USU: Preview Comic (Remade)

Click on the image for a larger view.

PreviewComic1 PreviewComic2PreviewComic3 PreviewComic4 PreviewComic5 PreviewComic6 PreviewComic7 PreviewComic8


13 thoughts on “USU: Preview Comic (Remade)

  1.! This is a self-professed nerd-girl’s (like me) dream come true,,not to sound crass or anything but, is it just me-or did anyone else find this comic’s premise and illustrations to be drool-worthy, as well? ; ) I am sO looking forward to this series, Brothawolf (as many others I know would like it, too)!!!

  2. I remember that one white girl was like…

    “I just saw him the other day. He sleeps a coupla doors down from my room and you mean to tell me i live in the same building with a terrorists!!!??”

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