Guest Post: Roger Ebert Wanted His Cake and Ate It Too

by Lavern Merriweather

Famed movie critic Roger Ebert, the surviving half of beloved movie critic duo Siskel and Ebert, has passed recently and I for one certainly won’t be shedding any tears about it.

That may sound terrible but let me plead my case. First off, the guy was an arrogant, snobby, and was an exceedingly bigoted blowhard who – like many whites that like to imagine themselves above racism – was many times just as guilty as the ones that he acted so high and mighty with. Here are a few examples of why even though I appreciated the lively debates, I wasn’t that big of a fan of either him or his partner Gene Siskel.

He was very vocal in his dislike about the popular 90’s ‘hood’ movies that Hollyweird was so fascinated with making by saying that it would be refreshing to see more ‘positive’ depictions of Negroes. Oh really? Is THAT why he spent most of his career praising the vile and disgusting Klan celebrating film from D.W. Griffith “Birth of a Nation”?

This is also the same asshole who praised the 90’s film directed by Kevin Costner “Dances with Wolves” for finally showing Native Americans as fully developed fleshed out characters and not just stereotypes that were actually played by Native actors, not just white people in semi brown face [funny how he doesn’t bring up the fact that the two leads are still white though].

Then this prick turns right around and continues to gush over the countless John Wayne films from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that made Native people look so damn bad in the first place. These films were very hateful and negative in their portrayals of Native Americans. Yet, he loves those films and “Dances”, even though one is positive and the others are negative as hell. Okay, pick a fucking personality, Sybil!

I have said it before and I will say it again, you can’t have it both ways. Either you are grateful that these people of color are finally getting their due, or you were perfectly fine with the shitty images we have had of American Indians for many years now. It can’t be both, just like he can’t act like he was so little Mr. down with the darkies while he behaves in the same racist and condescending way as other white male critics.

When the Oscar winning hit “Driving Miss Daisy” starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy came out, damn near every white critic in describing Miss Tandy’s character used as least 20 adjectives for her. Yet, when it came to Mr. Freeman he was labeled as nothing more than the, and I quote, ‘black chauffer’. Roger Ebert did the same thing as all the other white males. He reduced Mr. Freeman and his character in the film to little more than a servant.

He also thought very highly of any film that followed the same blueprint as that shitfest “The Help”. Keep in mind, this is the same mother heffa that was married for many years to a black woman. Still, he had the absolute gall to question as to whether or not a black female actress could ever dare set aside her prejudices long enough to kiss a white actor. Really?

One time this hypocritical little shit actually had the nerve to suggest that the reason why there were few love scenes between white male actors and black females is because the black woman in that equation would have a hang up about interracial romance. Granted, he was playing devil’s advocate, but come the fuck on! You are married to a black woman yourself, and you have the ball balls to speculate that the ONLY reason you don’t see white males on screen hooking up with black women is because they have a problem!

Maybe somebody should have asked this cuntbag’s wife if she has any problems with kissing a white man and see his reaction seeing how he would even broach the subject in that way, and God forbid, he ever believe that a white male movie star would be less than objective about doing a love scene with a woman of color. There has been an attempt for the past 23 years to do an American re-make of the French indie hit “Diva” and there only snafu has been that all the white actors they approached said no. Yet, according to a dumbass like Ebert, it just has to be because black women are so unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. Good thing he found the exception to marry his ass huh?!

Another thing that pissant once said that really rubbed me the wrong way was when he was reviewing the disastrous Kim Basinger film “I Dreamed of Africa”. While I appreciated him broaching the issue of the lack of African people being represented, he preceded the comment by saying he wasn’t trying to be ‘politically correct. Asking why there is such an utter lack of representation in a land of the people who actually live there isn’t being politically correct, shithead. It’s a valid fucking question that should have been asked! But he seems to think it’s about following some code that white people have been forced into by those whiny Negroes.

Speaking of whining, I thought it was hilarious that Ebert could lament about the fact that heroes and villains in most Hollywood films are racially coded and how he will never see in his lifetime a bad guy of color. Has this asswipe ever even seen many of the movies that the rest of us have, because if he has, he sure as hell wouldn’t be making such a straight up false, bellyaching flat out bullshit observation. Right, because you just never see white heroes or good guys like in those politically correct movies I guess.

On top of that, Ebert like many of his colleagues was very harsh in his critiques of the films with black actors in the leads. I saw some of the movies they seem to hate so much, and some of them really weren’t that bad. It has to be because of the actors and not the film itself. Jack Black, Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, along with countless other white big names A-listers have made more than their fair share of stinkers. But I have yet to hear them even take half of the criticism that black actors get like the white movie reviewers who complain endlessly about the 70’s ‘blaxplotation’ movies, but see very little wrong with monstrosities like Stepin Fetchit, Rochester or Butterfly McQueen. All of those bitches couldn’t stand Will Smith until he played a gay man and a supposedly former slave. It’s ok if he’s a subservient or the ultimate white male’s idea of a weak man, but he – without fail – can’t be the lead or the hero. OH HELL NO!

There is an expression from black folk going around lately that I think described the late Mr. Ebert to a tee and that is hipster racist. So while Brotha may say RIP I say FUCK ROGER EBERT.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Roger Ebert Wanted His Cake and Ate It Too

  1. @Lavern
    Ouch!! Tell us how you really feel!lol You know Lavern,I don’t always agree with you but you stick to your convictions. You never waver from your beliefs. I have to admire that. Reminds me a lot of myself. I also must admit you brought up some things about Ebert I didn’t know. Some of it gave me pause. Thanks for the post.

    1. Maybe it was a little over the top with his death being so recent. Still, she brought up a lot of things about him I too didn’t know about. Me, personally, am indifferent about Ebert, but this post shows he’s typical when it comes to whiteness. It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored.

      1. Yeah I was going to write it while he was still alive but I procrastinate a little too much. However I meant every word I still hate Siskel and he’s been dead for years now.

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