Notable Links: 4-26/13

Are Christians more violent than Muslims?

Seven times more people have died in Christian wars: 113.8 million compared to the 16.4 million who died in Muslim wars.

There are more Christians, but only about 50% more, nothing like seven times more.

Western history is Eurocentric, so we know more about wars in Christian lands than in Muslim ones. But not for wars since 1900, and there the imbalance is even worse: 73.3 million compared to 4.4 millon – 17 times more dead in Christian wars.

Georgia High School Students Set to Hold First Integrated Prom

The students from the small town in rural south Georgia called attention to their efforts by starting a Facebook page that has more than 24,000 “likes.” The “Integrated Prom” page says it represents a group of adamant high school seniors” who “want to make a difference” in their community.

“For the first time in the history of our county, we plan to have an integrated prom,” the Facebook page’s description reads.

“At first, we had a whole bunch of students who you could tell that wanted to support it, but they were too scared to stand out and stand against, not their peers, but their parents,” student Brandon Davis told Democracy Now. “But as times progressed we’ve had more and more students change come help us out — and we’ve actually had more parents. At first, parents were like, ‘Well, that’s tradition, let’s just stay it this way.’ But after time, their children changed and they were like, ‘Hey, I’m going to support my children, this is their memory, Lets go.’”

The Cherokee Nation’s Baby Girl Goes on Trial

Congress signed off on ICWA in 1978—but only after four years of grueling legislative hearings and reviews. Natives and their allies fought long and hard to convince lawmakers to enact a policy to curb what were disturbingly high adoption rates of Native children to white parents.

At the time, about a third of Native children were fostered and adopted into white families; in states like Minnesota that have large Native populations, 90 percent of Native adopted children were raised in non-Native homes. These adoptions, which severed tribal community ties, fundamentally jeopardized Native nations’ ability to continue to exist. The passage of ICWA was a seminal victory in halting that trend.

The law makes clear a crucial distinction: State courts lack jurisdiction over the adoption of Native children. It recognizes instead that tribal governments hold that jurisdiction, and are best suited to decide Native children’s adoption, regardless of whether the child in question is born on or off reservation land. ICWA has been challenged unsuccessfully in the past 35 years, but a ruling that denies Brown’s parental rights in this case could signal the start of the historic law’s dismantling.

UC Irvine Asian-American Frat’s Awful Blackface Video as Bad as It Sounds

Members of UC Irvine’s Asian-American fraternity Lambda Theta Delta put their racial ignorance on display last week when they released a video of a student wearing blackface. The college community, which caught wind of the video this week when a YouTube user reuploaded the deleted video, is predictably outraged.

The video includes four Asian-American men dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” to promote the spring induction of the fraternity’s new recruits. One man in blackface plays the part of Jay-Z. It is the very definition of bad taste. I watched as much of it as I could stomach and cringed during the worst of it.

Jailhouse Roc: The FACTS About Hip Hop and Prison For Profit

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) put it best; “‘hip-hop” is just shorthand for ‘black people.’” Before our eyes and ears, a “web of business relationships that now defines America’s media and culture” has one particular business raking in billions of dollars while another defines the culture of a specific demographic as criminal. Both business are owned by the same people. Mainstream media continue to endorse hip-hop that glorifies criminality (most notably drug trafficking and violence), and private prison interests, long since proven to value profits over human rights, usher in inmates of color to meet capacity quotas. The same people disproportionately incarcerated when exposed to the criminal justice system are at every turn inundated with media normalizing incarceration to the point that wherever there is mainstream hip-hop music, reference to imprisonment as an ordinary, even expected, component of life is sure to follow.

One thought on “Notable Links: 4-26/13

  1. Referring to the UCI blackface incident. Now, as an yellow MoC, my first reaction to this was incredulity. Then disgust. I was still willing to give the benefit of the fair doubt, assuming this was a first thing. But that before I discovered they were bigoted towards Latinos, and this blackface skit the 3rd time they pulled a stunt like this. No, they need to burn good and proper for this. Were those my sons or brothers, I’d open a big can of whoop-ass on them.

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