In Memory of Chris Kelly and All Victims of Street Violence

Kriss Kross was arguably one of the coolest, hippest and most talented rap duos of the 1990s and all time. They brought out a fresh new lyrical flow coupled with a young teen charisma admirable by both young and old fans. It helped put a spotlight on Southern Hip-hop.

I was thinking of uploading their all-time favorite hit Jump, but I figured it may be too obvious. Plus, it should be noted that Kriss Kross did a song that discussed the harsh cruelty of street violence in an honest way that didn’t boast the lifestyle. The lyrics are straightforward that didn’t glorify the lifestyle, and even compared the issue with the game of Pac-Man.

The song “It’s a Shame” was performed on a “very special” episode of A Different World where the Kriss Kross guest starred as two gang bangers from rival neighborhoods part of a program by college students to help young juveniles. Dwayne Wayne, played by Kadeem Hardison, was their mentor who tried to get the youngsters to see that their lives had meaning. By the end of the episode, the duo seemed to have reached a truce.

That was in 1993.

Yet, the problem with street violence is still an issue. It’s not surprising as America has always been a violent nation. Yet, it is not any less painful and frustrating. Guns are still easier to obtain than candy. Certain lives are considered expendable. And politics still play the same tired game, mostly on behalf of gun enthusiasts.

Even now, people are getting shot somewhere in this nation. Most of today’s mainstream rap praise this kind of lifestyle is large doses. This is not to say that it is the major cause of the ongoing problem of gun violence. There are other factors that are far too complex and evident. Still, in any case, like the song suggests, it’s a shame.

2 thoughts on “In Memory of Chris Kelly and All Victims of Street Violence

  1. Yes, It was a shame. That song is still relevant to street violence and what is going on in urban youth culture today. With all the gun violence in Chicago it really is a shame. That song still sounds fresh today.

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