Notable Links: 5-3/13

Edward Said: Islam as News

“Islam as News” (1980) was Edward Said’s introduction to “Covering Islam”, his book about America’s terrible news reporting on the Muslim world. The American press was shockingly ignorant and nakedly prejudiced. But it gets worse: the press was merely repeating what it heard in government and scholarly circles!

Assata Ain’t No Terrorist…She’s the One Who Fought Terrorists

So the FBI is increasing their bounty for Assata Shakur , once known as Joanne Chesimard to $2 million and putting her the Most Wanted Terrorist list.. Making her the first female in history to be put on such a list and basically making her be on par with the likes  of Osama Bin Laden..This is beyond outrageous.

How long have some in this government been fiending for Assata?  30..35 years? Can you imagine if the FBI was this diligent about going after Wall Street Bankers who defrauded millions of people and tanked the economy or if they put $2 million dollar bounties out for war criminals who live right here in the US who purposely misled us into War where over a million lives were lost.. Yes, we are looking at you George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice etc..

The Case Around Fla, Teen Kiera Wilmot is Part of a Bigger, More Disturbing Pattern

In looking at this story, I hope folks who are ready to react and kick up dust , keep a few things in mind. First, whats being described here is not unusual..Attacks  and harsh punishment like this is happening all over the country at alarming rates with young Black children and teens being the main targets by far..For example it was just a year or so ago that New York Police beat down a 15-year-old honor student named Brittany Rowley who fit the description of a shop lifter..She had done nothing of the sort.. read about that HERE

The Ghetto Is Public Policy

I spent the last week interviewing men and women, and the children of men and women, who bought their homes on contract in Chicago during the 1950s. Contract buying sprang up in Chicago after the federal government effectively refused to insure mortgages for the vast majority of black homeowners, even as it was insuring the mortgages of white homeowners, and encouraged banks to redline black and integrated neighborhoods. The import of mid-20th century housing policy — along with private actions (riots, block-busting, contract lending, covenants) — has been devastating for African Americans.

British internet troll who admits threatening to kill 200 American US citizens in Facebook posts which led to thousands of children staying off school

Reece Elliott, 24, said he would drive to a school in Tennessee and ‘kill at least 200 before I kill myself’.

He suggested someone should call police because ‘I’m on my way’.

Yesterday, after a judge warned Elliott he faces a jail term, his girlfriend said: ‘He only did it for a laugh.’

The father of one, from South Shields, South Tyneside, posted the threat and other offensive comments ‘to see what kind of reaction he could provoke’, Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday.

As a result, 3,000 children were kept off school on that day in Warren County, Tennessee.


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