The White Fear of White Crime

The following is based on Rippa’s article entitled “Dear White America: Tamerlan and Dzhokhat Tsarnaev are White; Deal With It”.

When it was revealed that the terrorists behind the bombings in Boston were from Chechnya and were literally Caucasian, an expected push to distance the rest of White America took place.The mere thought of terrorism by whites is scarey enough, but I will take a step further and say that bad white behavior is something many white people can’t stomach.

White privilege already bestowed individuality to whites caught in bad behavior. They are considered exceptions to the cosmic rule of generic white goodness, and are also seen as a small minority within the overall white population. So, the premise is that white people are basically peaceful and kind towards everyone by default. Any argument against it is wrong, deceitful and racist.

However, people of color behaving badly is the rule. Muslims and Arabs who do not consider any form of terrorism are exceptions. Those that do are true representatives of their religions and culture, according to the white racial frame. The notion of good and evil are flip-flopped when color – and in this case religion – is injected, and a double standard is made.

But, to many white people, this is not a double standard, let alone racist. It is fact, or so the usual argument goes. White people are never to be called out on their misbehavior ever. To do so is racist.

To any white person who is already seething at this post, let me stop you right there. I am not saying that all white people are evil and destructive or that all the problems of the world are caused by your people. What I am saying is to get over yourselves and stop whining.

The two young males responsible for the chaos in Boston are white, at least one of them is because the other is dead. White people can be driven to commit such horrendous crimes just like anyone else. There is a long list of white males who’ve committed acts of terror, at least in recent history. Yet, the honor of being called a ‘terrorist’ always go to Arabs or Muslims.

When a white person does go insane and harm as many people as possible before either getting caught or killed, why is the mental illness and tragic upbringing explanations only reserved for them? On top of that, why is it when a white person screws up it’s the fault of nonwhite cultures, like hip-hop, or non-Christian religions? Why don’t we do what we do with nonwhites and not blame mental illness, their environments or society? Why not just call it white pathology and be done with it?

I know. We can’t, because that’s racist.

So, hip-hop will be blamed, again. Islam will be blamed, again. But blaming whiteness? Unacceptable. White folks fear that they could have inner demons.

13 thoughts on “The White Fear of White Crime

  1. The media does not want to play up how evil these to brothers really are. I have heard them described as misguided and confused youth. When it was discovered that the perpetrator wasn’t this dark skin devil they assumed it was, I know they felt foolish. And to top it off I heard on the radio news that the oldest was receiving government welfare for his wife and child. And we all know that it’s the blacks living off the government and looking for hand outs. Let the media tell it. These guys were just trying to stick it to the government. But a lot of whites don’t want to admit this. I know lots of white people are embarrassed that the terrorist were Caucasian.

  2. To any white person who is already seething at this post, let me stop you right there. I am not saying that all white people are evil and destructive or that all the problems of the world are caused by your people.

    Why not? It’s true. They benefit from the privileges accrued via white supremacy whether they realize it or not. White supremacy is inherent in Western society. You are going to see more ‘home grown’ terrorists in the future, people not apparent, visually, as in the terrorists of the past. They will be able to ‘blend’ in with ‘society’ and most will be white.

    1. I’m not denying all that. I’m just saying that it’s not the issue of this post in case any trolls stop by on their derailing crusade to tell me how it’s racist against whites.

  3. Me and my family were discussing whether or not to go that part of town and enjoy ourselves for the day, and decided to go to Boston at another time. 45 min. as we got home and turned on the TV, the bombing had just occurred. All I can say is that I am very grateful that we didn’t go there that day! I remember a brown skinned being apprehended and questioned as soon as it happened, and boy what egg they must have on their faces when it was discovered that tis student did not do this heinous act-but instead two white guys instead!

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