Notable Links: 5-10/13

American Slavery

White Americans bought at least 455,000 black slaves in the Transatlantic slave trade, mostly in the 1700s, mostly from West Africa. They also had some Native American slaves.

What does this racist video have to do with recycling water?

Oh hellll no. Racist video alert. This one doesn’t come from dumbass frat dudes or a ditzy college gal. This one comes courtesy of the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works: City Of LA Department Of Public Works Under Fire For Producing Controversial Video Mocking Asians.

The video, shot at the Japanese Garden at the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys, shows a guy in yellowface dressed as a geisha, doing the usual tired-ass Asian accent mockery. This is all somehow supposed to teach viewers about using recycled water — and is paid for by taxpayer money. Yeah. Watch…

Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X, Killed in Mexico

The Amsterdam News has learned, and the U.S. Embasy has confirmed, that Malcolm Shabazz – son of Malcolm X, was killed on early Thursday morning, May 9, 2013. He died from injuries sustained after he was thrown off a building as he was being robbed in Tijuana.

“I’m confirming, per US Embassy, on bhalf of family, the tragic death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X.Statement frm family 2 come,” wrote close friend of the Shabazz family Terrie M. Williams on twitter.

What Terrorism Means To Me, A Native American

The general public doesn’t like to see pictures from the past. Pictures of the American holocaust, the massacres, the mass graves, the slavery and the lynch mobs. But the pictures exist and the fact that they do shows us part of the true history. This happened to many, many American citizens ancestors. This country was built on terrorism that they never will own up to and/or make reparations for. And then they have the audacity to think one has to leave here and go to another country to become “radicalized.”

Please. Don’t Let It Be One of Us

If you are a member of a marginalized community, at some point a crime, or a ludicrous action will become public or go wildly viral and the first thought that will go through your head is, “please don’t let it be one of us.” We will follow up on the story, find out that it is indeed one of us, shake our heads and think about how the action of one individual will come to reflect upon us. If you are privileged, you have never had this experience.

How the Music Industry Monopoly Really Works

The truth is that big business controls the types of music and artists that get exposure and become popular. The record industry is a $14 billion dollar business. The five major record labels; Sony, Universal, BMG, EMI and Time Warner dominate 85% of the market when it comes to sales of Compact Discs. Leaving only 15% for the hundreds of independent record labels and thousands of artists out there. And when indies get too big or an artist starts making noise these major companies usually pick up the artist or label. This way they control the artist/label, get a percentage of the sales and keep competition to a minimum.

Examining White Supremacy and Heroism: When Both White and Black People Value White Lives More

From Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Gone with the Wind to The Help to The Butler to the evening news, most whites can only see us as only subservient to their needs, nursemaids to their well being, necessary for their superiority, or dangerous to their acquisition of property. The more selfless for their own benefit we appear, the more they believe things are just the way they’re supposed to be. They don’t allow us the complexity of a full human life; they would rather that our lives remain in the margins, expressed only in the most distorted and inaccurate of extremes.

Media Assumes Best of Police and Worst of Low-Income Neighbors in Cleveland Kidnapping

The harrowing story of three Cleveland women—Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight—held captive by Ariel Castro for a decade seems to reach new levels of horror with each emerging detail. But one of the most disturbing developments of all—that Cleveland police potentially ignored repeated calls from Castro’s neighbors about violence against women at and around his home—was quickly buried and dismissed after police vehemently denied the allegations.


3 thoughts on “Notable Links: 5-10/13

  1. What’s worse than white people are the stupid coonery negroes who are mocking Charles Ramsay like yacking about his hair. What does that have to do with the price of a steak dinner in New York. Many times we act as if we hate each other almost as much as white people do. My post on it is coming soon.

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