The Black Privilege Twitter Onslaught

If you have a twitter account, you’ve probably heard of this. If not and you haven’t heard, there’s an ongoing twitter cascade of tweets with a certain hashtag within it’s 140 character space box. #blackprivilege has been tweeted hundreds – perhaps thousands of times by people from all over the world describing what it means to be black in a white dominated and influenced society in just a few words.

What brought this on? From my understanding it was a response to a Tumblr page called This Is Black Privilege. The page was created by a white woman (she claims she’s mostly Native American) who believe, “there is a privilege to every other race whether it be prevalent or not.” Her limited list, which had posting from June 8th to the 13th of last year, has caught the attention of someone on Twitter, and the rest is tweet history.

This is her background as illustrated in a few responses to just as many outraged viewers:

I’m 22. I’ve taken college classes on the psychology of racism and African studies. I’ve also taken classes on anthropology and basic history classes, as well as African history. I’ve grown up within a community where whites were the minority as well as communities with a definite ruling white supremacy.

I’ve taken many classes on black history, grew up in Alabama in an area dominated by blacks, my bestfriends and boyfriends were ALL black until I turned 18, my cousins are black, I listen to hiphop created mostly by blacks (not only listen, but I collect shirts, tapes, records), and I actually believed I was part black proof of my ethnicity surfaced when I turned 19.

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. She has a Masters in blackology, and a Ph. D in BS.

Here are three of her revered points, along with my responses. To list them all and respond to them would end up having me write a book:

Black privilege means being publicly admitted that blacks are superior to whites in certain pursuits (i.e. basketball). It can never be publicly admitted that whites are superior to blacks in other pursuits (i.e. winning Nobel prizes in science).

I have never known any black person declare that they are superior in any pursuit, especially in sports. Yet, white folks have professed their belief that black people are talented in strength and agility. To this day, it is thought that blacks are genetically wired to run faster and jump higher due to having a “jungle” heritage. Although, there is no scientific evidence that blacks are better athletes, there are people, mostly whites, who take it with a grain of salt.

Also in this woman’s claim is the latent myth of white superiority in intelligence when she said, “It can never be publicly admitted that whites are superior to blacks in other pursuits (i.e. winning Nobel prizes in science).” What is it with white people thinking a few white eggheads make the whole race a group of geniuses? Those who pull this card must not be having a winning hand, but I digress.

The other myth about blacks when it comes to athletes is that what they excel in strength and speed, they lack heavily in intelligence. Black athletes are the poster children of the dumb jock image. To this day, any mishap a black athlete does is bedeviled by the sport media and it’s loyal fans. The words “stupid” and “dumb” appear a number times in comment sections along with the egregious n-word.

Her point is that white people can never admit how superior they are in any and all vocations and fields without being labeled a racist. Um, Mr. Obvious says that it is racist. White supremacy is built on the myth that whites are the superior branch of the human race. Racism is the social construct spawned from this myth to make it as true as possible, to make sure whites go to the top and stay there and everyone else below them.

Her point also makes an assumption that such an accolade exists. There is no such thing as the Nobel price for science.  It is sectioned into six categories: Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Economics, and Physiology and Medicine. And I can tell you there is a list of black Nobel prize winners. This doesn’t mean we’re a race of geniuses either, but they do show that color does not determine talent in any certain field.

Black privilege means growing up with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet racial pride in whites constitutes a grave evil. Say ‘I’m white and I’m proud’ and you are a National Socialist.

I discussed this in an old post a couple of years ago, and I will stick to it.

White pride comes in the form of hatred for people of color (POC) and non-Christians. When you see those who scream “White power!” for instance, you will always see them in white sheets with pointed hoods waving confederate and Nazi Germany flags giving Nazi salutes. You will hear their call for whites to unite against the threat of POC, Jews and Muslims. They are the people who will supposedly orchestrate the annihilation of the “pure Anglo-Saxon/European/Aryan race.”

Those who parade around advertising their “white pride” are usually openly racist pricks, and most of them are proud of it. Most of them are a part of a hate group with white supremacist ideals, and most of them are heavily linked to Nazism. I have yet to hear a white person say how proud they are to be white without some white racist doctrine following it.

Black privilege is segregating yourself more, but yelling at white people for it.

A large majority of blacks segregate themselves even to the point of keeping themselves in the ghettos. Music made by a lot of rappers of color even condone the ghetto, making it look cool, to basically be segregated.

