upside down on the nearest tree. Not only did little Ms. Thomason’s attitude completely change when her good buddy Bill was accused of several bad acts with women, but she got very haughty and defensive when those on the right called her out on her bullshit. And rightfully so.

Same thing with notoriously racist and arrogant head of the largest feminist group in the country Gloria Steinem. This is a woman, who bent over backwards, sideways and did front end flips to defend to the death dirty old man Clinton. That is a far cry from the song that she was singing when this was Clarence Thomas. She had him tried, sentenced and convicted before the gavel was even slammed.

Now, for those of you who want to harp on Mr. Thomas’s views on affirmative action or anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with the white feminazis crucifying him without a shred of evidence. Any time you have an accusation such as this, it will always be her word against his. No exceptions. So, who are the white feminists brigade to say who is or isn’t truly guilty, and why should I agree when they have proven themselves to be racially biased as all get out?

Sexual harassment is only one example of how many whites in America will call themselves bringing attention to an issue, and yet single out black men exclusively all with the very willing approval and even aid of black folks ready to throw any fellow Negro under the bus that white people tell us is unacceptable. At this point, I don’t know or frankly even care if Mr. Thomas did it or not. What I do care about, however, is how happily blacks will engage white people in tearing down another black person. And not at one time ever complaining that their position changes the minute the race does this is why it confuses me to no end when I hear black people in the media say one word about racism. Don’t celebrate a pattern of behavior you freely welcome and cooperate with every chance you get, and then, bitch about it later. Most of the time, I can’t figure out why we even whine at all about racism the way we carry on by continuing to align ourselves with racist white people.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Crabs In a Barrel

  1. Sort of an urban cliche –
    why do crabs “trapped” in a barrel tend to pull the ones at the “top” down – caus we are all trying to get out.

    However most would say we are not as nonintelligent as actual crabs,hey maybe crabs do realize on some insect level that they are being put in a barrel (ghetto) to be eaten/consumed at the predators leisure.

    What chance do most crabs have of escaping a barrel??

      1. We are already in the water because nobody wants to knock over the barrel BEFORE it gets to that point.

  2. Before i comment any further; i would like proof of the statement:

    Black people were in a big, fucking hurry to denounce him for being the world’s biggest pervert without ever once taking a step back and questioning why white folks were so quiet about white males accused of the same thing, and why they – themselves – never say a bad word against white males either. The worst offenders were some black women.

    Maybe i am wrong–but i never came across any news articles where “Black” people had anything negative to say about Herman Cain. Many Black folks didn’t know who he was to begin with.

    1. There were some negative comments on black blogs like Average Bro and a few others. plus he was the constant butt of jokes by black comedians

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