Guest Post: Our Own Worst Enemy

by Lavern Merriweather

A lot of times, I really don’t get black people. We always say one thing, then do the complete and utter opposite. We complain about how white people are. Yet, we then turn right around and indulge in the same behavior. If we can’t stand the way they act most of the time, then we shouldn’t keep emulating similar patterns.

For example, many black folks will whine about how white people like to monolith us, but we do the same thing our damn selves. Memo to the high minded Negro crowd, if you hate hip-hop and rap so damn much then STOP using it as a precursor to describe the life of every single black person walking, stupid asses! Not every fucking black person listens to Tupac.

While I’m on the subject, can black people for once please finally let sleeping damn dogs die? It’s one thing to quote Brother Malcolm and MLK because their words held a tremendous amount of truth and wisdom and can be used as blueprints to live one’s life for the better. But let’s still keep things in their right perspective.

Both of those men have long since passed on. So let’s quit all the damn speculating on what they would say ‘if’ they were alive today. Well, guess what? They ain’t! So, not only is the ruminating pointless, it smacks of desperation.

Now, while I’m on that topic why is it that black folks will piss and moan incessantly that the supposed black leaders aren’t doing enough yet continue to elect white males into office? Aren’t the white people in charge are leaders as well? So, they should be held just as accountable for their lack of service too. Fat chance!

I have never seen black people give the same crap to white politicians that they do black ones even when they are attempting to be so holier than. I can’t even begin to count the times that the same high and mighty black folks who are quick to attack black people in power for their distorted morals will defend to the death any boozing, womanizing, sleazy, crackhead, cheating, lying white person.

Don’t get me started on black folks in California who voted in Ah-nuld despite the fact that he was a groping slimeball. And big shock was he was also very ill equipped to handle the job of running one of the largest states in America. He was an actor, dummies, not a political force! Like that old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

The goes triple for the haters of big time black preachers like Eddie Long. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t there a shitload of black people in the Catholic Church and didn’t some of their hard-earned pennies go toward paying off the millions to the many disgruntled families of abused minors that the church looked the other way years for. Yet, expecting black people to target a white run organization like the Catholic Church is like believing that I can sprout wings and soar like an eagle. By that, I mean most black comedians who seem to be perpetually stuck in a time warp circa any era before 1925, especially the stupid cackling morons and purveyors of coonery such as those on the Doug Banks, Rickey Smiley and Tom Joyner shows respectively.

Recently a member of the Smiley show brought up that grumpy old man Clint Eastwood had fathered 8 kids by 7 different women. Then a loudmouth idiot on the show named Ebony remarked that Eastwood ‘must’ be black. Excuse me? First off, it’s one thing for asshole white people to support the stereotype that only black men have multiple babies by multiple women, but when stupid ass black people agree with that bullshit it makes it even worse.

Interesting how black women never notice the black women like Halle Berry and Mel B from the Spice Girls who have children out of wedlock by different men but getting back to stupid black shock jocks.

It’s as if these people have some genetic deficiency that makes them incapable of talking shit about white celebrities like many black comedians. You must not break the sacrilege ever! Just kidding, but I find nothing funny whatsoever about the way a lot of black comedians, particularly jizzwad Paul Mooney, are. This is a Negro who goes on every talk show within a five foot radius and bitches to no end about how racist this country is. Then this dumbass turns right around and selectively targets other black people on his stand-up shows. And I have seen many of them. So, I know where of I speak. If you are that pissed, then why are you attacking the VERY people you pretend to defend?

That brings me to the blogs run by black women on the internet, the same ones who claim to be so outraged about the deaths of young black males like Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, etc. You could have fooled me! Please. They say that, yet never miss one opportunity to vilify and demonize black men exclusively under the disguise of fighting the good fight for all women of color. B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

If that is truly the case, then why is it they happily ignore any story that doesn’t involve a black man. For instance the murder of Peruvian woman Stephanie Flores by Joraan Vandersloot, who is also the main suspect is the disappearance of missing American Natalie Holloway. How about the case of Bruce Redman, a former producer for the show “Survivor”, who is the only suspect in the murder of his Mexican wife? None have been rushing to yack about Harvard medical student Annie Lee who was said to have been killed by her lab partner, a white male. But let there be a story about a black male celebrity they can crucify and they are right there.

These are the same heffas that join many white people in the media in their never ending bash OJ chorus. I rarely hear them spending that much effort to continue attention on the black men that they pretend to care about so much just like they rarely pillory white males or criticize white people in the media for being so blatantly racist and hypocritical.

They also like many whites will use ANY lame ass excuse to bring up OJ even when it doesn’t have shit to do with what they are bitching about. The sad part is that they certainly aren’t the only black people who do it. You can’t have it both ways, black people. Tearing each other down while hating on white people for the same exact thing makes no damn sense.

That’s another thing about black women’s blogs. They will whine like crazy about ‘Becky’ and how ‘Becky’ is not down for us. Yet, whenever little miss Becky is telling them what they want to hear, then they are madly in love with her. And that’s precisely when some snotty, huffy, white female is criticizing black males like self-righteous hypocrite Ashley Judd.

Some black women were all over her with praise when she called herself going after rappers for promoting a ‘rape culture’. Bitch please! She works for one of the most sexist industries on the planet, and she has the absolute gall to say something about rappers all with the loving approval of black women. Probably the same ones who hate misogyny sooooooo much yet supported that dirty, old pig Bill Clinton. However, any time I bring up that little factoid, black women on the blogs get very defensive and deny that they ever defended him. So, what was it some phantom black folks from the planet Negronis?

The point is don’t keep whining about the ways of white folks if you insist on following in their foot- steps. When what should have been a feel good story about former radio announcer Ted Williams who fell on hard times due to drugs came out black people couldn’t wait to be on the attack. Most were saying that he wasn’t the only homeless person, and why was he getting so much attention. Well, no duh! He’s not the only homeless person ,asshole! What the hell was this man supposed to do, reject what was probably a once in a lifetime chance to get back on his feet because some jealous hating Negroes feel the need to be crabs in the barrel at every fucking turn?

Funny how those same people never do a damn thing themselves to help another black person. I wonder if any of the haters have ever actually gotten off their ass and volunteered in a shelter or helped anyone besides themselves. Doubtful. It’s much easier to hate on one another than get off your ass and do something productive for a change like the black women who bitch like bitches about overnight internet sensation Antoine Dodson. He is a young man from the projects who rescued his sister from an attempted rape despite looking like a stiff breeze would blow him over. The black female hate brigade was in full effect when Mr. Dodson was able to capitalize on his heroic act after an autotune version of his angry TV rant went viral.

Two things they fail to mention while screeching like angry birds: First, he was the one who saved a family member from a traumatic event. And second, because of the internet video, he acquired enough money to help her and his family move to a better neighborhood. Of course, that bit of information doesn’t register while they are squawking. Nor do they mention how many times they, themselves, have worked a rape crisis counseling center in a poor black area. Maybe that’s because like every other time, black people who complain and vilify other black folks don’t do much besides flap their gums. They sure as hell can’t ever be consistent. That’s for damn sure.


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Our Own Worst Enemy

  1. I can’t deny the truth of this post. I know I have been guilty of this at some point in my life, but it takes a lot for people to wake up and realize the truth. I feel like we have been in this system for so long that we as black people are destined to hurt each other.

  2. Wow Sister was laying it hard. I think she may be associating with ‘trolls’ too much. Half of her references I didn’t understand. I long ago tuned out the haters.


    1. You can tune them out but they will always be there. And the main people I was referring to were folks like black shock jocks and black comedians. Or pretty much any black person in the media period.

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