It’s funny because I made a tweet about this the other day about how white people think rappers represent the sentiments of the black community. Anyway, this female demonstrates the usual white mentality of rejecting true history and avoid accountability. She wants you to think that black people separate themselves from whites because they plain don’t like them. And they can’t imagine why.

Let’s see. Segregation, began after the 13th Amendment was ratified ending slavery as they knew it. However, with the creation of Jim Crow laws and Black Codes, segregation between whites and blacks was strictly enforced. Such laws were concocted after the end of the Reconstruction period leading to the infamous Plessy v. Ferguson ruling in which most of the United States Supreme Court upheld the doctrine of ‘Seperate but Equal’.

Segregation was in effect from the late 1800s to the mid-to-late 1900s after the Civil Right Movement. However, although segregation was deemed ‘unconstitutional’ institutional wise, the spirit still haunts America. Some white people fear whenever black people move into their mostly white neighborhoods. There is always the suspicion of the possibility of crime occurring. As such, some whites move out, especially if more blacks move in, and some whites will use whatever means to drive black people out.

Sometimes a black person doesn’t have to live in a white community to be intimidated to leave a certain area. Blacks can be driven out of places of businesses, parks and schools. The message is clear, “We don’t want you darkies in our lily white neighborhoods.” So, many of us have no choice but to stay on our side of the fence. Why go where we are not wanted?

As for the crack about rappers condoning ghettos, I had to laugh at this. She obviously is not very good at complex thinking if she uses the mainstream media as a reference. Sadly, she is one of many. Television to them is a religion.

People like her don’t realize that music execs and staff have the final word on what is said and what gets passed. Sometimes the songs that get a green light from the industry are when rappers glorify impoverished living conditions. For some rappers, they places they call home. It is the only home they know.

Yet, such songs easily influence people on the general perception of blacks living in ghettos. They, like the owner of the Tumblr page, actually believe poor blacks love to live poor and struggling. They are also not bright enough to consider that it is part of a marketing tool to sell the image of blacks who think poverty is – as she puts it – cool. And many white people will assume that it is the fault of community members why they’re poor to begin with.

I would call this woman a completely ignorant yutts, but that would conflate her ignorance is innocence. There is nothing innocent about racism, and her Tumbr page is racist. It shifts the causes of problems black people face back onto them. And it paints white people as the real victims for having their privileges always examined. It doesn’t matter if this is a white, straight male dominated society. To her, all groups of people, even marginalized oppressed people, have privileges that are just as unfair.

In response Twitter members tweeted countless examples where black privilege is a drop in the bucket compared to white privilege. But, being that the owner of This is Black Privilege hasn’t been active on her page in about a year, she must’ve got the memo that her fight was powerless and gave up long before someone knew about her page. Her attempt to focusing on a non-issue brought on an online movement of epic proportions, a movement where people of African descent are coming out to shout to the world “We matter!” in 140 characters or less. 


13 thoughts on “The Black Privilege Twitter Onslaught

  1. I’m not going to pretend that I’m a psychic, but I don’t think this lady is hardly Native American. Not to say there aren’t anti-Black ones, but it all sounds too familiar..the same song. Using someone else’s race to throw of their racism.. not working.

    I’m glad that a response page was made to the “Black Privilege “site. At least they will put facts on their page. At least if she was going to accuse Black people of being that, she should have came up with some facts. Otherwise, she’s racist and a propagandist that we can do without.

    1. One thing I hate about people like her is that she believes that because she has some connection to Black people (a self-proclaimed Negrologist), she thinks that she has a pass at telling Blacks about themselves. Arrogance at its finest.

  2. AHAHAHA I love that awesome Twitter response that those above viewers threw back in this deluded idiot’s face! Not only is she ill-informed, but her reasons were so weak, tired, and played-out that nobody with half a brain could see right through her bullshi#. I find it funny how she asserts that those in the “ghetto” really looove it there, because in my owN personal experience the only times I have ever heard anybody express those crazy sentiments was from 2 White girls that I have known since my school years in Cali..who, ironically enough were not born “in the hood”, but professed that they “loved the lifestyle”, and “probably would choose to stay there, even if they became rich”!? Strange yes, but the truth often is! LOL

    1. Those white girls would say they love the hood, but let them visit there for a while and they are in for a big surprise. They will find out it’s nothing to fantasize over, that’s it’s nothing how they portray it on the media.

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