Notable Links: 4-19/13

Accidental Racist

Brad Paisley is a well-meaning white: He thinks he means well, he thinks he is not racist – and yet when faced with the racism of his own actions, like wearing the Confederate flag, he defends it. He does not question himself or current White Southern opinion. He cannot: that would blow his cover of white innocence. Instead he sees blacks as oversensitive – as seen in his talk of “walkin’ on eggshells”. And, like most well-meaning whites, he puts racism mostly in the past – “fightin’ over yesterday” – instead of right here, right now, in himself and his (mostly white) listeners.

Tim Wise on Understanding the Power of Whiteness, Terrorism and Privilege

White privilege is knowing that if the bomber turns out to be white, he or she will be viewed as an exception to an otherwise non-white rule, an aberration, an anomaly, and that he or she will be able to join the ranks of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols and Ted Kaczynski and Eric Rudolph and Joe Stack and George Metesky and Byron De La Beckwith and Bobby Frank Cherry and Thomas Blanton and Herman Frank Cash and Robert Chambliss and James von Brunn and Robert Mathews and David Lane and Michael F. Griffin and Paul Hill and John Salvi and James Kopp and Luke Helder and James David Adkisson and Scott Roeder and Shelley Shannon and Dennis Mahon and Wade Michael Page and Byron Williams and Kevin Harpham and William Krar and Judith Bruey and Edward Feltus and Raymond Kirk Dillard and Adam Lynn Cunningham and Bonnell Hughes and Randall Garrett Cole and James Ray McElroy and Michael Gorbey and Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman and Frederick Thomas and Paul Ross Evans and Matt Goldsby and Jimmy Simmons and Kathy Simmons and Kaye Wiggins and Patricia Hughes and Jeremy Dunahoe and David McMenemy and Bobby Joe Rogers and Francis Grady and Demetrius Van Crocker and Floyd Raymond Looker, among the pantheon of white people who engage in (or have plotted) politically motivated violence meant to terrorize and kill, but whose actions result in the assumption of absolutely nothing about white people generally, or white Christians in particular.

The Real Kermit Gosnell Story? Misogyny

According to angry pro-life activists, the left media hates babies so much that it refuses to cover the case of Kermit Gosnell, a “doctor” in Pennsylvania accused of performing illegal abortions. The Grand Jury report is gruesome, with Gosnell accused of operating a horror show, killing infants and at least one woman, and maiming many others. “It’s not your fault” if you haven’t heard about the Gosnell accusations, said Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers in a USA Today column, because “there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page”. Male writers at mainstream publications followed suit, implying that the lack of coverage was part of a pro-choice left-wing cover-up. 

Positive Black Male News: University of Illinois student body has first African American president

“It’s just something I was born to do. I love to serve people and I love education. In student government, the two merge together,” he said.

Bolden grew up in the Wrightwood neighborhood of Chicago and is a graduate of Lindblom Math and Science Academy. He also was student body president at Lindblom and his elementary school.

He currently is a student in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

Bronx man assaulted, called a ‘f**kin’ Arab.’

Well, that didn’t take long. In the aftermath of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, a man in New York City was assaulted by a group of men on the mistaken assumption that he was an “Arab”: Boston Marathon Bombing Fallout: Bangladeshi Man Beaten In Bronx For Being An ‘Arab.’


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