Guest Post: Is Rihanna More Important Than Aiyana?

by Lavern Merriweather

It seems that lately neither Chris Brown, nor his on-again, off-again, one-time girlfriend singing star Rhianna can take a piss or pick their nose without the media yacking about it incessantly. Now granted, that is due in a very large part to his assault on her in 2009, but give me a fucking break!

The media doesn’t give a rat’s ass about black females any other time. So don’t pretend like you ‘care’ so much about her. And most certainly, DON’T act like you are so outraged about the issue of domestic violence when you give countless white male celebrities a free pass for hitting women. As a matter of fact, New York news anchor Rob Morrison very recently found himself in some super- hot water when he was accused of choking his wife Veronica who busted up his nose with a remote control to stop him from possibly killing her. Yet, once again when a white male is guilty of the behavior racially reserved of a black male in the news media, that gets crickets from the white and black media.

I have also noticed that happy black couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce or Spike Lee and his wife Toya don’t get nearly as much attention. Well, I just can’t even begin to imagine why that is. Could it be that whites – as usual – love to point out when things are going bad for black folks as if it never happens with them? I know one thing that very rarely – if ever – does happen with white people and that is having a loved one murdered right before your eyes by a stupid, reckless cop.

A seven year-old girl named Aiyana Jones was viciously gunned down by a police officer who claimed that the girl’s grandmother had initiated a physical altercation with him, and the gun just happened to go off, striking Aiyana. I tell you a lot of cops should be writers, because they can come up with better fairytales than either Frank L. Baum or Lewis J. Carroll. As it turns out the cops involved weren’t even at the right address then they tried to slander the family by implying that they were a bunch of ghetto, drug dealing thugs harboring a wanted suspect. Now, I don’t know this family personally, and I especially don’t know this woman who is supposed to have gotten into a fight with an officer causing her own granddaughter to be shot and killed. But, I do know that cops are notorious liars when it comes to their overly excessive physical force and a subsequent dead black body.

I don’t just take anything cops say with a grain of salt. I take it with a salt dome big enough to cover ten city streets! However, the death of a little black child doesn’t register enough for high minded Negroes or the white liberal media elite. The same white people in the media who claim to be so ‘down’ with us darkies, yet do absolutely nothing to prove it, such as show one itty, bitty shred of outrage for Aiyana, but they sure seem to have a buttload of concern for Rhianna though. Maybe, as always, they don’t really give a shit about her, just that it gives them the opportunity to paint a young black male celebrity as a brutal thug all while being completely oblivious to white males who do the same thing, or innocent black citizens dying left and right at the hands of police. I mean seriously how many bodies have to pile up before they say anything on the matter?

That goes triple for those high minded Negroes who obviously care more about making sure gay white people have rights, and whining every 5 minutes about how much they can’t stand Lil Wayne and why hip-hop/rap music is the scourge that causes every problem in the black community. You mean even the cops who shoot first while nobody, including you, gives a damn about asking them questions later?

Those oh-so-liberal white people sure have no problem focusing on violence in black communities when it’s black people hurting each other, but throw a cop into the equation, and they scatter like roaches when a light flips on at midnight, especially a white cop, because they seem to have this belief that any time a black person is harassed or has an altercation with a white cop, they must have been at fault. White cops are there to protect and serve don’t you know, and they are all law abiding, completely 100% objective folks with not one racist bone in their body.

Actually, now that I think about it, it’s white people in the media who can come up with the best fairytales. They can also make it appear that they really truly care about the plight of a well- known beloved black female entertainer, despite all the times that they happily ignore stories about crimes against black women like a child who will never get to be an adult, a wife, mother, doctor, the first lady or the first female president in history. The point is who knows what this little girl could have grown up to become. She will be forever deprived of the chance to grow and have a life, and the people who come off like they care so much will not spend one minute caring once the story gets too old.

That’s because if you are black and not famous your story won’t last very long on the nightly news. I am convinced that the only reason young teen Hadiya Pendleton’s story even got air time at all was because she performed at a benefit for President Barack Obama. Otherwise, she would be nothing to them but another statistic, which is exactly what the utterly senseless death of Aiyana Jones has become to the very ones who are supposed to care the most.

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Is Rihanna More Important Than Aiyana?

  1. Hell No!! that devil worshiper(Rihanna) is not more importain then that sweet little Angel! we black ppl better get our act together on whats more Important to us as a ppl before we doom our-selves to Hell.

    R.I.P. Aiyana Jones.

    1. I don’t know if she’s a devil worshipper or not but it really disgusts me that Aiyana has been so quickly forgotten. especially since people are STILL talking about Jonbenet Ramsay some 15 years later.

  2. Good post, Laverne! It still sickens me and leaves me feelin’ sad to see how so many cases like the sweet Aiyana’s (R.I.P.) often get swept under the rug-while folks who are famous like “you-know-who” get waay too much press about the dumbest things! I would say that from what I constantly see in the news/online ever day, Bey and J are actually talked about ad-nauseum, and this most likely is due to his connections/money-and her “bleached” looks, if you will. They are however the exception instead of the rule in the U.S. of course, becuz most happy black couples do get ignored here (minus the Smiths, of course)! As for RiRi, why all the hype? Well, because she is a light-skinned gal from Barbados-and this country is always quick to call a non-native U.S. citizen beautiful, fascinating, intelligent, etc. as long as they are not from this soil, yah know what I mean? ; )

    1. It just shows that the so-called mainstream news industry is failing when it comes to reporting. In fact anything considered ‘mainstream’ is failing. I can only hope for a total collapse in the near future.

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