Notable Links: 5-31/13

‘Pobody’s Prefect,’ Says Daily Caller About Whoopsy-Daisy N-Word Tweet Oh, Daily Caller! You wanted so badly to be “down,” and you accidentally called RNC chair Reince Priebus a nigger. But in a cool conservative anti-PC hipstery way we guess? First they said Reince was rapping, and was HNIC (that’s “head negro type person in charge”), […]

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The Abagond Challenge

The following is based upon Abagond’s article My supposed secret desire for white women and was requested by Ankhesen Mié to deliver a response blog post. As a black male in America, do I secretly desire white women as expected by so many people who want to know if the age old stereotype of the […]

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Profitable Prisons

When someone commits a crime in any society, that person will get punished with a time-out behind bars. But, in America, punishing people have become a billion dollar industry. And when it comes to profits, an industry must do whatever it can to increase its profits. The infamous prison industrial complex sought that move for […]

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Notable Links: 5-25/13

“Our silence speaks volumes about you.” Our silence isn’t consent and this is something privileged people really need to learn. Just because someone hasn’t called your arse out doesn’t mean your arse isn’t showing. Consider that our silence isn’t a sign that you haven’t done anything wrong but that you have put us in a […]

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Whiteness Hurts White People

The following is based upon and a response to Kartina Richardson’s Salon article “How can white Americans be free?” Many of my posts address what it means to be a person of color (POC), specifically a black person, in America, a land dominated by whites for a few centuries. Over the years, a few of […]

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Notable Links: 5-17/13

Oakland Youth Speak Truth to Power at NAACP Leadership Conference Youth in the Oakland community had the opportunity at the “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference” to ask adults the tough questions about what is happening in their community. This was not only a stage for youth inquiry, but it was also a space for youth […]

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