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by Lavern Merriweather

Every time I see the CBS show “CSI Miami” episode entitled ‘Whacked’, I’m reminded of those white people who piss and moan that the white European slave traders who stole black people from Africa had help from other Africans. The reason why it reminds me of that show is because in the episode, guest star Eric Roberts plays a serial killer whose lawyer wants a new trial because he found out that killer had an accomplice which causes the character of lead detective Horatio Cane played by David Caruso to say that just because he had help doesn’t absolve him of what he did.

BINGO! That comment right there should be a required answer to any and all white people that bitch about the aid given to white slave traders. He makes an excellent point, just because someone assisted you doesn’t let you off the hook for the part that you played in the situation in the first damn place, something that many white people in this country will do every chance they get. Either that, or they will break an arm patting themselves on the back because some white people were allies of black people throughout time to change racist laws.

As I have said before, I’m not giving my 8 year-old child a standing ovation for cleaning up grape juice that they spilled all over the floor. You are supposed to clean up the messes that you make just as you are supposed to correct your mistakes. Yet, try telling that to many white people who keep dredging up the same old tired lame excuses like the one about not being responsible for what their ancestors did. Granted that’s true, except they insist on continuing the mindset and behavior from 150 years ago.

I would use an example, but there are so freaking many I don’t know which one to choose from. The one that seems to get under white folks’ skin the most is James Byrd. He was a black man who lived in Jasper, Texas several years back that was falsely befriended by some white males at a bar there. Then, he was lured out to their truck where he was savagely beaten then lashed to the back of their truck with chains and dragged to his death down a country road. To the point where his head was almost decapitated. Still, with that sick, sadistic, heinous crime there are many whites who will claim that not only is racism a thing of the past but that it all started with other black people in Africa. And the bullshit truck keeps right on rolling!

I have even heard a number of dumbasses on websites say that slavery was never an idea constructed by Europeans until they saw it being practiced in the countries of the Dark Continent. I can’t even begin to imagine how someone can be so unbelievably arrogant and full of shit as to flat out refuse to acknowledge their own violence or brutality and so perfectly content to always preach to others what you would never practice yourself. There’s such as a little thing called accountability or responsibility, something that is impossible to accomplish if you continuously live in your bullshit world of complete and utter denial.

Those Africans who aided white people were NOT the ones who committed countless decades of lynchings nor did they create Jim Crow laws or deny black folks basic fundamental rights like the one to vote and make it hard to get jobs, go to better schools, get fair housing, harass innocent citizens with a Gestapo police force. They are not at fault for separate bathrooms and lunch counters and drinking fountains. It wasn’t because of other Africans that there was a need for National Guard troops to protect the first 8 black students at a Little Rock, Arkansas high school, also James Marshall the first black student at the University of Memphis.

That was because of bigoted white assholes, the same ones who produce the offspring that now want to claim, ‘not only were our folks not really even that bad but that we ourselves would never continue the pattern of their hate filled behavior.’ Right, and I still believe to this day that some fairy lady flies around at midnight handing out free coins to little kids who put a lost tooth under their pillow.

I could very easily go there with those stupid Negroes who also like to aid white people. Only in this case, it’s their being totally unwilling to face their current or past wrongs [cough LL Cool J cough]. However, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about saying one thing and doing another. It’s about a group of people so in love with their own decadence and arrogance that they can happily go through life oblivious to all the pain, anguish and misery they heap upon others. That’s the attitude of a bully. It was so important at the time to treat someone else like shit but remind them some years later and well, they just can’t remember. How convenient yet when it comes to bully racists, those who are their daily targets don’t get that luxury. So, don’t harp to me how you can’t be held accountable because people that looked like me assisted you.

No bullshit rhetoric you try to spin will ever change the part you played in the slave trade. And the part you continue to play to this day in making the lives of those you consider inferior as difficult as humanly possible. All while you hold up your hands and shrug saying ‘hey it wasn’t me’. Well, it has to be somebody still making racism happen.

I recall a comment by late night host and Scottish comedian/actor Craig Ferguson one night when he told a story about the Queen of England. After the story, he made a snide quip about her which caused the audience to voice their disapproval and Mr. Ferguson responded by saying ‘Oh, for 300 hundred years we’ve been oppressing ourselves’ then he repeated himself.

Talk about taking the words right out of my mouth! Cheers to Mr. Ferguson for putting things in their proper perspective and in such a distinct matter that his words make complete sense. To the point where they can’t be disputed, especially by those folks who live for their denial.