Guest Post: Dr. Phil is an Asshat and so is LL Cool J

by Lavern Merriweather

I’m not certain if any of the readers or regulars here are avid watchers of the syndicated Dr. Phil show hosted by noted psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw. Well, I’m not either.

I just happened to stumble on an episode where he was interviewing Bethany Storro. For those not in the know, Storro is a white woman from Canada who scarred her own face with acid then blamed it on a supposed black female assailant. I think very few people here were surprised when Storro turned out to be a lying little phony who could have gotten an innocent black woman in trouble for her crime. Yet, instead of facing a well- deserved punishment, such as jail time or even community service, Storro is allowed to wallow in self-pity. On top of that, she victimize herself once again by claiming mental illness, thereby absolving her of any fault or guilt even though she is a sneaky manipulative liar.

This heffa even has the absolute nerve trying to capitalize on her bullshit by writing a book and pretending that she is ‘sorry’ for what she has done. Yeah, and I’m going to be the next Mrs. Barack Obama, because there’s just no way he’ll want to stay with Michelle after he meets me and we fall desperately in love.

Call me a cynic, but I buy that about as much as I think there is truly a Loch Ness creature in Scotland. She isn’t the least bit remorseful, but she is a stupid, arrogant, overprivileged asshole. Then, in typical requisite fashion, a douchebag like Dr. Phil invites her on his crappy ass self-serving show and behaves as if she should have no personal accountability.

Earth to Dr. Prick, she is NOT a child nor is she a victim. Storro did this to herself to get attention by using the oldest lie in white people’s handbook. It’s bad enough that this c**t had people believing her, but now, she’s even got those same people defending her by saying she’s a victim of circumstances. Yeah, dumbass. The one she created all on her own! If he or she expects for even one-half a second that she will get any sympathy from me, then think again.

Don’t you just love how the same folks who whine about the race card and taking responsibility for your actions have the most difficulty practicing what they preach? That brings me to the actor formerly known as rapper LL Cool J aka James Todd Smith, or as I like to call him, King Moron. Instead of Mr. Smith going to Washington, he went to a very dark and bad place in musicdom. There is a big controversy brewing because of a recent song duet that LL did with country music star Brad Paisley called “Accidental Racist”. The title alone completely raised a red flag for me. So, I’m not the least bit caught off guard that this so-called song is a big steaming pile of dog doo.

Okay, how the fuck is it an ‘accident’ to be racist in the first place? Racism is a choice, just like picking out a tie to wear or what movie to go see. It’s forced upon the other person. Not you. But, the message whiny asshole Brad is saying is that he, like a lot of white folks, are sick of being blamed for racism by default. The whiners say that it’s not their fault what happened 150 years ago. So, why are they still getting blamed.

It appears that many of those bratty little snots need math classes just as much as they need history classes. Maybe you dummies are still getting blamed because oh I don’t know, racism is still alive and well?! And still, so many in this country trying to deny the part that they play in it, the main one being that you don’t think it’s exist anymore. Au contraire Mon fraire, I guess Paisley is too stupid to notice how he is ironically proving their point with this whack ass song.

Most therapists will tell you that denial is a key sign to addiction, because that’s what addicts use to refuse to acknowledge that there is actually a problem. In the case of Paisley his addiction is to his own arrogance and privilege. He figures that if the problem is ignored long enough, then it’s not there. Well those of us who have to deal with the prejudice that he won’t admit to every day don’t have that luxury. Even fools like Mr. James Smith, who white people will parade as their ‘see-this-Negro-thinks-there’s-nothing-wrong-too’, get away scot free with racism card.

The worst and most ridiculous part of this is that Smith is also trying to absolve himself of criticism by saying he ‘gets’ why there are black people offended. Well, if that’s the case, then what he really needs to get is a clue. Oh screw it! NEGRO PLEASE!

As Bill Cosby once said on his classic 80’s TV show, “you’re not that stupid, you’re not that stupid.” But as far as LL is concerned, he IS that stupid, especially when he tries to defend this ratchet ass tune. I get that there are some black people who will say that racism is not to blame for all the ills of the black community. And they are right many things wrong with us have nothing to do with race but there are countless issues we face that are a direct result of decades of institutionalized racism.

That is something that can’t be denied or defended particularly when you don’t live in the insulated world of an African-American celebrity who, most of the times themselves, if the stories that we read are true aren’t really that shut off from bigotry either. They come across it daily just like the rest of us maybe even more so because they are public figures and subject to more scrutiny. Which is why people like him should be a hell of a lot more mindful about what type of message it is that he is conveying. Not to say that I am letting Paisley off the hook. Though like a lot of other black folks on the internet (*cough* Average Bro *cough*), he’s worse than Mr. Smith, because he is hiding behind his cloak of privilege. Instead of saying something like, “Yeah, what my ancestors did was messed up on every level but hopefully I can do better, be a better person and set a more positive example.” No, he did exactly what his ancestors have done for years, and that is play the role of egotistical, selfish, self-righteous bully.

His very attitude is the reason why racism has thrived and will continue to do so well past the point that people like him say that it has ended. You don’t get to lecture me on how I should react to your behavior. That’s for me to decide, not you. You also don’t get to tell black people to ‘get over it’ when it comes to racism while you nurture the very same mentality that created racism to begin with.


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